9 copywriting tricks to help you write effective ads in 10 words or less

9 copywriting tricks to help you write effective ads in 10 words or less

Today everything needs effective marketing and advertising is the most sought-after tool to promote your brand and business. It helps to expand your outreach.  Be it any product, advertisements reach the target audience with purchasing power in metro cities cities such as Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai .  Effective and precise copywriting is necessary for brands to showcase their USP and find new opportunities for revenues. However, long copywriting ads are outdated and the focus is on delivering short and crisp copywriting which grabs immediate attention.  Here are the simplest tricks and tips you can follow to write crisp and effective ads in less than ten words:

# No long meaningless phrases

For start-ups, e.g., a cab company, there is no need to have long phrases which beat around the bush. It should have a precise meaning. For eg, our cabs have extreme visual appeal with caters to the masses and classes. This is long and boring, stick to one point, our cabs are affordable for all; short and simple

# Put the USP of the product first

When you are copywriting for a company it should first highlight the USP of the product or your service.  For eg.  Hit any spot in the city and find delicious food. The phrase captures the unique feature of the product at the first read by a restaurant tracking app.

# No abstract data

Sometimes data is used to create a visible picture in ads, but, using abstract words such as thousands and millions is not effective when it comes to new start-ups. Being specific helps to build and brand loyalty. For example, X brand has reached many cities in India; this sounds vague. Instead, one can create an ad like this:   X brand is operating in 25 cities in India.

# Use actionable words

Directly say to avail the service or the product in the ad. If you are a company that provides Wi-Fi, you can directly say: Check out monthly plan for cab, rather than saying, visit our websites and take a look at our monthly plans.

# Show value in the ad

People will only pay attention to the ad if it shows some value to make the lives of the people easier and simpler. For eg; Hotstar promotes its platform to brands by letting them get their own customized ad space.  This shows an opportunity for vendors to market their products by collaborating with the company service, hence, value addition

# Be persuasive

Customers want real authentic services which provide comfort and save money at the same time. When you have ads, which caters to these points, it attracts customers. For example, Netflix promotes the 199 mobile plan so youngsters with limited money still have access to the platform.

#  Do not show-off

Customers are not interested if your start-up have won an award. If your ad shows that it might do more harm than good, then people lose interest. Instead of ads saying: Most popular X brand in Kolkata; it will be better to say: More than just doing this, our brand also does these things that benefits the people. This shall boost sales than the former vain compliment

# Avoid superlatives

Until you have proven evidence of being the best in the market for your product or service, do not use it in your ad. The best idea is to avoid superlative words in the ads. Use simple phrases. For instance: Our products are the best thing you can use. This copy can be completely faulty, hence, the ad can say: Use our product to have time or money.

With these tips and tricks, copywriting simple and effective ads for your company become easy and impactful. Brands should try not to just sell themselves but create value. Having brevity is what will hold the attention of the audience and give your brand marketing a strong foothold.


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