10 Health and Beauty Benefits of Vitamin E

10 Health and Beauty Benefits of Vitamin E Skin, Hair and Eye

10 Health and Beauty Benefits of Vitamin E Skin, Hair and Eye

While growing up, my mom used to give me multivitamin tablets for a healthy body and before sleeping, she gave me an almond oil head massage. She said it is a wonder drug for my hair. When I grew up I found what it was: Vitamin E. 

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Vitamin E is a fat soluble antioxidant that reduces free radical damage and ensures cellular growth. It has a wide range of benefits. It reduces hair fall, makes the hair shiny and healthy, keeps our skin hydrated and moisturized, and prevents cardiovascular diseases. Vitamin E is found in nearly all beauty and skin care products. Let us have a look why it is called a wonder drug that caters to both health and beauty:

1. Prevents skin cancer and other skin disorders

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Harmful UV rays allow the cancer cells in our skin to multiply. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that acts as a protective barrier for our skin. One should remember to use it along with the sunblock cream while heading out. It is also very useful for treating skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis and useful restoring skin elasticity.

2.  Reduces the cholesterol effects

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Inclusion of vitamin in our diet is beneficial for the health of the heart. It prevents heart diseases caused by the effects of bad cholesterol which blocks our arteries and can lead to heart attack. Vitamin e does not allow bad cholesterol to get oxidized and line up in the arteries.

3.  Prevention of cystic fibrosis

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Amongst babies, vitamin e helps to prevent disorders that can affect the pancreatic system such as cystic fibrosis. Young children should therefore take adequate vitamin e supplements to prevent this disorder.

4. Prevents hair fall and hair loss

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Studies have proved vitamin e is an essential nutrient for healthy hair growth.  Its antioxidant contents help to improve the circulation of blood in the scalps. It nourishes the roots and makes strong and reduces oxidative stress which causes hair fall. One can simply do this by mixing vitamin e capsules with their hair oil.

5. Prevents early growth of grey hair

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Aging is natural, but when it comes to our hair vitamin can surely help to reduce premature greying of hair. It prevents hair tissues from corroding because of its antioxidant property.

6. Adds shine to the hair

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Everyone wants their hair to shine like the models of Vogue magazine. Vitamin e is the first step to add lustre to the hair. Massaging the hair with olive or almond oil at regular intervals is the best way to give your hair the healthy shine. It is a natural moisturizer that smoothens the scalp of any hair condition.

6. Treats stretch marks

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Vitamin e is effective in treating stretch after delivery or fluctuations in body weight. Stretch marks are effects of loss of skin elasticity. Regular usage of vitamin e oil can fade stretch marks and leads to restoration of skin elasticity.

7. Prevents acne and breakouts

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With pollution, dirt, and grime around us, our skin cries for  help and vitamin e is its ultimate rescuer. Vitamin e oil is a good cleansing agent that clears impurities and excess oil from the pores. It lets the skin breathe and restores the oil balance. This prevents acne growth.

8 Helps in Treating sunburns

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Sunburns can really be painful and difficult to fade . Vitamin e is the best solution to heal your skin from sunburn by neutralizing the effects of free radicals caused by UV rays. Vitamin e oil and aloe vera gel application soothes the sunburn.

9. The Anti-aging agent

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Vitamin e is an excellent anti-aging agent becuase of its antioxidant element which reduces wrinkles and prevents the skin to become dull or saggy. Mostly all ant-aging creams have vitamin e in them. It ensures the production of collagen that ensures skin to retain its elasticity.

10. The Ultimate Natural moisturizer

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Vitamin e use creates a protective layer on the skin which locks moisture. It also hydrates and rejuvenates the skin during winter. It is oil soluble and is the best for dry skin condition. Just apply it with any night cream before bed and you can see it is wonderful the next morning.


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