ANAROCK Launches VAS PropTech Suite for Residential Operations


Close on the heels of a surprisingly positive Q4CY2020 for the home sales market, in which leading real estate services company ANAROCK sold 2500 housing units across India, the Firm today announced the formal launch of its proprietary PropTech Value-added Services (VAS) suite. These services, some of which the Firm has been offering for over 2 years, have now been fine-tuned into a bouquet of standalone offerings. Designed to significantly accelerate housing inventory sales for developers via both online and offline channels, the VAS suite adds to ANAROCK Residential’s existing sales and marketing offerings which have helped 400+ projects (selling 35,000+ homes) in the last 3.5 years.

Sunil Mishra, Chief Strategy Officer, ANAROCK Group says, “PropTech is not just a new buzzword in the Indian real estate industry – it is now a compelling imperative. COVID-19, the lockdowns and the graded unlock phase sent a strong message to the market – the sale and consumption of residential real estate can and must be driven by the latest technologies. PropTech is the binding force behind ANAROCKs bouquet of value-added services. From location viability study to marketing campaign design and implementation to end-to-end customer support to a Customer Relationship Management tech solution, this VAS suite gives real estate developers the tools they need to gain a decisive edge in the highly-competitive housing marketplace.”


  • ANAROCK Creative Services – Offers end-to-end creative services through the lifecycle of the project, from marketing strategy to media planning to creative execution.

  • ANAROCK Digital Marketing Services – Offers comprehensive digital marketing services including performance marketing, website development, website analytics, Social Media management, ORM and reporting/analytics.

  • ANAROCK Post-sales CRM Service – Offers post-sales customer management services, to ensure minimization of cancellation and acceleration of collections.

  • ANAROCK Technology CRM Platform – An integrated Customer Relationship Management platform developed specifically for Indian real estate and covering a comprehensive suite of SaaS products for developers, including Sales Agent app, Post Sales Management app Team Manager app, CP App, Buyer’s app, Call Centre app, Call Centre Solution, Lead Routing Engine, Marketing Panel, Inventory Module, and Management Dashboards.

  • ANAROCK Research Services – Offers in-depth research & analytics with actionable intelligence on Indian real estate through data services, thought leadership, and bespoke studies.

Anuj Puri, Chairman – ANAROCK Property Consultants says, “Q4 2020 presented a culmination of a steep learning curve enforced on the housing sector in the post-pandemic period. Strong developers and tech-driven real estate consultancies were able to implement tools and techniques which proved to be strong differentiators in the midst of hectic competition. With its proprietary VAS Suite, ANAROCK is equipped to serve the real estate developers from end-to-end as a true Strategic Partner.”

At an industry level, the top 7 Indian cities witnessed the sale of over 1.38 lakh units in 2020, against approx. 2.61 lakh units in 2019. This decline of 47% in sales velocity is primarily attributable to the unique constrains that the COVID-19 pandemic imposed on the market. However, Q4 2020 saw a significant uptick – as many as 50,900 units were sold in this quarter alone, denoting a resurgence to about 86% of the same period in 2019.


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