Artemis Hospitals Launches One-of-its-kind Neuro Sub Speciality Clinics in Gurugram


Artemis Hospitals launched one-of-its-kind Neuro Sub Speciality Clinics for patients suffering from neurological disorders under the concept of ‘Integrated Practicing Units‘. The speciality clinics are designed to provide efficiently enhanced services dedicated to diagnosing neurological problems and their right course of treatment. These Neuro Sub Speciality clinics are Parkinson’s disease Clinic (Movement Disorder), Neuroimmunology Clinic, and Dementia Clinic (Memory Disorders) which would be headed by the team of expert doctors of the Neurology team.

The team of expert doctors present at the launch event

The eminent doctors and experts of Artemis Hospitals were also present during the launch including Dr. Sumit Singh (Chief-Neurology, Parkinsons Specialist & Co-Chief, Stroke Unit), Dr. Aditya Gupta (Chief-Neurosurgery & CNS Radiosurgery & Co-Chief, Cyberknife Centre), Dr. Manish Mahajan (Sr. Consultant Neurology & head of Neuroimmunology), Dr. Sameer Arora (Associate Consultant, Neurology), Dr. Ishu Goyal (Associate Consultant, Neurology), and Ms. Neelam Mishra (Clinical Psychologist, Neurology).

“The early detection of neurological disorders like Parkinson’s Disease with timely treatment is extremely crucial as underlying causes may hamper the nervous system which can change the way you move, talk or think. These dedicated neurological clinics will play a significant role in the holistic treatment of neurological disorders with support from a team of experienced neurologists, neuropsychologists, and trained nursing staff,” said Dr. Sumit Singh, Chief-Neurology, Parkinsons Specialist & Co-Chief, Stroke Unit, Artemis Hospitals.

The new Sub-Speciality Clinics will have a dedicated and patient-centric system committed towards the special needs of the patients suffering from neuro disorders with early diagnosis and advanced treatment facilities.

“Acting as a comprehensive clinic, the new services will ensure specialized medical care to patients suffering from neuro disorders including immune-mediated neuro-inflammatory diseases, multiple sclerosis, among others. Patients will receive medical care from a team of neurologists supported by an experienced group of allied care professionals including social workers and physiotherapists,” said Dr. Manish Mahajan, Sr. Consultant Neurology & Head of Neuroimmunology, Artemis Hospitals.

The services provided at the clinics include detailed clinical and cognitive assessment of patients, stratification of patients according to the severity of diseases, maintaining online records of patients for follow up, early recognition and management of various complications, vaccination protocols for patients for long term immunosuppressants, the formation of support groups for patients and caregivers, detailed evaluation of symptoms and medical history, cognitive assessment using neurocognitive and neuropsychiatric scales, treatment of cognitive impairment, recognition of reversible and treatable causes, skill enhancement of patients to make them self-dependent, among others.

“Our plans to start a memory clinic and other facilities will help in the timely diagnosis of the patient’s condition. Advanced technology in the form of DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) surgery is a very useful treatment in Parkinson’s disease especially in the late phase of the disease and also for those who have early-onset Parkinsons Disease. DBS is akin to a pacemaker, and functions to set right the disordered motor functions. Patients after DBS surgery have reduced medication requirements have good motor function round the clock (as against only for few hours after medicine dose), and can be free from socially disabling abnormal movements called dyskinesia,” said Dr. Aditya Gupta, Chief-Neurosurgery & CNS Radiosurgery & Co-Chief, Cyberknife Centre, Artemis Hospitals.

Neurology is an evolving branch of medicine, and along with the advancements in the field of medicine, the medical world is moving towards the concept of sub-specialties which is also known as the concept of ‘Integrated Practicing Units‘. Under the concept of Integrated Practicing Units, patients with a particular disease are treated by multiple specialists who have in-depth knowledge about that particular disease. This is a holistic approach towards their problem which is time-saving and an affordable solution for them.


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