Arbor Décor to Offer Customized Luxury Furniture Across India


Arbor Dcor was founded in 2018 by Alisha Bafna with a simple premise, to give homeowners a chance to own luxury furniture without compromising on their design needs and budget. With a global design agenda, their foothold is in the heart of Mumbai. Thus, putting local resources to the best of their potential, they curate unique and customizable designs.

Alisha Bafna, Founder and Creative Head at her Mumbai studio

Arbor Dcor makes their products very consciously, for metal furniture surface finish they opt for PVD coating (physical vapour deposition). As the name suggests it does not involve any hazardous material, no chemical waste or water pollution. They prefer using Old Burma Teak for all their wooden pieces instead of new timber not only for better quality but also for safeguarding the environment. Most of the chemicals and adhesives used are eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Custom furniture sounds intimidating, to conjure up ideas & budget for a space with just walls & ceilings, but the process is well worth it – as designers we help you demystify the process from an idea to a finished product to suss out every detail making sure the product is perfect and worth every rupee spent,” said Alisha Bafna, Founder and Creative Head.

Modern homeowners seek furniture that will not bore them down the line, giving them the liberty to play around with their space. Our mix of traditional and modern production techniques, high quality materials and finishes, whether upholstered or non-upholstered, characterizes our cosmopolitan nature of every piece of furniture.

Ten years ago customized furniture meant making little tweaks to the upholstery or the dimension and may be at the most changing the finish, today the definition of customization has taken on a completely different meaning. Clients along with designers are creating unique pieces from the ground up incorporating latest design trends.

Our biggest USP is that our pieces are functional. With smaller spaces comes the need for furniture that can do more to adapt to the home. The desire for distinctiveness will continue to evolve quickly, we are always looking to learn from the world around us,” she added

A lot of boom in customizing furniture is due to the latest technologies becoming accessible and getting integrated into our production lines. 3D models, parametric furniture and various design tools are making it easier to think outside the box.

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