A Look at Queen Elizabeth II’s Iconic Platinum Jewellery Collection


Queen Elizabeth II is known for her spectacular and meaningful jewellery collection. Many of these iconic pieces are set in platinum. This noble metal, one of the strongest, natural materials on the planet, also has superior longevity. Since the designs are set in platinum they will endure for generations to come. All over the world, designers prefer precious platinum to create master pieces because of its versatility, and because it is the most secure setting for any precious gemstone.

Platinum Guild International, the marketing association for platinum jewellery, highlights a few of the Queen’s standout designs.

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Queen Elizabeth II in square-cut diamond engagement ring with diamond side stones set in platinum

The diamonds for Queen Elizabeth II’s engagement ring came from a tiara belonging to Prince Philip’s mother. Prince Philip designed the square-cut diamond engagement ring with diamond side stones and had it set in platinum. The Queen still wears this ring every day.

Queen Elizabeth II in platinum and diamond Maple Leaf Brooch

The platinum and diamond Maple Leaf Brooch symbolizes the monarch’s tribute to Canada. The design was first made for Queen Elizabeth II as a gift from King George VI ahead of their state visit to Canada. Ever since that time, the Queen, Duchess Kate, and the Duchess of Cornwall have been pictured wearing it at Canadian events.

Duchess Kate wearing a platinum and diamond fern brooch

Duchess Kate is wearing a platinum and diamond fern brooch that was given to Queen Elizabeth II by the Women of Auckland on Christmas in 1953 when she toured New Zealand. Kate was seen wearing the brooch when she toured New Zealand in 2014.

Credit: GettyImages

About Platinum Jewelry

Platinum is the ideal choice for red carpet jewelry because it holds diamonds and precious gemstones more securely than any other metal. It is not only the highest quality metal, but its density makes it one of the most durable and enduring precious metals. Platinum is also naturally white, unlike white gold, which means it will not cast any tint onto a diamond or gemstone, allowing the stones genuine color to sparkle brightly.


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