A List of Unique and Interesting Marine Careers

A List of Unique and Interesting Marine Careers

Career options in Marine

The ocean seems fascinating to a lot of people. It  has a lot more opportunities than what you read. Other than navy or conventional maritime jobs, this sector has more to offer. You can travel and explore a lot of new secrets under   the ocean if you join this sector. Maine careers require passion and the will to take risks. It is a venture into danger and unknown territories. But if you love to live your life on the edge, the marine must be the right fit for you. Here are the interesting career you can have if you join the marine:

# Ocean engineering

If you love to discover and create something new with your technical skills, ocean engineering is the right option for you. The ocean engineering career allows you to explore the vast opportunities under the ocean beds. Their knowledge and passion helps them to innovate technologies for navigation and modern engineering techniques on the sea including underwater communication and collection of data.

# Marine biology

If the life and the organism under the sea hold fascination, this career option is highly suitable for you. Study of marine life, the biological species of coral reefs, marine biology has a huge scope.  This sector needs a lot of passion and effort even after obtaining a degree in marine biology. You might need to have a strong research background and be an expert in it. The career is not monetarily lucrative, but you get to travel a lot and constantly be vigilant to discovery.

# Marine mammal trainer

If your love for animals extends to the ones under the ocean, this job is suitable for you. It is fun and caring at the same time. After a degree in marine biology and having extensive knowledge of marine mammals, you can work in museums to look after these creatures underwater.

# Marine Archaeologist

Remember Indiana Jones or the movie Titanic. Yes, these people who tried to find the history of the wrecked ship are called marine archaeologists. It is an out of the box career choice. You get to discover the secrets of the ocean. Uncover the mysteries that lie deep under the waters. Sounds really spooky and adventurous. You might be able to discover a lost civilization through this career. All you need is excellent diving skills and passion for solving mysteries.

# Marine Researcher

If you want to delve into all aspects of the marine, then becoming a marine researcher sounds good. You may be involved in the discovery of new species or study wave movements and work on how to harbor tidal energy. It is a vast and extensive field.

# Oceanographer

If you want to contribute to the welfare of marine life in the era of global warming, this is the most suitable job for you. As an oceanographer you might be able to sustain marine life and educate others about it. You can help in protecting the marine flora and fauna and develop strategies to carry out maritime activities in a more holistic way.

# Aquatic veterinarian

If you want to look after the marine animal and check on their health, you can try for this career. It is lucrative and offbeat. It is also fun as you will be surrounded by water and taking care of dolphins and other aquatic animals.

# Scuba diver

If the water always gives you adrenaline and peace, scuba diving sounds like the ideal fit. After getting a certificate as a scuba diver trainer, you can travel to countries to train others in this adventure sport. Or you can start your own center.

# Marine Film-maker

If you love filming and also the water, you can be a marine film-maker. There are lots of shows and documentaries which feature aquatic lives and underwater adventures,  documenting them needs a qualified film-maker. It is a lucrative opportunity. You might also get a chance to shoot films which have underwater sequences

# Marine scientist

If you love the research and science of water, become a marine scientist. You can research the chemical properties of the reefs or measure the effect of oil spills. You can also study and conduct research on the types of minerals found underneath the ocean. It is a great scope for research.

# Marine environment economist

If you want the resources of the ocean to be used with care and prevent its depletion, then become a marine environment economist. You can supervise corporates on how their activities can have harmful effects on marine life. This career can give you the chance to be a policy maker for the government to make marine life sustainable.

# Naval architect 

If you love designing and engineering ships, opting a career as a naval architect is really amazing. You need a degree in engineering from a  good university. However to carve a niche in  naval architecture you also need to crack an engineering exam conducted by  maritime authorities. Also you need to have good knowledge of physics and computers, along with efficient people management skills. After an arduous amount of training one may be qualified as a naval architect.

# Ship broker

If you have a good sense of trading and business skills, the job of a ship broker is ideal. It is a lucrative career but highly competitive. You will be the middleman between ship owners and charterers. This job includes buying and selling ships and shipping cargos. You need strong marketing skills and knowledge of the market.

# Bosun

Bosun involves looking after the decks of the ship and also supervising the crew. You must be an expert of knots and anchoring of vessels, including familiarity with seamanship practices. The bosun is involved in planning in planning, assigning, and executing work to the deck crew of the ship. AS a bosun, one also has to ensure that the workers of the lowest cadre are performing. A bosun needs to have a good amount of experience and ensure coordination amidst the workers. The job pays well but it comes with a great amount of responsibility .

# Oil driller

The job of an oil driller is lucrative and comes with good returns but it is mentally and physically exhausting. Oil drillers work in the oil rigs. It’s an offshore job. Oil drillers also have to take into account marine life underwater before carrying out the oil drilling activities. Oil drillers also have to supervise other workers and take care of the emergency situations.

# Ordinary Seaman

It is the foundation stone for carving your niche at a career on the ship. It starts as a job of a trainee working in the decks of the ship The  job description includes menial and mechanical jobs such as cleaning the decks and stepping up as guard. This job requires physical and mental alertness.

# Ship fitter

The job description requires maintenance and repairing of ships. This also includes taking the responsibility to make sure the repair work is done efficiently. As a ship fitter you also have to the ship’s parts fit perfectly and the damage is totally undone. You need to have technical knowledge and work for long hours. Alertness is a big quality for this job.

# Shipping freight Broker

Shipping freight brokers act as the middlemen between people who are involved in cargo shipping and the one who has the ships for the transportation of the cargo. The job is competitive but has monetary returns.

# Tool pusher

Oil drilling is one of the most strenuous jobs in the sea. This job requires a lot of support from other workers of not very popular job description. Tool pusher is one of those jobs. Tool pushers have a responsibility of supplying the needed equipment in an  oil rig. He also supervises the workers to see the standard procedures of oil drilling are adhered strictly.

# Tugboat jobs

There are so many unconventional jobs in the marine, that the list is endless. Tugboat jobs are the most easily available jobs which requires ship vessels to be moved in constricted canal routes . It also includes tugging of broken down vessels. The job requires a team player attitude with technical and operational knowledge of machinery.

# Shipyard jobs

Jobs in the shipyard demand physical strength. Shipyard jobs include the entire process of ship building. The tasks need reliable personnels.  Shipyard jobs include welders who can skillfully weld metals for construction of parts of the ship. Plumbers are also important for shipyards as they look after the fitting of pipes  in the ship.  There are other designations in this job.

# Pumpman

The job of a pumpman is most important in an oil rig. A pumpman ensures the pipelines in the oil rig are fitted properly and smoothly performing.  A pumpman has to be in duty everyday and also needs to repair any damage taking place in the pipelines. The job demands constant  vigilance.

# Roughneck

Roughneck also known as roustabout, is a low cadre job in the oil rigs. It is a manual labour work that is physically highly extensive. A rough has to ensure the pipes in the oil rig are working smoothly. They have to be at constant alertness and also produce high output for the company. Only skilled and technically sounded people should be employed in this work

# Motorman

The job description of a motorman requires low qualifications, but it pays well. The motorman is supposed to look after the maintenance of ships. He is also has to duty to help shipping officers in various assignments


In the maritime sector, the job of a wiper gives you a good experience on shipping vessels and gateway exposure to the marine industry. The wiper job does not require much qualifications but an official certification from the shipping guards. This job is encircled around the maintenance and the functioning of the engine room.

# Barge engineer

The job of a barge engineer is highly lucrative. The job is directly involved with the oil and gas industry. A barge engineer works on looking after the vessels and executing operations in the control room such as vessel stability and anchor drilling.  The job is highly competitive and one needs to possess good amount of experience before taking up the job along with operational knowledge of engineering equipments

# Aquaculture

Similar to poultry and other forms of animal husbandry work, aquaculture breeding of fishes for industrial purposes. This work is carried out in  remote areas under constricted fish tanks. This job has managerial positions overlooking the sale of the fishes along with bio-technology positions to ensure quality production.

# Cargo engineer

The job of a cargo engineer requires mental and physical strength as the working conditions are strenuous. One is closely involved in the transportation of goods. Supervision of goods and cargo loading are the primary tasks. The job also requires overseeing the safety measures being adhered amongst the staff.


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