Best Business Opportunities in Chhattisgarh

Best Business Opportunities in Chhattisgarh

If you wondering about business ideas that you can start in the capital city of Chhattisgarh, Raipur, or any other part of the state then here I have some of the great suggestions for you to start your dream business. Chhattisgarh is one of the best places to start a business in various fields like agriculture, rental business, handmade products, etc.

There are many business opportunities around you in Chhattisgarh, but unfortunately, we often don’t realize it. No need to be confused when you want to start a business, try to look at the things that are near you.

Maybe you have a hobby? Often see a lot of viral things, but not around you yet? If you’re still confused, here are some ideas that might inspire you!

Recycled Products

Especially for those of you who love the environment and want to reduce plastic waste, a recycling business can be a potential idea. So besides you doing business, you also make a big contribution in saving the environment from global warming due to garbage. There are many types of products that can be made from plastic waste like bags.

Especially now that in our country have banned the use of plastic when shopping, right, so you can use plastic waste to make shopping bags or other bags that can be of high value. Apart from bags, items such as tissue boxes, table decorations, and toys can also be made from plastic waste.

Online Courses

Have a special ability and love to teach? You can start an online course business. Currently, many activities are carried out at home to avoid the dangers of the ongoing pandemic. The types of courses can be anything, ranging from school lessons, religious lessons, language courses, yoga classes, and many other courses according to your abilities you can try to offer.

Also, it is one of the best choices in certain situations like people who can’t go outside and offline courses are expensive. In those cases, it can also be a profitable idea.

Car and Motorcycle Rental Business

Many people are confused when they want to buy a vehicle. Because vehicles such as cars or motorbikes are not assets that will increase in value over time their value will decrease. Now to overcome this confusion, long-term car or motorbike rental is usually the solution.

Apart from being rented out for the long term, cars and motorbikes can also be rented out for the short term, especially in tourism areas.

Car and motorbike rental does not mean you have to spend a large amount of capital to buy these vehicles in large quantities. You can also open a service that functions as a liaison between people who own vehicles and renters.

Bicycle Rental Business

A small capital business opportunity that you can try is renting a bicycle. You must have realized that in recent times, more and more people have a hobby of cycling. Someone who rarely has the time but likes to cycle will likely prefer renting as an alternative to buying it.

Catalog Photo Services

As more and more online shops appear, the product catalog photo services business is quite promising. If you have devices such as cameras and the ability to take product photos, there’s nothing wrong with starting this business in Chhattisgarh.

Product catalog photos don’t always have to be in a big studio. Now there are also many mini studio devices and photo properties that are sold at affordable prices. Next, rely on your creativity as best you can!

Wedding Organizer

Even though during this pandemic (which is now has been better) it is difficult to hold a wedding reception, that doesn’t mean the wedding organizer business has just disappeared.

Intimate weddings that are attended by only close friends and family also require the services of a wedding organizer to run smoothly. Incidentally, the parties held at this time are also smaller in scale, so of course, you also need not so large capital.

But when it will over completely you can start this business on a large and for that, you need to hire a team.

Party Planner

Party planners are not much different from wedding organizers, but they are on a smaller scale. Generally, party planners take care of events such as birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, or the like.

You can offer party planner services that comply with health protocols or which can be done online. Surely it would be more interesting, right?

Sell Software

Business opportunities selling software are now increasingly prevalent in the market, especially the online market. If you like computing, this business is for you. The software that is sold can be software that you make yourself or those that are already available such as Microsoft, Adobe, etc.

Salon or Barber Shop

A salon or barbershop can also be a business choice that never goes out of style. Both men and women need hair and body care. A salon or barbershop with home care facilities will certainly be in great demand. Of course, you also don’t have to pay a lot to rent a place with this home care service. The treatments offered for home care services do not need to be complicated; you can start from the simplest such as a haircut.

Day-care business

Day-care or child care is the best solution for parents who have to work. The requirement for making day-care is that you must be able to take care of children and have a friendly place for children. This business can be a hassle, but it can be a fun business too if you are a person who likes children.

Pet Shop

Are you an animal lover? The pet shop business is one of the perfect business ideas in Chhattisgarh for you. If your capital is not too big, you can start selling online first. Generally, pet shops provide various pet needs ranging from pet food, cages, toys, sand, to animal bathing equipment.

Diet Catering

A business opportunity that is no less interesting and contemporary is diet catering. Regulating a diet to lose weight is indeed difficult, so many choose to use catering services so that their food is better controlled. Diet catering services usually do not only serve diets to lose weight but also special diets for certain diseases or conditions such as pregnant women, high blood pressure, diabetes, to heart disease.

Open Trip Business

Indeed, during this pandemic tourism activities are very limited. Over time, tourism will bounce back and recover. For those of you who have a hobby of traveling, this open trip business is perfect for you. In addition to being a source of income, you can also of course travel for free with this business.

Now in India everything is going normal as it were before the pandemic. Now there are chances for you to start this business.

Become an E-book Writer

This digital era brings various conveniences, including in terms of book publishing. If you are interested in writing a book, you can publish it online in the form of an e-book. This business can be a source of your passive income.

Laundry business

The laundry business has never been empty since the first. If you want to start small, you can open a laundry service at home starting with one washing machine first. This small-scale laundry business can be started with a capital of about 2 lacs.

Herbs Business

Not only pharmaceutical drugs are relied on to maintain health, but herbs are also still popular today in India. These herbs and herbs are also easily marketed online in Chhattisgarh. Make sure the herbs you sell have passed the legal formalities for that.

Convection Business

In addition to the sewing business, you can also start a convection service on a larger scale. How to start a convection business without capital you can do by working with convection that has never been marketed online. You can market it online so that more and more people use the convection service.

Animal Care

This business can also be done by those of you who like animals. In addition to salons and pet shops, many people are also looking for this one service. Generally, people who keep animals need this service when they want to go out of town.

Clothes Rental Business

Of course, it would be a shame to buy clothes for an event, but only for one-time use. Therefore, the clothing rental business is here to solve this problem. Generally, the types of clothes that are sought after are party clothes, work clothes, to traditional clothes that are used on certain occasions.

Selling Clothes

In addition to renting clothes, the business of selling clothes is no less profitable. If you don’t have big capital and are interested in selling with a reseller or drop shipper system, this clothing business can be one of the most practical choices.

Outdoor Equipment Rental

Outdoor equipment such as carriers, tents, cooking utensils, and the like are needed when climbing mountains or camping. Someone who has this hobby may already have these tools, but beginners who are just starting this hobby will usually prefer to rent it. As with other rental businesses, it doesn’t mean you have to provide the goods yourself, but you can also invite the cooperation of people who own the goods and intend to rent them out.

Contemporary Beverage Business

Currently, many contemporary beverage businesses have sprung up. You can survey the surrounding area to find potential places for the current beverage franchise business. If you can do it at home, it’s better because you can save money on renting a place.

Sell Handmade Products

The last business opportunity that you can take advantage of is handmade products. This business is most suitable for those of you who like to make handicrafts. Handmade items can be functional items such as bags or decorative items such as table decorations.


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