Baking Soda hacks Good for Hair and Skin-Theindiabizz

Baking Soda hacks Good for Hair and Skin-Theindiabizz

Baking Soda hacks Good for Hair and Skin

The kitchen of any Indian home is not just meant for spices to cook amazing food. Any kitchen in India, be it in the South or North of the country has its own treasures. The Indian kitchen houses herbs, spices , and condiments which are good for curing illness and even  providing some beauty benefits for the skin and hair.

Baking soda is one such ingredient you find in the kitchen that helps in getting a glowing skin and good hair. Baking soda is also a natural exfoliator. It helps to get rid of all the dead skin cells and give a glowing smooth skin. It also has anti-fungal properties and helps in controlling dandruff. Baking soda is also great for oily skin. It naturally absorbs oil and gives you a clean oil free look.  Here are some baking soda hacks which you can use in your daily skin and hair routine:

# Baking soda and egg

Everyone wants a glowing and polished skin. But skin polishing treatments and the salon is always not good for the skin and is expensive. Here is what you can do: have a polished skin with just some simple ingredients  from your kitchen. Take egg whites, a spoon of baking soda, lemon juice, and corn flour. Mix it into packs and massage it all over your body and face. This will exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells and tan. The routine must be done once a week to have a glowing, tan-free skin

# Baking soda for black heads

Blackheads are a nasty enemy for the face and they do  not go so easily. So many women use peel off masks to get rid of black heads, but the result is very limited. But with this routine you can always get rid of black heads. Just before you apply the peel off mask, take a cotton ball and dab it in hot water and put it all over the face. This opens up the pores. Now scrub the face with baking soda, and you will see sebum filament coming out. WAsh the face with warm water, so that the pores are still open. Apply the peel off mask and you shall see the difference.follow the routine, everytime you want to cleanse your face from black heads

# Baking soda and coconut oil

When you come from outside, you feel that your skin looks lifeless and lost its glow. The pores are also locked with impurities. Just taking a showr with soap is not enough. Take 4 tablespoon of coconut oil, mix it with salt and baking soda. Now taking a warm shower to open up the pores. Scrub your entire body with this solution. Salt and baking soda are great exfoliators and removes dirt and impurities from the pores and coconut oil moisturizes the skin. When You come out from the shower, you shall see the difference. You can follow this routine  everytime you come from outside

# Baking soda and apple cider vinegar

This combination is excellent for curing dandruff. Just take an equal amount of apple cider vinegar and baking soda with a dash of Before going shower, massage this solution on your scalp. Baking soda and apple cider vinegar possess antifungal properties and they provide relief from dandruff, and lime juice helps to absorb oil from the scalp. Do this thrice a week before you wash your hair and say goodbye to dandruff

You can add baking soda to any facepack or home-made scrub. It is a wonder for the skin. It removes tan and blackheads. This natural exfoliator in your kitchen does wonder for skin and hair


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