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interview With Inspiring Yoga artist Shivangi Sharma

interview With Inspiring Yoga artist Shivangi Sharma

interview With Inspiring Yoga artist Shivangi Sharma.

Shivangi Sharma was an engineer and Yoga artist from Ujjain .

We met with Shivangi and are delighted to share her passion with you!

How long have you been a Yoga field?I have been in this field since 2016 and I have been practicing yoga for the last 4 years.

How did you start Yoga? I was very upset, frustrated and saddened by my work, health and eye conditions during my IT job. So I decided one day that I was not going to work like this. I suddenly quit my job without resigning and went home. And after 15 to 20 days of relapse period, a thought came to my mind that I should start yoga at least, because of Modiji we all became conscious of yoga at that time. So
Then I started and felt great. I was very happy and my neighbor suggested that I do a diploma course in yoga. and I did it. After diploma it was like I fell in love with this. so i decided that i just want to go further in yoga. and i enrolled my name in masters in yoga.

What style of yoga do you Do?I often practice Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga and Yin and Restorative yoga. I am certified into Hatha yoga, Yin and Restorative Yoga and Pranayam. 
Who has been your mentor In your crucial stage of life? Since I have known myself, I am kind of a girl who never gives up. This type of behavior has helped me a lot. And my mother is the pillar of my strength. 

What is the rewarding thing in this career? So far, whatever I have received, whether it is honor or happiness, is a reward for me. That yoga and this beautiful universe has chosen me, that I should spread yoga all over the world. it’s enough for me.

Do you find Any drawbacks of Yoga? The only one that if you are not doing yoga with a science technique then you will have problems. Otherwise, there is nothing. 

Here is some photos of Shivangi Sharma :

Education loan startup Eduvanz has raised $5 million funding led Sequoia Capital.

Education loan startup Eduvanz has raised $5 million funding led Sequoia Capital.

Education loan startup eduvanz has raised $5 million investment led sequoia capital.

Education loan platform eduvanz financing pvt. Ltd has raised $five million (rs 37 crore) in its collection a round of investment led by means of task capital company sequoia capital. The capital could be used for geographical growth and the advent of new credit products, a sequoia launch said. Existing backer and early-level effect investor unitus ventures also participated in this spherical.

Mumbai-based totally eduvanz was launched by means of Varun Chopra, Raheel shah, and atul sashittal in September 2016. Chopra, who is the ceo, is an iit-madras alumnus and previously worked with Nomura and Deutsche financial institution. Shah, the chief business officer, is an iim-Ahmedabad alumnus and in advance worked with Accenture. Sashittal, the tech chief, has labored with monetary services organizations along with clsa and angel broking in the beyond.

Eduvanz gives loans to people to pursue any vocational degree or ability development direction at any institute either regarded or in partnership with the company. It has tie-America with extra than 80 institutes. The company has built a portfolio of rs 12 crore with a borrower base of over 1,000 students. It pursuits to construct an e book-length of extra than rs a hundred crore and increase throughout India over the next years.

Eduvanz also pursuits to offer mortgage products on the way to cognizance on supporting monetary necessities for k-12 (kindergarten to twelfth grade) programs, online skill development guides, and professional courses. The startup had last yr secured $2 million from social-effect investment company unitus ventures and Michael & Susan dell foundation. For sequoia, eduvanz is its modern-day fintech funding. The funding firm has formerly invested in organizations such as Razorpay, MobiKwik, pine labs, and freecharge.

The schooling mortgage phase in the broader financial-generation area has visible a handful of deals within the current past. In December 2019, credence web technologies Pvt. Ltd, an education loans platform, had raised Rs 17. 8 crores in a seed funding spherical led by means of effect investor Omidyar network India

in July 2019, propelled, every other student-schooling financing platform had raised Rs 15 crore from early-level investors Stellaris challenge companions and India quotient, amongst others

Education loan startup Eduvanz has raised $5 million funding led Sequoia Capital.

The ways to battle menstrual migraines try This Natural Remedy

The ways to battle menstrual migraines try This Natural Remedy

The ways to battle menstrual migraines try This Natural Remedy

The menstrual cycle is a monthly headache for many women. This sounds like a metaphorical struggle, but actually it becomes a reality in the case of many women. During the menstrual cycle many women go through migraines and excruciating headaches. Menstrual migraines can cause nausea and vomiting also.  Menstrual migraine is really a challenge to be fully cured. One of the causes of menstrual migraine is consuming placebo pills before the cycle begins. This fluctuates the estrogen level and causes the headache. Since menstrual migraine is difficult to cure, you can surely battle it out with some remedial techniques. Here are the remedies you can try out to battle menstrual migraine:

# Keep a journal for starters

It is helpful to keep a menstrual journal. You can track down and note the days when you get menstrual migraines. Is it before the onset of the cycle, during the cycle, or after. You can also see the symptoms you have before the headache starts or how long does it last.  This is a record and you can show it to your gynecologist and ask for medical prognosis

# Take Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Ibuprofen and naproxen are really powerful painkillers that help to reduce the pain during menstrual migraine. It should be consumed two days prior to the onset of periods and 5 days post your cycle. 

# Low magnesium level

Magnesium is an important mineral nutrient that your body needs during periods. The drop of magnesium level may lead to migraine and headache. Hence, it is better to start consuming food items rich in magnesium from the 15th day of your cycle till the periods start

# Do not starve

Staying hungry for long hours also induces headaches and migraine. During menstruation, your body is low on energy level. Hence, it is recommended to have small portion of meals every 2 hours

# Watching  your food choices

During these periods, your body may start to crave for certain types of food items. Most women crave for coffee or chocolate, but little do they know that these foods trigger migraine. Coffee increases anxiety and sleeplessness which may lead to migraine and headaches. It is important to avoid such food items during the menstrual cycle

# Exercise

During the period’s, it is important to exercise, this regulates blood circulation. This keeps you rejuvenated.  Take a brisk walk in the morning and see the difference.

# Relax

It is important to wind out during the periods. Stress and tension causes menstrual migraine. Relax your mind and body through meditation or yoga. This will reduce the symptoms.

# sleep well

Sleeping patterns also contribute to the menstrual migraine. Irregular sleeping habits cause headaches. It is important to sleep early and adequately to prevent menstrual migraine

Our lifestyle choices matter during the menstrual cycle. It is important to regulate the estrogen levels in our body to prevent the migraines. Take advice from your doctor and regulate your eating habits to reduce the symptoms of menstrual migraine

Why Education is most important for our society and Life

Why Education is most important for our society and Life

Why Education is most important for our society?

Human being has to be educated and educated. The primary objective of education is to maintain personal and social improvement. This process has both tangible and moral dimensions. Educational programs and policies play an important role in these social and personal progress. Social progress clearly indicates a general development in the community in terms of economic, social, and cultural aspects. In sociolinguistic terminology, social development is used to conceptualize all positive events in social construction. To put it differently, it is to refer to a society that is changing from a less civilized situation to a favorable situation for progress in relation to economic, social, and political issues. The main difference between the living and the lifeless is that the former always renews itself. One of the mechanisms that provide and sustain this renewal is education. Thus, understanding and explaining the role of education in this social development is of paramount importance, so as to understand the progress and change described earlier.

The purpose of this study is to explain the role of education on social development and progress, personal development and progress, and the dynamic relationship between these concepts. Education is not only an institution but also a process in society. If these concepts are ordered in terms of their actions, then society has a purpose, and education is a better tool to accomplish this purpose. Development and reforms are based on the socio-economic decisions of politicians to improve the welfare of individuals. At the present time, development and improvement, not only on the material needs of the people, in the development of their social conditions, is related to the attainment of their hopes. In developed countries, knowledge generated through research and education is used not only to achieve social and economic objectives, as well as the attainment of an individual’s personal development.

Education and society

Social and natural conditions determine the role and function of education. Within the relationship between education and society, the most salient feature of education is its communal side. Social context is essential for education to function well. Society and education fulfill each other. Society cannot run without education and vice versa. Education affects not only the educated person but the entire community by starting with his family. In other words, raising a sufficient number of skilled people for a more prosperous society is the duty of education and educational institutions, which have few functions in the community. Every educational institution establishes relationships in mutual relations.

 Education is one of the most important tools to improve individual settlements, build capacities, overcome obstacles, and expand opportunities and options for continuous improvement in well-being. The process of education and its attainment has an impact on all aspects of life. It is an important offensive tool to bring about social, economic, and political inclusion of people (NHDR, 2001). In this context, the present paper attempts to assess the contribution of education to one of many such dimensions of the life of individuals, namely – social development.

Social development first gained widespread attention through the principles set out in the 1995 Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations (the Copenhagen Declaration- “World Conference for Social Development”). Midgally (1995) envisions social development as “a process of planned social change designed to promote the well-being of the population in conjunction with a dynamic process of development”. The goal of social development in the context of modern welfare is to produce social welfare that enables people to act in a broader sense and make their own decisions. In this context, the Oxford Poverty Human Development Initiative (OPHI) has proposed a methodology for evaluating development that also includes social areas of the welfare of individuals. According to OPHI Health, empowerment, meaning, and value in life, external humiliation, and safety and security are some of the key indicators of social development.

It is only the basis of social development that brings together members of different social backgrounds to contribute and learn together. Effectively working together requires greater social awareness. However, many schools fail miserably on this. They bring others together but do not teach them how to appreciate differences, understand diversity, or how to work together. They just bring the students together in a social platform and expect them to work on it themselves. While many students do this, many do not. Due to the lack of formal education that focuses on building effective social skills, we have a lot of students who go out into the world who do not know how to work in teams and have absolutely no networking skills. Education only brings students together but it stops there.

Education, as a phenomenon, is a social base and a process occurring in society. If a prior and hierarchical sequence is established, then society can be regarded as objective and education can be regarded as the inevitable means of this purpose. In this regard, research into functional relations between education and society and its other institutions is of great importance for community development.

Communication development and change

Development and progress are to change the community structure by following socio-economic policies to improve the level of prosperity of individuals. From this point of view, development is both an economic and educational process. Social development is intended to meet adequate and ethical requirements in a humanistic fashion. In addition, social development refers to the increasing level of communities in terms of knowledge, mindset, and life. Growth and progress also mean a component that emerges and develops on its own. Development in every area within a social structure is a part of general community development and change and is closely related to other institutional structures in the community. Growth and change do not simply indicate substantial or economic growth and change. According to this, development and change is a situation related to the improvement of social conditions and expectations.

Communication Development and Education

Community development is holistic development. In this regard, the educational system and economy are two closely related social institutions. Schools direct education and personality building as an important component of the educational system that enables economic progress and community development. Community development and change are specifically related to education and instruction in that social problems are identified and citizens are informed about these matters in a democratic manner. Educational facilities are important for two reasons: First, it is to prevent people from changing social and economic conditions. The second is to develop and change the community by reinforcing these conditions. The main duty of institutions in almost every community is to maintain survival and maintenance by regulating relationships. When determining educational objectives, it is important to pay attention to individual and socio-cultural aspects and to take into account social efficiency criteria. Community development is human development, as well. The pattern of human competence is strongly attributed to the action plans and programs of developed and developing countries in the world. From a sociological point of view, it is believed that there is a great connection between educational policies and social expectations and ideals. If the idea that a community cannot improve to a considerable degree without increasing its mental level, it is a social fact, according to the fact, that mental improvement is directed from traditional and local ideas towards modern fashion should be done. Education is the only way to accomplish this fact. As Paul Valery (1871–1945) pointed out, the problem today is that the future is not the same as before. This means that it is important to set up an education system that is not contrary to the spirit of today so that in the future, a voice that will not be the same as before. Otherwise, generations that do not contribute to community development despite continuing education will inevitably be raised.

Prabhas’s Next Big Budget 3D Film AdiPurush With T series

Prabhas's Next Big Budget 3D Film AdiPurush With T series

Prabhas’s Next Big Budget 3-D Film AdiPurush With T series

Telugu movie star Prabhas is about to collaborate with director Om Raut of “Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior” fame, for a 3-D movie titled “Adipurush”, to be shot in Hindi and Telugu, and later dubbed in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and different languages.

“Every position and each person comes with its very own challenges, however portraying a person like this comes with extremely good obligation and satisfaction. I am very excited to painting this person of our epic, particularly the manner Om has designed it. I am positive the teens of our united states will bathe all their love on our movie,” stated the “Bahubali” actor.

Raut brought: “We embark in this adventure with extremely good ardour and satisfaction and promise our target target market an enjoy like by no means before.”

The movie is produced through Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Om Raut, Prasad Sutar, and Rajesh Nair, and is presently withinside the pre-manufacturing level. It is predicted to move on flooring in 2021.

On Monday evening, Prabhas and Om Raut teased the fanatics approximately the movie’s declaration and shared a video saying “Are you geared up for tomorrow?”? In a 13-2nd video that Prabhas had published on his Instagram account, he become visible interacting with Raut on a split-display screen thru video conferencing. Raut is visible asking Prabhas withinside the video if he is “geared up for tomorrow”. Prabhas replies: “All excited, finger crossed.” Om says: “Let’s do it.”

Adipurush may be Prabhas’s 1/3 movie with Bhushan Kumar after Saaho and Radhe Shyam and his first movie with the director Om Raut, who these days directed Ajay Devgn and Saif Ali Khan starrer, Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior.

The mission is presently withinside the pre-manufacturing level and is predicted to move on flooring in 2021 and hit the marquee with a huge launch in 2022. The makers are but to show the relaxation of the solid and crew. The announcement brought that talks are underway with numerous main actors from Bollywood to play vital roles.

A Man’s Guide to the menstrual cycle Explaining Periods To Men

A Man's Guide to the menstrual cycle Explaining Periods To Men

A Man’s Guide to the menstrual cycle Explaining Periods To Men

Period, Menstrual cycle, Chums!!!!! These words are known to men but they can be another language for them. Periods are a difficult time for most women. Men try to be sensitive towards it, but they are left super super confused. Should they be caring or should they ignore?  It becomes strenuous for them to understand the emotional wiring. Here is a guide for men  to know about women during periods

# It is an emotional rollercoaster for women

You have seen your girlfriend breakdown so many times. Periods surely can make the hormones go haywire. It is a turbulent moment for them. This can lead to mood swings. One moment she can be crazy and screaming for ice-cream, the next moment she will  be all cheerful for the grocery shopping. She will also be going through period cramps and be in bed all day. THe best thing for you  to do will be to give her the space she requires and understand that this is temporary. Be handy with the heat pad and ice cream, this will be a special 

# It is not true for every women though

The symptoms of mood swings and cramps is common for many women, but not all women have a breakdown or show these emotional symptoms. The handle with great strength. you might want to cuddle and be careful, but that is the wrong move. TReat it just another regular day

# Do not call her fat

Well during this period there is excess water restored in the body. This is due to the hormonal fluctuations. Her stomach might look bloated and she might be gassy. Please understand that she is not looking fat and it’s just water weight.  What you should do? Make sure she eats less salty food as it will cause her more harm. Do not share the fries!!! Be Joey.

# SEx is not a curse during periods

Well, women are on heat during periods. They also like to have sex. Sex actually uplifts their mood. Do not be disgusted by the period blood. Have sex with her. It is safe and okay, just avoid oral sex. Period sex is good as the vagina is lubricated.

#  Keep it protected

Well, it is a myth that women cannot be knocked up during periods. There is a huge chance that she is already ovulating. Precaution is best for both as unprotected sex can lead to infections also and get her impregnated.

Hope this helps when your girlfriend has periods next month. Be a man who empathizes with her in this situation and understands what she is going through both physically and emotionally. The period is natural and men should appreciate it too.

Stretches for menstrual cramps Yoga Exercises and Menstrual Cramps

Stretches for menstrual cramps

Stretches for menstrual cramps Yoga Exercises and Menstrual Cramps

The days of the menstrual cramps are a battleground inside the uterus. The pain from the cramps makes your body low and inactive. One feels low on energy. Even with heat pads and tea, the pain does not go away. Experts say that exercising is the best way to reduce menstrual cramps. But the body feels too sore to exercise.

During menstrual cramps the body becomes stiffer than usual. There is barely any mobility. With stretching your body feels loose and flexible. Stretching is a great way to reduce menstrual cramps. With stretching the mobility in uterine muscles increases. This leads to flow of blood in  the muscles which reduces contractions and cramps. Here are some stretches to help you reduce the menstrual cramps:

# Curl-up pose

This stretch pose is excellent for lower back cramps during the menstrual cycle. Hug your knees while you sit on the floor. It is necessary to  keep your  chin tucked in the chest. And roll backwards. Using rocking back and front movement. This stretching pose is tough but it is great for your lower back muscles.

# Child’s pose

This stretching pose is the best way to reduce menstrual cramps. All you have to do is sit on a kneeling position resting on the ankles. Take both your arms and stretch them as high as possible. Breathe in and bring your arms to the ground. Hold the stretch as long as you can. Then slowly exhale and repeat the set. This allows your uterine muscles to contract and release the blood flow.

# Hip-hang pose 

This pose helps to deal with the cramps on your lower abdomen. When you do this stretch just bend your knees and keep your feet hips wide apart with your chin tucked in your chest. Try to wiggle your hips sideways. He adds a jolt to the abdominal muscles.

# Block out pose 

For this pose, take a rolled towel. Sit on it with your knees forward. This pose relaxes as the stomach muscle. You have to rub your tummy during this pose and focus on your breathing

# Stomach-release pose 

When your menstrual cramp pain is minimal, then only use this pose. Just lie on your back with palms facing forward. Try to breathe through your belly button. This stretches your pelvic muscles and helps in the blood flow.
Stretching is good anytime for your body. But other than stretching there are other factors that also. It is important to have a check on our lifestyles during menstruation. A healthy lifestyle and regular check-up lead to a smooth period.

Tips For Surviving through periods in the summer heat

Tip For Surviving through periods in the summer heat

Tips For Surviving through periods in the summer heat

It is April, and you can feel the temperature soaring up. It means summer has arrived. Summer  means the harsh sun. But even in the harsh sun, there is a lot to look forward to, such as beach parties, summer holidays, and summer trips.  Even with the fun, we still cannot deny the hot and humid weather in a tropical country like India. For women, along with battling the summer heat, they have to also battle their monthly periods. 

Periods in the summer can be a difficult situation for many women. There are mood swings, bloating, and period cramps. On top of that is the heat of the summer. Women have to battle with the uncomfortable weather outside and inside their body. But there is a way to survive the periods in summer. Here is a curated guide of surviving through periods in the summer heat

1) Water is your biggest rescuer

Summer means that your body starts to lose water. This causes a huge discomfort during periods as your body tends to retain water. You might feel exhausted  and dehydrated. Drinking water during the summer helps to replenish the fluids and also flush out toxins from the blood, hence keeping your body cooler. Always drink plenty of water during your periods in the summer.

2) Start munching water based foods

In the summer your body needs to be cooled, but while menstruating your body releases heat. It can make you feel uncomfortable. It is preferable to starting munching on water based food items such as kiwi, cucumber, and watermelons. These food items help to keep your body cool, flush out toxins, and also curbs your craving of junk food.

3) Put the junk food into the junk

During your periods you will get the craving to eat  salty and spicy food. Consuming these types of food items leads to discomfort during the summer months. It increases the body heat and causes digestive issues. Eating salty food items leads to gas and bloating. Instead of a bag of french fries, start having fruit salads or yogurt, which will satiate your hunger and keep your body cool.

4) Goodbye to carbonated drinks

Sipping on a cool soda or a coca cola sounds comforting during summer, but it is not good for your body, especially if you are on periods. Aerated drinks dehydrate the body and the caffeine content causes sleeplessness and irritable mood. Switch to drinking coconut water or buttermilk, it has the cooling effect and is also healthy.

5) Take care of your digestion

During periods, women faced constipation or indigestion. This causes discomfort more in the summer months. Irregular bowel irritable mood and bloating in the pelvic region. Consume food high in fiber so that you have regular bowels. This will make your body feel lighter during the periods in the summer.

6) WEar comfortable outfits

Summer outfits should be comfortable, especially during periods. Avoid wearing skinny jeans or tight t-shirts. THe sweat and fabric sticking to the body is uncomfortable and it increases during periods. Wear maxi dress or  loose outfits which will let your skin breathe and not make you feel like ripping your clothes apart.

7) Get out and exercise

Exercising during periods is needed to increase the blood flow and reduce cramps. It becomes equally useful during the summer. Staying agile helps you to beat the summer heat. Going for a swim or a kick-boxing helps you to alleviate mood swings or vent out your anger through the physical exercise. Exercising is an important emotional purge to survive periods in the summer

8) Keep pads and tampons handy

During the summer months, the period flow increases due to the heat. you may feel that you are bleeding more heavily. It is better to keep extra packets of tampons or pads in your bag in case you get heavy bleeding. Also changing tampons and pads regularly, will help to keep the vaginal region fresh and prevent growth of microbes due to sweat and heat

Periods is difficult and so is the summer heat, but it should stop you from having fu

Thoughts that stop you from taking that solo trip

Thoughts that stop you from taking that solo trip in life

Thoughts that stop you from taking that solo trip

After watching “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani”, so many of us wanted to become Naina to take that trip alone.  It is even a new year’s resolution for so many people. WE all started buying travel magazines to read about all the places for the first ever solo trip. It becomes a thrill for so many of us. You decide your destination and even save that money. But then at last, just like Naina, you chicken out and even let the train go.  What happens? Where does the thrill disappear? Here are the thoughts you get which stops you taking that solo trip:

# SAfety

This is one of the biggest concerns that stops you from taking that first solo trip. You have to be smart and aware when you travel alone. do your research from beforehand. Know the neighbourhoods that are unsafe. Carry a pepper safe. If you are a woman and going for the first solo trip, then it is preferable to wear covered clothes during your travel and not be out late at night. Safety is in your hands.

# All the money will go

The first notion you have even while saving money, is that it will not be enough and it is more expensive to travel alone. You feel that more money will be spent if you take that trip alone. honestly, travelling alone actually can be really inexpensive if you really want it. You can stay at the place of your choice, go and eat at the place you like. You do not have to compromise for the likes of others. This tends to save more money.

# Being alone is lonesome

There is a huge difference between being alone and feeling lonely. Even when you are in company, you feel lonely.  Travelling alone makes you self-dependent. You do not have to wait for others to make that memory with you or fulfill your bucket list. Travelling alone gives you the perspective of different things in life. Being happy and content on your own often comes with the first trip alone.

# What will tell my friends and family?

Another thought that comes to your mind, when you travel alone is the approval of your family and friends. Yes, their concern is understandable. But you should persuade them that it is something you want to do and you have been putting all the effort into saving money. You family and friends should have the trust and respect in your choice. If they still resist, you can be the rebel this time , and still do it.

# Boredom

Doing things alone is boring. This is what most of us have heard all our lives. Travelling alone is not boring. You get to meet new people, Interact with them. If you are in a backpackers hostel, you might have group bonfires or barbeques. Experiencing new  cultures is not necessarily a boring thing to do. Travelling alone gives you that confidence.

# I cannot manage it

Travelling alone needs planning. Once you reach your destination, you might feel all over the place. Travelling alone makes you responsible. You have to take care of your own safety. You have to ask different people the ways to a destination. It breaks your shy cocoon. You learn to manage your budget on a daily basis.

# I will just have pictures of mountains and objects

This reason sounds stupid, but actually people have this thought thay who will take thier pictures. Travelling is not about taking pictures. But, still if you want to, then know , there are many solo travellers who take pictures. You are alone, you can ask someone to click it. Take a selfie. If you still want better pictures, put your camera on a tripod and seta timer and get that perfect click. Do not stop travelling solo because of not picture perfect instagram images.

When you reach your destination, you might feel confused and chicken out. But know that this one of the most thrilling experiences you will ever have in your life. After the first day, you will feel more confident. It is once in a lifetime move you make.

Thoughts that stop you from taking that solo trip in life

Why should you have a travel journal?

Why should you have a travel journal?

Why should you have a travel journal?

When you ever see a travel movie or a documentary, you see the beautiful location and the traveller sticking  his polaroid images and writing in his leather bound journal. Somewhere at the back of our minds we have to have a journal and write our thoughts during our travels.

But sometimes, we forget it . WE do  not have reasons to keep one.  However, keeping a travel journal is one of the most beautiful  souvenirs you take back from all your travels. Just than a documented book, it has so many other purposes. Here is why you should keep a travel journal:

# a documented memory

A travel journal is the best documented memory from travels.  It is your travel memoir with all the adventures you have had. You might forget the emotions of certain experiences, but writing it down on your journal embeds it forever. It is a down memory lane to all your reflections you had during your travels


As I said before, keeping a travel journal is going through a down memory lane of all your adventures. When you are old , you can laugh at all the foolish things you have done during travels. Reading the travel journal all over again at different points in your life will make nostalgic and how adventurous your life has been through travelling

# A reference point

For many of us who want to become travel bloggers, it is important to have a journal. To make your content unique, you should have an original voice. What is better than sharing the experiences and emotions from your travel journal. It is the reference point in your blog content.

Also, you cannot rely on your memory while writing a blog, having a travel journal is the refresh button you need to have to run a travel blog.

# Stress reliever

Keeping a journal during your travels helps you to destress yourself. Sometimes, your travel experiences can be unpleasant and things do not go as it was planned. Rather than just containing it inside, you can pour it all in your journal. It helps you to relieve of the emotional weight and you can reflect as you write in the journal.

#  Something to hold onto

When things are gloomy and upside down, you can always read your travel journal. It is place you have created on your own. Reading it makes you hold onto something and be optimistic. The fear you had during your first solo trip  or how you managed to accomplish the most difficult trek, your travel journal is a beacon of resilience and achievement. It helps you to be better and not give up.

# Personalized souvenir

Your travel journal is filled with words of wisdom and photographs of all the people you met and the food you ate. Sometimes it is also filled with local artwork or a small handicraft or herb pinned to the pages. Having a travel journal is like creating your own personalized souvenir from all over the world.

# Passing it down

Keeping a travel journal is one of the coolest heirlooms. Since it is a personalized travel souvenir, you can have a series of it and store it and pass it down to your children or grandchildren. They can read about your adventures and know more about you. It is the best way to keep certain family traditions alive.

There is nothing better than writing and travelling. Keeping a journal of your travels is one of the most prized possessions one can ever have.

Just blotch it with your experiences and adventures. A part of you resides in a travel journal.

Why should you have a travel journal?

The battle between Yoga and Gym Benefits and Differences

The battle between Yoga and Gym Benefits and Differences

The battle between Yoga and Gym Benefits and Differences

Everyone today is inspired by celebrities to lose weight and eat healthy. Fitness routines have become stringent and due to which more people are trying unconventional weight loss techniques. But the question of the traditional techniques of gyming and yoga are always at question. Which is better? Which one has a long term effect? Which makes weight loss a quick process? Is it about muscle build or holistic health development? Whatever be the better choice, both yoga and gyming needs physical and mental commitment. One needs to be disciplined to practise either one of them to get out of a sedentary lifestyle. So let us compare which one has a upper hand:

# Efficiency: 

Gyming needs equipment and yoga needs just a yoga mat. Both, however, need to be done under the observation of a professional instructor. However, gyming takes up the time and energy and causes fatigue. It is more expensive. If you make all the connections, yoga poses are also helpful in building core strength and flexibility.

# Solitude: 

Most people who go to gym often tend to be conscious of people around who might judge their bodies or clothes. It is a competitive environment. One can be under a lot of pressure to perform and sweat it out. If you want to sweat it out, do power yoga at home on your. Yoga can be done in solitude. you can do the simplest of poses and do not have to see other’s performance which can make you lose focus.

# Fatigue and exhaustion: 

After yoga, one often tends to feel fresh and relaxed. Post gyming one might feel stiff. After all the various types of exercise in the gym, you may feel tired and tired. Discontinuation from gyming  leads to looseness in muscles and pain in the body. These instances are less in the case of yoga.

# Age suitability: 

Gyming is hardly effective for old  people or pregnant women. Senior citizens who have joint pain cannot attend the gym. Gyming is strictly prohibited for pregnant women. But, yoga caters to both. Old people might find relief or cure their joint pain through yoga. 


Gyming helps to shape your body. Yoga aligns and shapes body, mind, and soul. When you are gyming you just focus on how you will lose the weight. There is a mental pressure created. With yoga, one tends to align their thoughts and negate toxic elements from their minds. Yoga helps you to build focus and maintain your body balance. 

# Effect on breathing : As you perform different exercises in the gym, you might lose focus on your breathing. This leads to panting. You may be out of breath after a heavy cardio workout. When you do yoga, you learn how to control your breathing pattern with every yoga pose. This prevents exhaustion and also helps to treat respiratory disorders.

# Diet: 

Diet becomes an important factor in gyming. Your instructor may regulate your diet. If you do heavy workouts, a high protein diet of meat is needed. This might not cater to vegetarians or vegans. Gyming does specifically have a control on your appetite. With yoga, there are no diet specifications. You just need to eat healthy. Yoga helps you build focus in your mind, this leads to curbing your appetite and cravings.


Treating Menstrual Cramps through a vegan diet

Treating Menstrual Cramps through a vegan diet

Treating Menstrual Cramps through a vegan diet

Related image

Our menstrual cycle is highly affected by what we eat and how we choose to live our lives. Our dietary choices have a huge influence on our periods. These days veganism has become really popular. Most people have chosen a vegan diet through celebrity influence.

A vegan diet has a lot health benefits. It is good for the heart, it prevents cancer, but it also has a positive effect on a woman’s menstrual cycle. It ensures lighter and regular period flow with minimal cramps.

Cramps during periods are caused by the cell growth in the uterine walls due to a high level of estrogen released during periods. A vegan diet, made of fiber, helps to eliminate the excess estrogen level from the body. This reduces water retention and bloating, hence no period cramps. A vegan diet ensures better digestion and energy levels in the body during the periods. Here are the vegan food items to beat menstrual cramps

# Spinach

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It is crucial to consume iron based food during the periods, as women tend to lose blood. Spinach contains vitamin e and magnesium which helps to fight menstrual cramps. The calcium present in spinach also helps to deal with Post Menstrual syndromes.

# Kale

Image result for kale

It is the best source calcium from a plant . It fights menstrual syndromes and cramps. Kale has the highest Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity which eliminates free radicals that worsen the period cramps.

# Broccoli

Related image

This water based vegetable helps to reduce bloating and gas due its fibre contents.  The nutrients present in the Broccoli- vitamin A, B6, C, E, potassium, magnesium, helps to beat PMS and reduce body fatigue. Broccoli also helps to reduce sugar and junk food cravings.

# Bananas

Image result for banana

Bananas have potassium and Vitamin B6 content and fibre which eases constipation during periods. This reduces bloating and menstrual cramps. It also helps women who suffer from diarrhea during periods.

# Pineapple

Image result for pineapple

Pineapple has fluids which reduces sugar cravings. It also helps to fight menstrual cramps as it contains the bromelain enzyme that soothes and relaxes the uterine muscles. It also helps to ease the flow of blood.

# Walnuts

Image result for walnuts

One of the causes of period cramps are inflammation. Walnuts contain omega 3  fatty acids and vitamin B6. The nutrients in the walnuts help to battle period cramps as it has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.

# Sesame seeds

Image result for sesame seeds

Sesame seeds have magnesium, vitamin B6, zinc and fatty acids. It helps to reduce period cramps. The fatty acids in the sesame seeds  have the properties which helps to relax the uterine muscles and smoothen the blood flow.

# Oats 

12 Vegan Foods That Heal Menstrual Pain Better Than Medicine

Oats for breakfast are the best during your periods. Oats contain magnesium. It helps to soothe mental and physical fatigue. It also helps to deal with the mood swings and the stomach aches. It also induces sleep which helps to heal the body.

A vegan diet is healthy and ensures longevity. It also contains the nutrients that help you feel lighter during the periods. It also curbs junk food cravings which causes menstrual cramps.

The Tik-Tok stars who are acing the game of influencer marketing

The Tik-Tok stars who are acing the game of influencer marketing

The Tik-Tok stars who are acing the game of influencer marketing

After being founded in 2014 by Alez Zhu and Louis Yang, Tik-Tok became a raging performance video-sharing app to dominate the social media space in Asia. Today with 500 million users, TikTok video content is most consumed by teens and young adults in India. It has become a trend by celebrities to use Tik-Tok for enhancing their social media presence, but here are the top Tik-tok stars who are big faces in influencer marketing through their humorous videos and acting talent:

  1. Avneet Kaur: 

Starting her journey as a final contestant in the reality dance TV Show, “Dance India Dance Lil Champs”, she rose to prominence with the Life Ok show “Meri Maa” where she portrayed the character of Jhilmil. Her stance in show got her featured in Jhalak Dikhlaja. In 2014, she made her Bollywood debut with the YRF film “Mardaani” alongside Rani Mukherji, and is currently starring in Sab TV fantasy soap opera “Aladdin Naam Toh Suna Hoga” as Princess Yasmine.

She is fashionista, actress, and dancer. She has been the face of popular commercial brands such as Himalaya and Clinic Plus.She starred in the brand short film for the brand Saafi. Her endorsements have extended to several clothing brands featuring on Instagram. Her infectious smile and expressions have won hearts on TikTok, with her channel having 4 million subscribers.

  1. Garima Chaurasia

Garima became a known TikTok name with her vivacious performance for the India-rap song “Machayenge” by Emiway Bantai. She recreated the song with her friend, Rugeesvini. The performance went viral to such an extent that Garima came to be known as the “Bohot Hard” girl. The video was shared in every social media platform and gained major tractions. The large of influx of social media traffic to her performance video, made Garima and her friend TikTok superstars overnight. Garima has a follower number of 17 million on TikTok. Post the video, Garima also starred in Punjabi Music videos, “Mashallah” and “Tattoo” which became viral on YouTube with more than 15 million views.

  1. Ahsaas Channa

Starting her journey as the angrogynous child actor, Ahsaas played as young boy characters in Bollywood films such as Vaastru Shastra, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, and the famous “My friend Ganesha”. Her bubbly acting and adorable demeanor got her featured in more projects. However, her first role as a female child artist was in the horror film “Phoonk”. She also appeared in the sequel “Phoonk 2”. Ahsaas is the daughter of vetran Tv actress Kulbir. After her stances in the films,Ahsaas took to television. She appeared in the Life Ok mythological serial, “Devon ke Dev Mahadev”, and the multi starrer vampire fantasy series in MTV, “Fanaa” with Anita Hassanandani, Karan Kundra and Ratan Rajput. Ahsaas has become a popular face in the digital content space. She stars in different sketches of Girlyappa. She has starred in the TVF’s web series “Girl’s Hostel”. She also guest stars in the videos of Filter Copy. Ahsaas also endorses many commercial brands such as Garnier,and Pantene on Instagram. She recently got featured in the amazon web series, Kota Factory. Her vivacious charm and wit has given her a huge following on TikTok with 2.6 million followers.

  1. Jannat Zubair

Jannat Zubair made her debut as a child actress with the Star One show “Dil Mill Gaye”. Soon after this she bagged lead roles in drama series such as Colors’ Phulwa as the titular character, and NDTV Imagine’s Haar Jeet. Her performance as Phulwa was highly appreciated. Zubair also starred in historical drama series such as Maharana Pratap and Siyasat. She also made episodic appearances in Crime Patrol and Saavdhan India.  She made her bollywood appearance in YRF films- Luv ka The End and Hitchki. Her popular role was as Pankti Sharma in the serial Tu Aashiqui. Currently, she is starring in the serial “Aap Ke Aajane Se”. Zubair was presented with the Best Young Actress Award for Hitchki. She endorses for hair care products. She is popular in TikTok for her dance videos which has made her gain 11.8 million followers.

  1. Aashika Bhatia

Aashika Bhatia is a twenty year old actress. She made her debut in the titular role in the TV series “Meera”. Bhatia became popular with her role of Ginni in the Sony’s family drama. Parvarish, Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi. She made her silver screen debut as Rajkumari Radhika in 2015 with the film “Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo”. She made guest appearances on Channel V’s Gumrah. She also starred in a supporting role in Sony Tv’s ensemble drama, Kuch Rang Pyaar ke Aise Bhi. Other than TvSeries, she also featured in the commercial ads of Badshaah Masala and Clinic Plus. Bhatia loves to dance.She is a fashion influencer and appears on India Forums with fashion and beauty tips. She is known in TikTok for her acting skills which has earned her 12.1 million followers.

  1. Nagma Mirajkar

This twenty year old, TikTok star is a fashion blogger, known for mimicry and impressioning on TikTok. Nagma has been titled as the TikTok muser and has been a representative on the India TikTok Representatives. Her popularity is due to her comic lip-syncing and dance videos. Her first stance on the internet came with fashion blogging site, “Oh My Gorg”. She has collaborated with other TikTok stars such as Aashika Bhatia  and Awez Darbaar, with whom she is rumoured to be in a relationship due to the regular features together. Nagma has starred with other social media stars on youtube. She has been a performer at concerts.Her style, comedy, and dancing skills have made her gain 11.1 million followers on TikTok.

With the content market in India booming, the demand for localised entertainment and faces have also grown. Tik Tok fulfills both the needs. It also is a rising platform for young millenials to showcase their performing skills. For commercial brands, it is the perfect app through which they can do influencer marketing with known and popular faces.

CBD oil: The remedy to PMS

CBD oil : The remedy to PMS

CBD  oil : The remedy to PMS

The days of the menstrual cycle are dreading for many women.  It is a war that women fight on both a physical and emotional level. There is a total discomfort in the body. Headaches and bloating persists along with  heavy menstrual cramps. The pelvic muscles are constricted and your body feels sore. This leads to lethargy and inactivity. However, the biggest problem is PMS- Pre Menstrual Syndrome. The PMS monster causes the headaches and the mood swings. 

Most health experts suggest that with a healthy diet and lifestyle habits, periods can be totally pain and pms free. But that is not always  the case. Even with exercising and healthy veggie eating, the PMS still persists.  Today, the experts have come with a new solution to PMS through the usage of CBD oil.

The Cannibis or the CBD oil is obtained from marijuana or the hemp plant. This medicine does not have any psychological affects. It is also sfae for the women to use. The use of CBD oil goes back to ancient China, where it was prescribed  by the healers to the women with menstrual cramps.  

The CBD oil has anti-inflammatory features. Hence, during menstrual cramps, usage of CBD oil helps to reduce inflammation which causes the pain. 

The CBD oil is has great pain relieving properties and acts a s a muscle relaxer. If you consume or massage with it in the lower abdominal region. This leads to relaxing those muscles and relieving of the cramps. 

During the menstrual cycle, the PMS  causes headaches, bloating , and sore breasts. Every woman goes through different PMS symptoms. The PMS can be caused by genetic factors . But more than anything stress is one of the biggest factors of PMS. The CBD oil is a good muscle relaxer and can be used to relieve stress.

The CBD oil can also be used for curing headaches and migraines which occur during the menstrual cycle. CBD oil usage in appropriate ratio can alleviate these problems of PMS.

The last problem of PMS is the persistence of mood swings. Mood swings occur during the luteal phase of the cycle. Rather than taking anti-depressant, CBD oil is safer.  The CBD oil is useful to cure anxiety and stress disorders.

The CBD oil usage has a lot of stigma. It is still not accepted in modern medicine or suggested as a prescription. It is hoping that with more clinical research and data, the CBD oil will become useful for curing PMS 

CBD oil : The remedy to PMS

India’s Top 10 E-Commerce Websites for Online Shopping and their founders

online shopping sites and their founders

India’s Top 10 E-Commerce Websites for Online Shopping and their founders

Founders of Famous Online Shopping Websites of India


Flipcart is Indian Electronic Commerce Company it was founded in Octomber 2007Manufacturing in Banguluru India it was founded by Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal.


Amazon is American Electronic Commerce Company it was launched in 5 july 1994 established in Washington America it was founded by Jeff Bezoz.


Snapdeal is Indian Ecommerce Company based in Delhi India it was founded by Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal


Shopclues is an online market place owned by clues Network Pvt Ltd. It was established in July 2011 in silicon belly(banguluru) it was founded by Sanjay Sethi and Radhika Aggarval


Homeshop18 is India online on air shopping channel owned by network 18 it was founded in 9 April 2008 it was founded by Sandeep Malhotra


Paytm is Indian Ecommerce and Repayment Company base out of Delhi NCR India launched in August 2010 it was founded by Vijay Shekhar Sharma


Jabong.com is an Indian fashion an lifestyle Ecommerce company it was launched in 2012 in Gurgaon Delhi it was founded by Lakshmi Petluri,Praveeb Sinha,Aeub Chandra Mohan


Myntra is an Indian fashion and online Ecommerce company headquarter in benguluru it was launched in 2007 it was founded by Mukesh Bansal ,Vineet Saxsena,Ashutosh lavnia


OLX is Argentinian gloabal marketplace Company it was launched in 2006   it was founded by Fabrice Grinda.


Ebay is American Electronic Commerce Company it was launched in 3 sept 1995 established in San jose, California America it was founded by Pierre Omidyar.

India’s Top 10 E-Commerce

Organic Shop

Founded by Manuj Terapanthi, this e-commerce entity showcases a varied catalogue of organic and natural products from not only in India but also in Europe

Naturally Yours

This was founded by Vinod Kumar and Priya Prakash in February 2010 to provide a wide selection of natural and pure merchandise to clients in a single location


is an online health food store founded by Dhruv and Prangna Jaggi who aim to provide people in India with healthy, nutritious, and wholesome products?

Lai Bhaari Filmmaker Nishikant Kamat dies at 50 in Hyderabad hospital

Lai Bhaari Filmmaker Nishikant Kamat dies at 50 in Hyderabad hospital

Lai Bhaari Filmmaker Nishikant Kamat kicks the bucket at 50 in Hyderabad medical clinic

Mumbai: Filmmaker Nishikant Kamat has kicked the bucket in a Hyderabad medical clinic. Mr. Kamat, 50, was accepted to have been experiencing ceaseless liver sickness. “I will miss you my companion Nishikant Kamat. Find happiness in the hereafter,” tweeted entertainer Riteish Deshmukh, who featured in Mr. Kamat’s film Lai Bhaari. Only hours prior, Mr. Deshmukh had encouraged for restriction after certain news sources rashly announced the producer’s passing. Ajay Devgn, who featured in Nishikant Kamat’s Drishyam, tweeted: “My condition with Nishikant was not just about Drishyam, a movie which he coordinated with Tabu and me. It was an affiliation that I valued. He was brilliant; ever-grinning. He has gone too early. Tear Nishikant.”

Movie producer entertainer Nishikant Kamat kicked the bucket at 50 years old on Monday evening in Hyderabad. He was admitted to AIG Hospital on July 31 after objections of fever and exorbitant weariness.

Mr. Kamat was experiencing liver cirrhosis throughout the previous two years. “Since yesterday, he created respiratory disappointment and hypotension. In spite of most extreme endeavors, his condition disintegrated inevitably prompting different organ disappointment,” said the medical clinic in an announcement.

In 2004, he made his presentation as an entertainer in Hava Aney Dey and as a movie producer in 2005 with the financially effective Marathi film Dombivali Fast. The film won him a National Award. He made his entrance into the Tamil entertainment world with Evano Oruvan (2007) featuring R Madhavan, a change of Dombivali Fast.

In 2015, Mr. Kamat coordinated Drishyam, which was among his greatest hits in Bollywood. “My condition with Nishikant was not just about Drishyam, a movie which he coordinated with Tabu and me. It was an affiliation that I valued. He was splendid, ever-grinning. He has gone too early,” entertainer Ajay Devgn composed on Twitter.

How This AgTech Startup Assisting Farmers of the Future

How This AgTech Startup Assisting Farmers of the Future

How This AgTech Startup Assisting Farmers of the Future

‘Technology’ as a broad concept has always had a large role to play when it comes to easing out tensions and crinkles in age-old systems. ‘AgTech’ is a more specific category within the ‘technology’ spectrum and provides broad assistance to the industry of Agriculture. The Agricultural Industry is one that supports around 43% of India’s employment, hence it is also one of the most important economic sectors along with being our prime source for sustenance.

Farmers have started to get educated, informed, and equipped with the inner workings and benefits of the virtual world with a digital integration in their daily agricultural tasks. There are multiple ways in which AgTech proves to be a supporting pillar for farmers, enabling them to be future-ready and exceedingly aware of the benefits technology can provide them with.

1. Integrating technology with Farm Management:

Farm management cannot be considered an easy task. They require knowledge and understanding about the varying nature of different crops as every crop has differed needs. They require inputs and advisory on practices to be followed. AgTech assists farmers in taking forward the best suited agricultural practices, in turn increasing efficiency. With Technology comes Efficiency, where farmers will be able to manage their crops and produce more effectively, mitigating various risks and working on a centralized database where they are informed and educated about the processes to follow, along with optimising on-farm resources, which are generally a scarcity, for these various crops to ensure the maximum yield. Integrating technology with daily agronomic activities would allow individuals to focus more on the bigger picture, focusing on Sustainable Agriculture, Climate Resilience and Traceability.

2.  Financial Independence:

A technology platform, like FarmERP, can help farmers increase their income and hence buying and selling capacity as well, along with providing them with various cost analysis assistance, so that the funds can be allocated in the right manner for every task the farmer carries out, or every purchase that is made. Along with this, Farmers are being guided towards forming FPC’s/FPO’s (Farmer Producer Companies / Organisations) which will allow them to carry out the processes of post-processing and production, along with manufacturing and selling of the produce on their own through the FPO’s, adding a profitable value.

3. Digital Agricultural Supply Chain:

AgTech works towards the establishing of a Digital Agricultural supply chain, where dots are connected, making the entire processes exceedingly streamlined. Stakeholders are being brought onto this single technological platform. Through the access of technology, farmers are able to expand their buyer base, reach an exceeding number of consumers and increase their profitability as well. In this case, not only do the production processes become more efficient, but even the selling the produce to an increasing number of profitable sources. Platforms like E-Mandis are also gaining importance as of today and are working towards the creation of a uniform national market for agricultural commodities in turn, increasing the consumer base for farmers and individual farmers who can then deal (theoretically) directly with the entire country.

These are only a few ways in which technology is integrated with agriculture and can help individual and small farmers along with providing assistance to the entire value chain, while also setting benefits to contract farmers, Corporates, R&D institutions, funding agencies, trade bodies, FPO’s and Government bodies as well. According to an article by The Economist, ‘In the short run, these improvements will boost farmers’ profits, by cutting costs and increasing yields, and should also benefit consumers (meaning everyone who eats food) in the form of lower prices. In the longer run, though, they may help provide the answer to an increasingly urgent question: how can the world be fed in future without putting irreparable strain on the Earth’s soils and oceans?’

The way forward for future farming processes and farmers, along with various Agri-related sub-verticals seems to be digital and beneficial not only for various Agriculture stakeholders, but majorly for small farmers and labourers, converting them into farm owners as well.

How the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the input and output of the Agricultural sector: FarmERP

How the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the input and output of the Agricultural sector: FarmERP

How the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the input and output of the Agricultural sector: FarmERP


We live in an age where the age-old occupation of agriculture faces turmoil and turbulence in all its sectors and divisions due to the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not just agriculture, but every business industry is suffering tremendously due to the panic state we are in, and also the fact that our entire country is confined to our homes to flatten the curve and stop the spread of this virus.

The proof of the industry suffering is in the rise of the unemployment percentages. The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy measured an escalation from 8.4% in the middle of March to a leap of 23% in the first week of April. In the urban and city areas itself, there was a soaring rise to 30.9% in the unemployment measurements. This emphasizes strongly the adverse effects faced by all levels of employment, giving a reason for the panic faced by many.


The biggest hit of all will be felt by daily wage earners, who work on the field or behind counters day and night to put together meals for the coming days. Informal workers and daily wage earners are (for the most part) not provided with any severance or compensation via their employers, who would not be at fault as they cannot shell out those resources. In times like these, the Indian Government has acted swiftly in this time of crisis and announced a $22 billion relief package, inclusive of food as well as monetary transfers. Apart from the Centre’s initiative, many state governments have also taken up the onus of their people and are providing their support packages.

Due to the input of the farmers being affected, the entire output received has been disturbed. Crops which are ready for harvest, await their fate in the fields, where they are left to rot, in turn hampering the future crops who will take their place, or they are disposed of by the farmers. This calls for not only losses, but extra costs incurred to carry out the process of disposal for the crops which are no longer fit for consumption.

Various other factors contribute to the increasing losses faced by the agricultural sector, including the restriction of movement and transportation, which means that even the crops that have been harvested are unable to reach their destination. The agricultural supply chain, due to its diversity consists of so many sectors and verticals, that due to the effect of the COVID-19 panic reaching each sector, the disruption in the supply chain is being felt enormously.


To establish direct supply, many cooperatives have taken certain measures to ensure the right kind of distribution patterns are maintained and followed. The Pune Municipal Cooperation has taken up the task of directly contacting with FPC’s (Farmer Producer Companies). These FPC’s, in turn, are providing consumption materials in societies. Online order forms are generated as well, where the supply is as frequent as possible. Platforms like Big Basket, Grofers and many more are keeping up with the continuous supply of fruits and vegetables.

In times like these, technology has a tremendous role to play in smoothening out processes and assuring the best sort of deliverance to consumers. AgTech companies are working from home, keeping their clients’ systems up and running 24/7. However, individuals who work on the field even from the AgTech industry are trying their best to sustain the hits felt due to not being able to conduct site visits or other daily agronomic operations.


Sectors of the agricultural industries relying on the export of goods for sustenance are also hit tremendously due to the restrictions of movement. Goods that are perishable and do not have a long-drawn shelf life, which have already been shipped, await at the ports of various countries. Once they surpass their shelf life, they will not be fit for consumption, and this causes losses to all parties who have been part of the export process since one entity will not be able to bear all the losses. This, however, would be the ideal time to target specific export markets where the analysis can be seen of increasing demand for certain types of produce, e.g., the demand for grapes in China is increasing.

The Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board has helped to start the export of mangoes. However, the domestic consumption of fruits like mangoes and grapes have depleted due to the hindrances in reaching consumers. This hampers the expectation of profits which could have been made by the sale of this product.


At the end of this lockdown, when the situation begins to work towards the reestablishment of day to day processes and procedures, there may be a shortage of produce we are faced with. The demand will rise while the supply falls, creating a gap in the cycle. Crops like wheat will be able to survive the summer heat due to it being a summer crop, but fruits and vegetables will most definitely require adequate amounts of water to be fit for consumption. The farmers will also require seeds, fertilizers, etc., whose supply has also been halted. This will affect the new crops as well as the new harvest. Produce like onions will be available in abundance due to the ample amount of supply foreseen.

To counteract this unprecedented drop inactivity, several factors will assist the growth of agriculture post the lockdown. Technology will be a pulling factor in this, as manual labor which is unavailable as of date will be substituted by technology. Technology in the field of agriculture will assist individuals in gaining a transparent knowledge about the products they will consume. Due to the reservations consumers have of the produce, they are consuming in a time where everyone is focusing majorly on their health, traceability and transparency will be appreciated.


Linc Pen & Plastics Limited launches the new ‘Pentonic Covid-19 Killer’ – a finger-free touch device

Linc Pen & Plastics Limited launches the new 'Pentonic Covid-19 Killer' - a finger-free touch device

Linc Pen & Plastics Limited launches the new ‘Pentonic Covid-19 Killer’ – a finger-free touch device

Kolkata, August 2020:

As the world looks for nifty ways to protect themselves in the battle against the pandemic, Linc Pen and Plastics Limited has announced the launch of a gizmo of the future – the Pentonic Covid-19 Killer. An infinite quest for research and innovation has always set Linc’s Pentonic range apart as a trailblazer amongst its kind, and the company has risen to meet the need of the hour. The ground-breaking instrument is a finger-free touch device designed to keep one safe in instances of unavoidable physical contact, primed to be the most technologically advanced product from the house of Linc! 

The Pentonic Covid-19 Killer is a pocket-sized, retractable, sterilizing marker, to be used on surfaces while one is on the move, like elevator buttons, doorbells, card swipe machines, ATM buttons, vending machines, switches and innumerable other areas where physical contact might have otherwise been inevitable! Measuring 122mm in height and 20mm in width, it functions as an extension of one’s index finger, making it incredibly easy to carry and use anywhere. With this latest addition to the Pentonic range which is always driven by design, Linc has brought the future of safety to one’s fingertips! 

Reducing contact and contamination is only one thing under the arsenal of this gadget; the 70% ethanol-based ink of the Pentonic Covid-19 Killer also sterilizes the surface it touches, combating germs out of one’s way! The neat marker-like design enables an easy one-handed use, making it an indispensable go-to device while stepping out of home. The sleek, compact tool has a smooth, white, plastic body, operated with an easy push button. A refillable cartridge ensures that time never runs out on this mighty weapon. With the replaceable ethanol-based ink refill, it is a convenient and cost-effective product perfect for students, office goers and any and everyone. 

This futuristic innovation from one of the most trusted and valued writing instrument manufacturers of the country is crafted to pave the way for innovators in the field of safety and hygiene. The Pentonic Covid-19 Killer will be available at retail stores, stationery shops, and pharmaceutical chains all across key cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Trivandrum by August 1st week. This technological marvel can also be purchased on major e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart by 4th week of July, 2020 onwards. 

Mr. Deepak Jalan – Managing Director and CEO, Linc Pen and Plastics Ltd

Taking pride in being the pioneers of this advanced sanitizing marker, Mr. Deepak Jalan, Managing Director and CEO, Linc Pen and Plastics Limited, said, “Driven by a sense of responsibility towards our society, we set forth to create and launch an avant-garde product that would contribute to the safety of people and touch the lives of all. It was nothing short of a challenging feat to develop and manufacture such a device during the lockdown, when resources were limited.” 

He added, “Linc as a company has always cared for the needs of its valued consumers and we were determined to play a part in the development of a new and safe society which requires all of us to adapt to the new normal. The new Pentonic Covid-19 Killer uses an inventive technology with the highest regard for one’s safety and hygiene and it will certainly change the landscape of how we envision our daily activities”, Mr. Jalan added.

Quick Facts on Pentonic Covid-19 Killer

  • Pentonic Covid-19 Killer is a finger-free touch device designed to avoid contact with surfaces
  • The 70% ethanol-based ink of the marker sterilizes surfaces 
  • The instrument is pocket-sized and easy to carry – 123mm in height and 20mm in width 
  • It is a retractable tool with a push button and an easy one-handed use
  • It is built with a refillable cartridge 
  • The product will be available at retail stores, stationery, shops and pharmacies in select cities and on Amazon & Flipkart

Covid-19 vaccine Russia announces world’s first Covid-19 vaccine, Putin’s daughter gets vaccinated

Russia announces world's first Covid-19 vaccine, Putin's daughter gets vaccinated

Russia Has Developed “First” COVID Vaccine, Daughter Inoculated: Putin

“This morning, for the first time in the world, a vaccine against the new coronavirus was registered” in Russia, Vladimir Putin said during a televised video conference call with government ministers.

Russia announces world's first Covid-19 vaccine, Putin's daughter gets vaccinated

Covid-19 vaccine: Russia’s health ministry has given regulatory approval for what it claims is the world’s first Covid-19 vaccine, developed by Moscow’s Gamaleya Institute, after less than two months of human testing, President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday, reported Reuters. While addressing a government meeting today, Putin was quoted as saying by AP, “I would like to repeat that it has passed all the necessary tests.” He added: “The most important thing is to ensure full safety of using the vaccine and its efficiency.”

The president has asked Health Minister Mikhail Murashko to keep him informed about the Covid-19 vaccine, while at the same time noting that he knows “it works quite effectively” and “forms a stable immunity”, according to Russian news agencies.

“This morning, for the first time in the world, a vaccine against the new coronavirus was registered” in Russia, Putin said during a televised video conference call with government ministers, as per news agency AFP.

WHO had earlier said all vaccine candidates should go through full stages of testing before being rolled out.

More than 100 possible vaccines are being developed around the world to try to stop the pandemic. At least four are in final Phase III human trials, according to WHO data.

Companies including AstraZeneca Plc and Moderna Inc. are still conducting final-stage trials of their vaccines in studies that are expected to soon yield results.

The World Health Organization last week urged Russia to follow established guidelines and go “through all the stages” necessary to develop a safe vaccine

Anemia during pregnancy is a global public health challenge

Anemia during pregnancy is a global public health challenge

Anemia during pregnancy is a global public health challenge

Anemia is one of the most commonly uncounted medical disorders during pregnancy.   Most vulnerable groups are adolescent, adult female and pregnancy. Anemia is defined as a decrease in the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood due to decrease in amount of RBCs or hemoglobin or both. Patients with anemia usually have symptoms like weakness, easy fatigability, headache, dizziness and in cases of severe anemia there may be palpitations, breathlessness, generalized swelling.  Anemia during pregnancy is especially a concern because it is associated with low birth weight, premature birth, increased maternal morbidity and mortality. Anemia during pregnancy can be a mild condition and easily treated but it can become dangerous and challenging, to both the mother and the baby, if it goes untreated.

It is estimated that globally two billion women suffers from anemia or iron deficiency.  In pregnancy most common type of anemia is iron deficiency anemia. According to CDC approximately 56% of all women in India are anemic (i.e. <Hb 11 g/dl). In India anemia is directly or indirectly responsible for 40% of maternal death.


Anemia in pregnancy is classified as mild, moderate and severe. According to WHO mild anemia 8-11 gm/dL, moderate anemia  5-7 gm/dL and < 5gm/dL as severe anemia.
According to ICMR – Mild anemia – 10-10.9g/dl, moderate Anemia- 7-10g/dl, Severe anemia- Below 7gm/dl and Very Severe – below 4g/dl.
Iron-deficiency anemia
This occurs when the body does not have enough iron to produce adequate amounts of hemoglobin. About 1000 mg of iron is required during pregnancy.   Approximately 15% to 25% of all pregnancies experience iron deficiency. Iron is a mineral found in the red blood cells and is used to carry oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body, as well as helps the muscles store and use oxygen.

Anemia during pregnancy is a global public health challenge


The cause of anemia truly comes down to how many red blood cells are being produced in the body and how healthy they are. A fall in hemoglobin levels during pregnancy is caused by a greater expansion of plasma volume compared with the increase in red cell volume.
The following are ways red blood cells can be affected and lead to anemia:
•  A lack of iron in the diet as a result of not eating enough iron-rich foods or the body’s inability to absorb the iron being consumed.
•   Pregnancy itself because the iron being produced is needed for the woman’s body to increase her own blood volume.

Risk Factors for Anemia in Pregnancy-

All pregnant women are at risk for becoming anemic. That’s because they need more iron and folic acid than usual. But the risk is higher if:
•  Multiple pregnancies.
• Have had two pregnancies close together
•  Teenage pregnancies
•   Had anemia before becoming pregnant

Common symptoms of anemia are-

Symptoms of anemia during pregnancy can be mild at first, and often go unnoticed. However, as it progresses, the symptoms may become worse. It is also important to note that some symptoms can be due to a different cause other than anemia.
• Pale skin, lips, and nails
•    Feeling tired or weak
•    Dizziness
•    Shortness of breath
•    Palpitations
•   Rapid or irregular heartbeat                                 
•    Headache
•     Cold hands and feet

Risks factors for pregnancy outcome-

Severe or untreated iron-deficiency anemia during pregnancy can increase your risk of having –

A preterm or low-birth-weight baby, IUGR
A blood transfusion (if lose a significant amount of blood during delivery)
Postpartum hemorrhage
Cognitive and affective dysfunction in the infant
Severe anemia may lead cardiac failure.

Management for anemia during pregnancy –

For the diagnosis of anemia invetigations like CBC(HB%), peripheral smear for type of anemia, urine routine and microscopy, stool routine and microscopy and sometimes for specific type of anemia there may be need of USG abdomen, Hb electrophoresis.

1) Diet- iron rich foods like pulses, cereals, jaggery, beetroot, green leafy vegetables, nuts, liver, meat, egg, fish, beans, dry fruits, dates ,figs etc.
2) Iron –oral, parenteral  depending on severity, gestational age and compliance.
3) Deworming-as hookworm infestation can lead to anemia.
4) Folic acid/vitamin b12 in case of megaloblastic anemia.

Prevention of anemia during pregnancy –
Awareness  and education regarding anemia and its effects  on pregnancy .
Improving dietary habits like having iron rich foods, vitamin C helps in better absorption of iron.
Avoiding food which hinder iron absorption like tannins (tea,coffee), phytates etc.
Regular antenatal checkup and taking prophylactic iron /folic acid tablets.
Food fortification.

Lastly, we can say that anemia continues to be a   problem with the existing health care resources.  Socioeconomic status,  literacy of women, and awareness related to health concerns are the major determinants that contribute to the problem of anemia.   Therefore, public health education/information on reproductive health, monitoring the compliance of women with antenatal care services are important health care measures to be undertaken at the community level. Also, it is time for the realization that the health system should focus on various factors that contribute to the occurrence of anemia and include them as an important indicator in the national health care policy.

Author’s name: Dr Sandhya
Sr. Resident, Department of Prasuti and Stri Rog, Institute of Medical Sciences,
Banaras Hindu University

Rhea Chakraborty shares WhatsApp messages with Sushant Singh Rajput, Sushant Rajput’s Sister Counters

Rhea Chakraborty shares Whats App messages with Sushant Singh Rajput, Sushant Rajput’s Sister Counters.

In a WhatsApp screen capture shared by Rhea Chakraborty, she said Sushant Singh Rajput kept in touch with her about his sister Priyanka Singh

Entertainer Rhea Chakraborty has shared screen captures of a WhatsApp discussion she had with beau Sushant Singh Rajput, in which he’d communicated worries about his sister Priyanka’s conduct with Rhea. Sushant passed on by self destruction on June 14, and his family has blamed Rhea for abetting it.

In the discussions, shared by Rhea with India Today, the entertainer said that he accepted his sister was controlling his companion and flatmate Siddharth Pithani.

In the discussions, shared by Rhea with India Today, the entertainer said that he accepted his sister was controlling his companion and flat mate Siddharth Pithani.

The discussions start with Sushant applauding Rhea and her sibling Showik. “Your family is epic. Showik is humane and you too who are mine, you are an adequate reason for the inescapable change and reprieve all around. It will be a delight for me to associate with you parents Cheers my companion for being a rockstar,” he composes. In the following message, Sushant proceeds, “You please grin, you look extraordinary like that. I would attempt to rest now. I wish I had a fantasy like Jamila. Would it be astounding? Bye.”

In another screen capture, Ms Chakraborty shared what she asserted Mr Rajput kept in touch with her: “… My sister is currently controlling Sid bhai, playing a casualty card attempting to redirect this whole thing (that you and I are giving up) into me truly rebuffing her for the demonstration. It’s such a serious dissatisfaction.”

Mr. Rajput’s other sister Shweta Singh Kirti has denied Ms. Chakraborty’s claims that the kin were not on acceptable footing.

Shweta Singh Kirti posted recordings on Facebook and Instagram of a meeting where Mr Rajput is heard saying he is near his sister Priyanka. “I’m near everyone, except one of my sisters is near me since she gets me. The sorts of things we believe are fundamentally the same as,” Mr Rajput says in the video.

“He concedes he was nearest to his sister Priyanka (Sonu Di) in light of the fact that she gets him… ” Shweta Singh Kirti composed on the video post.

Zomato introduces ‘period leave’ for menstruating employees

Zomato introduces 'period leave' for menstruating employees

Zomato introduces ‘period leave’ for menstruating employees.

Online restaurant guide and food ordering platform Zomato on Saturday said it is introducing up to ten days of ‘period leaves’ for all women employees to build a more inclusive work culture in the organisation.

“At Zomato, we want to foster a culture of trust, truth and acceptance. Starting today, all women (including transgender people) at Zomato can avail up to 10 days of period leaves in a year,” Zomato Founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal said in a blog post.

There shouldn’t be any shame or stigma attached to applying for a period leave. You should feel free to tell people on internal groups, or emails that you are on your period leave for the day, he added.

Menstruating employees can avail of one period leave for each menstrual cycle, and are entitled to a total of 10 days per year as period leaves.

Menstruating employees can avail of one period leave for each menstrual cycle, and are entitled to a total of 10 days per year as period leaves.

How many times have you had to send a message to your team saying “unwell today – taking the day off” and having to answer concerned questions about your health with a feeble “stomach upset / weakness etc.” when you really wanted to say “on my period, terrible cramps – need a heating pad, some chocolate and a lot of green tea (or something stronger) so I’m taking the day off”?

At Zomato, we want to foster a culture of trust, truth and acceptance. Starting today, all women (including transgender people) at Zomato can avail up to 10 days of period leaves in a year.

  • Why 10? Most women have ~14 menstrual cycles in a year. Adjusting for the probability of you having your periods on a weekend, you can now rightfully avail 10 extra leaves compared to men
  • You can only take one-period leave for each menstrual cycle
  • Zomato understands that men and women are born with different biological realities. It is our job to make sure that we make room for our biological needs, while not lowering the bar for the quality of our work and the impact that we create
  • There shouldn’t be any shame or stigma attached to applying for a period leave. You should feel free to tell people on internal groups, or emails that you are on your period leave for the day
  • In case you face any unnecessary harassment, or distasteful comments from men or women about the fact that you applied for a period leave, or that you are vocal about it.

While we are introducing this leave to build a more inclusive work culture, a word of necessary advice – 

  • These leaves should only be availed if you are really unable to attend to work 
  • If you do need to take the day off, please apply for the leave on the HR portal, communicate to your team that you will be unavailable, reschedule your meetings and proactively communicate if deadlines are getting impacted
  • Do not abuse these leaves or use them as a crutch to take time out for other pending tasks 
  • Take care of yourself – regular focus on fitness and diet has a positive impact on every bit of your physical and mental health.

In case employees face any unnecessary harassment, or distasteful comments if they apply for a period leave, they have been advised to report them to the prevention of sexual harassment (POSH) team.

“A note for men – our female colleagues expressing that they are on their period leave shouldn’t be uncomfortable for us. This is a part of life, and while we don’t fully understand what women go through, we need to trust them when they say they need to Rest this out. I know that menstrual cramps are very painful for a lot of women – and we have to support them through it if we want to build a truly collaborative culture at Zomato,” the note by the founder added. 

Zomato introduces ‘period leave’ for menstruating employees

The lesser-known beautiful rock caves in India That Are a Must Visit

The lesser-known beautiful rock caves in India That Are a Must Visit

The lesser-known beautiful rock caves in India That Are a Must Visit.

India is known for its historical heritage. The rock caves of India contribute a lot to the cultural and historical heritage of the region. It also shows the influence of religious practices in that particular region. But not all of the rock caves in India are known to the citizens. we have heard of the Ellora and the Ajanta caves, the Bhimbetka caves, and the Badami caves, but there are more magnificent rock caves which can marvel any traveller with its architectural wonders. Here is a list of lesser known yet beautiful rock caves in India:

1) Saspol Caves, Ladakh

Located in the Saspol hills of Ladakh in Kashmir, the Saspol rock caves are on of the lesser known rock caves in India. These rock caves date back to 15th century AD and depicts Buddhist cave paintaings. THe saspol caves have five temples, but only in two we can explicity see the Buddhist cave paintings depicting the tanntric sect of Buddhism. The rest cave paintaings are in ruins. Currently, the caves are under restoration and under the adminstration of Likr Monastery.

2) Bedse Caves, Pune

Located in the Maval taluka of Pune district, the BEdse caves have been carved out of the hills in the Sahyadri range. The are the lesser known Buddhist rock caves in Maharashtra which dates back to the 1st century BC. The caves were built under the rule of the Satvahana dynasty. There are two main caves  with 11 smaller caves. The caves face the eastern side so that the beautiful sculptures are adorned with rays of the sun. THe 7th cave has the chaitya or the prayer hall. This has a verandah adorned with intricated columns of animal sculptures, while the walls are decorated with latic e work. THe vihara in cave 11 has vaulted roofs. 

3) Dungeshwari Cave Temples, Bihar 

Located 12 km from the sacred town of Bodh Gaya, the dungeshwari cave Temples are lesser known Buddhist shrines in India. In these cave temples, Buddha supposedly meditated, and while attaining enlightenment , he became fatigued ,and was offered food by a poor woman named Sujata.  After which he  learnt that near extreme self-torture or self-indulgence leads the way to the path of enlightenment.  there needs to be a balance, and this subtle balance is called nirvana. There are two shrines which showcase a golden statue of buddha in penance , and the other  depicts a large Buddhist statue. The caves have a tranquil atmosphere and there is also a idol of the Hindu goddess Dungeshwari inside the cave.

4) Mawsmai Caves, Meghalaya

The rock caves are one ofthe natural caves located near the Bangladesh border. It is lesser known, but it is worth a visit as it offers adventure in its natural geographical location. THe caves are lighted and the stalgamite formations add to its beauty. The caves are roomy with broad passages and entrances but has narrow and tiny exits where one has to crawl their way out. 

5) Jogimara and Sita Bengra Caves, Chhattisgarh

Located in the  Sarguja district in Chhattisgarh, these caves have a beautiful natural environment adjacent to its location. To reach the caves, one has to pass through a natural tunnel, known as Hathipol. According to mythologies, the caves became a residence for Ram, sita, and Lakxman during their period of exiles. THe caves are adorned with the inscriptions and images from the ancient times.

The rock caves in India are the hidden gems for travelers who have a passion for history and archaeology. If you are an ardent traveler, do visit these caves the next time.

IITians innovation to cure menstrual cramps naturally

IITians innovation to cure menstrual cramps naturally

IITians innovation to cure menstrual cramps naturally.

People say that India is a country where our population is the biggest hindrance to economic growth. On the contrary, we have the youngest minds which have the potential to generate innovations in any sector if there is any investment on their ideas.

Today, most students want to join the IITs in order to graduate with a prestigious degree and a heavy job package. But we forget that these institutions are one of the hubs of innovation engineering. Although the growth is slow, we are getting there slowly.

There is a sudden growth of  social entrepreneurship in India. Somebody is founding one way to contribute to the problems of the society. Be it in Health , education, and livelihood, new technology is coming up. 

One of the biggest innovations India saw in the domain of women’s health was the creation of the affordable pad making machine by Murugathan Arunachalam . It made the sanitary napkins accessible to the women from low income families.  

India is considered to be one of the countries which has a high level of stigma and taboo on menstrual health. It is not discussed openly and is hushed about. Even with making pads accessible to women, the other problems that women face during the menstrual cycle. 

One of the most painful things most women go through is the menstrual cramp. Women are told to be strong about and with the taboo of periods it is not discussed. Menstrual cramps lead to disturbance in daily activities. Women generally pop painkillers or rely on home remedies to reduce the pain of menstrual cramps, but none of them help to give long term relief.

Till now there has been no innovation to cure menstrual cramps or understand the problem. But just on the International Women’s Day,  two boys from IIT Delhi decide to find a solution to this pressing issue. 

Introducing the natural roll-on  for period cramps, Sanfe. This product was designed by two third year BTEch students :  Archit Agarwal and Harry Shekhawat under the guidance of  their professor, Dr Srinivasan Ventakaram.

Whenever a new product launches in the market, the question pops up : What is the cost?, Is it safe?, etc 

The Sanfe period cramps relieving roll-on  is made from a combination of natural essential oils. It has cool-heat therapeutic way to relieve menstrual cramps region. It first cools the area and then generates heat to relieve the uterine muscles.  The product has medically tested and has gained the approval of FDA and other medical associations. It is also affordable as the 10 ml bottle of the roll-on costs about RS 169 and can last upto 3 menstrual cycles. 

These women entrepreneurs have also created the Sanfe stand and pee cup which helps women to stand and urinate in the cup like men rather than sitting on a dirty public toilet and contract Urinary Tract Infection.

Medical reports have said that most women take a day off during the first day of their periods due to menstrual cramps. Some organisations allow first day of period leave, but rather than avoiding the problem, these duo  from IITD have a found a solution to empower the women during the menstrual cycle.

Menstrual cramps are natural and one cannot control them. But why should every woman have to stay quiet and tolerate it in silence?  Innovations such as Safe is what the women of India need today.

Yoga poses to beat menstrual cramps

Yoga poses to beat menstrual cramps

Yoga poses to beat menstrual cramps.

Menstrual cramps are the worst enemies. Your body creates a personal hell. Women during such times often become recluse. Period cramps can make your body feel weak. It also makes your daily routine go for a toss. Your body becomes stiff with muscular spasms. You can always reduce the pain through hot water bags and pain killers.

But the best way to beat menstrual cramps is through exercising. Exercising is your savior during periods. It releases the pain killing hormones- serotonin and endorphins. This alleviates your menstrual cramps. But often your body might be sore to go for a jog or a run. Do not fret. There  is also yoga. Yoga has a positive effect on your body during period cramps. Yoga helps to increase the flexibility of muscles and also clear your mind from the thought of pain. These yoga poses will help you to beat menstrual cramps

# The corpse pose

Image result for corpse pose

This pose helps you to get rid of back and neck pain. It is useful for reducing period cramps. The pose helps to support the muscles in your stomach area. Start the pose by sitting cross-legged. Slowly lie down with your hands on the side of your hips. You will feel  the stretch in your thigh muscles and the spine. Hold this position for a while and you will feel the slow release of hormones. This helps to relax your uterine muscles

# Child’s pose

Related image

This resting pose in yoga classes helps you to alleviate a lot of health problems. It helps you to get rid of bad posture and ensures proper alignment of the spine. The child’s pose help to increase muscle contractions in the uterus and reduce cramps.  Get down on a kneeling position, resting your legs on the thighs, then lean forward. Hold the pose for a minute. This helps to relax your muscles. Take deep breaths before repeating the pose.

# The arched pigeon

Image result for arched pigeon

This pose is excellent for build the body’s flexibility and loosen your muscles. The pose is almost a half split where one leg is stretched back and the other is bended out in the front, with you leaning forward.  Try to stretch yourself upwards by putting your hands on the floor for support. You will feel a stretch on your stomach and hip muscles. Take long deep breathes. You will feel your uterine muscles stretching  and the release of endorphins to relief the pain.

# Supine Twist

Related image

This yoga pose helps in eliminating toxins and refresh your visceral organs. Lie on your back and move one leg in bending L shaped position. This helps to stretch your thigh muscles and ease the period cramps.

# Cat-Cow pose

Related image

This position makes your body more active. This is essential for warming up your body. The abdominal muscles are stretched in this position. The pose in beneficial for flow of hormones and maintaining body coordination.

The body requires to be smoothened from pain during periods. Yoga holistically helps to clean your body out of toxins and also divert your attention from pain. Regular practice of yoga helps you to beat menstrual cramps

Mc Mastaan Drops Bharosa Music Video Dropped by Dropout

Mc Mastaan Drops Bharosa Music Video Dropped by Dropout

Most Wanted Records – a division of Sippy Media LLP, is working hard to dig out and discover the Real Organic Talent . Back to back Mostwanted Record is hammering their crowd by dropping their new Music Video Releases. Their search for raw talent of HipHop is consistently growing as per the efforts of label heads, Shehzad Sippy , Shantanu Shakahari & Knine. Whereas, Dropout Media is a helping hand to provide vision to their ideas which can be seen from their Music Videos.
After the Successfull Release of the Banger track VISHAMA by Dopeadelicz, Mostwanted has released their new track BHAROSA which is wriiten and performed by Mc Mastaan , who is An Artist of Most Wanted Record Label.
The title of the song itself indicates and describes that the song is all about trust.

In this world full of fakeness, no one is trustworthy – says Mc Mastaan.

Dropout Media team has played their vital role to provide a vision to his feelings and expressed his emotions by their outstanding music video. This wasn’t possible without the teamwork . The team behind this project are as follows.
Director – Shubham Dolas
DOP – Jordan & Hardik
Music – Blurface
Publicity Designs – Ganesh Nagwe
Editor – Bhavesh & Hardik
And the whole Production Managed by Saurabh Sharma aka Prince.

Mc Mastaan Drops Bharosa
Music Video Dropped by Dropout

Dropout’s next Music Video for Shambho Rapper with Smita & Pushkar

Dropout’s next Music Video for Shambho Rapper with Smita & Pushkar

Industry ko Laya Maine Underground me, Industry bana ab ye underground hai – says Divine (GullyGang)

Dropout takeover with Shambho , Smita Gondkar & Pushkar Jog.

Shambho, India’s Leading Marathi Rapper, widely known for his rap songs in the hip-hop Industry. He with his team coming up with his new song Man Soona, Starring Pushkar Jog & Smita Gondkar (Film Actors & Bigboss Marathi 1), Music by the award-winning Music Producer Aakash Ravikrishnan and Shot by Dropout Media Company.

Dropout's next Music Video for Shambho Rapper with Smita & Pushkar

The Official poster of this song has been officially released on their social media, designed by – Ganesh Nagwe. It’s a heart touching song by Shambho Rapper and Singer Keval Walanj. Everyone played their role in this song and did their best for it. Actors such as Smita Gondkar ( Pappi De Parula Song) & Pushkar Jog (BBM1) came up for this song and joined their hands with Dropout Media. Already a couple of photos of Pushkar & Smita had gone viral amongst the Marathi channels and people have excitement to know more about it. We hope the upcoming teaser and the full Music Video will definitely satisfy their fans. This Music video of this song has been shot in nature’s beauty. The backbone team of this song is as follows –
Director – Shubham Dolas
Dop – Pankaj, Jordan , Hardik
Makeup Artist – Tania Pacheco
Editor – Hardik Ranavshe
Casting Director & Production & Artist Manager – Saurabh Sharma aka Prince.
The team has taken their best efforts for the success of this song. Without teamwork, this was difficult to do all.
This poster has already excited people for the teaser & final video, Now let’s just wait for the same, Meanwhile, let’s just share this poster and support Independent Music & Artist.

Dropout’s next Music Video for Shambho Rapper with Smita & Pushkar



The Covid-19 pandemic has turned our lives upside down, but it looks like Sachin Vashist is utilizing its every second in creating quality content to provide wholesome entertainment to the audience. The actor is gearing up for the appearance in Hindi and Haryanavi songs, in their respective music videos.

 Moreover, the shoot of the Crime Thriller Web Series under Maurya Films, he is a part of, is undergoing. Directed by Suresh Jain, titled Dastak the shooting is going full speed. Since the first day of the shoot, the actor himself has been regularly sharing updates on his Instagram handle @itssachinofficial with a large number of 150k followers. The role of a police inspector which was never played by him before is going to be essayed by him.
According to sources, he is also expected to jump into the preparations of a feature film based on social issues by AG groups. For the knowledge of the huge fan following the actor earned in a short span of time, he is playing the male lead in all three ventures.


Talking to us about it, Sachin said, “The lead actor in any project has to shoulder big responsibilities. Therefore, it is important for an actor especially in a prominent role to devote his heart and soul to his character because after all, he is the one who enjoys most of the screen space.” While the actor is very happy and excited for his upcoming ventures this year, he quotes in a candid conversation with us that being a school student he never thought of becoming an actor, rather his dream was to become an engineer. But as it is said that the fate of a raindrop is decided by the place where it falls, the destiny eventually leads him towards acting. 

The heartthrob of youth went on to narrate his story. He said, “One must have patience and wait for the right time and opportunity. I have no big plans for retirement, and neither I dream of becoming a billionaire, rather I feel that it is better to stay and enjoy your present instead of making unnecessary plans for future because the future is unpredictable.”
A source close to Sachin tells us that, he uses music as an outlet and it comes from a very personal and intimate space.

In his recent interview, he broke the news about his role models from the film industry who are none other than the perfectionist of the Hindi Film Industry, Mr. Aamir Khan, and the versatile actor Late Mr. Irrfan. When asked about, is that the reason how he matured in facing the camera, he laughingly remarks, “ I have become quite a camera-friendly over the years, whether still or video shoot and have started understanding the technical terms of shooting along with how much reaction to give in the given time. Now, I am more subtle in terms of my expressions than showing it all out there.”


Karishma Tanna wins Khatron Ke Khiladi 2020

Karishma Tanna wins Khatron Ke Khiladi 2020

Karishma Tanna wins Khatron Ke Khiladi 2020

Hosted by Rohit Shetty, Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 aired its finale on Sunday on Colors. Karishma Tanna beat Karan Patel and Dharmesh Yelande to lift the trophy of the adventure reality show. She also took home a car and Rs 20 lakh as a cash prize.

The tenth season of the reality show was filmed in Bulgaria in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the finale was shot just a few days ago in Mumbai. Rohit Shetty shared a photo from the finale shoot on Instagram. He shared it with the caption, “They say, ‘Time stops for no one’ … but somehow, this year has ended up halting the things we had planned. Shot the season finale of Khatron Ke Khiladi, season 10 in Mumbai today, exactly a year after shooting the first episode in Bulgaria. I guess, in times like these, we should trust our destiny… for its plan could be better than ours! Feels strange, but as they also say ‘This too, shall pass’!!!”

This year, Khatron Ke Khiladi started with ten contestants. Apart from the finalists, the other contestants were Shivin Narang, Tejasswi Prakash, Adaa Khan, Amruta Khanvilkar, RJ Malishka, and Rani Chatterjee. Tejasswi had to quit the show mid-way due to an eye injury.

Karishma Tanna wins Khatron Ke Khiladi 2020

Karishma Tanna wins Khatron Ke Khiladi 2020

Karishma Tanna was announced the winner of Khatron Ke Khiladi 10. Karishma took the trophy and Maruti Suzuki Swift home. Karishma won the show, while Karan Patel was the first runner-up and Dharmesh Yelande was the second runner-up of the show. Karishma was the first one to enter the finale by defeating Balraj Syal in the task on Saturday on KKK10.

Karishma Tanna performed the finale stunt in less time in comparison to Karan Patel and Dharmesh Yelande. Dharmesh might have taken more than two minutes to complete the stunt but there was only eight seconds difference between Karan and Karishma.

Speaking about her journey and her win, Karishma Tanna said, “Khatron Ke Khiladi has been an incredible journey for me. I have never experienced so much adventure and thrill in my life. As I lifted the trophy, the extraordinary journey and our good times spent in Bulgaria flashed in front of my eyes. I would like to thank my co-contestants and Rohit Shetty for giving me strength and motivating me to overcome my fears. Khatron Ke Khiladi has taught me a lot, and this experience will stay with me forever.

Loka in the shoes & Dropout on the Shoot

Loka in the shoes & Dropout on the Shoot

Loka in the shoes & Dropout on the Shoot

Loka, an underground HipHop Artist particularly known for his Back to Back Banger Rap songs. Also widely known as Splitsvilla X2 contestant has overcome with his blasting Banger song “Punjab ki Billo Aur Main Bombay se Billa” today afternoon. The Official Music Video has been already released on his youtube channel which is Shot by DROPOUT MEDIA and the whole production has been set up by Dropout Team.

In this period of lockdown, earlier Loka released this same song on his channel with an unofficial video that won the hearts of people and crossed 1.8 Million views which were also edited by Team Dropout Media. Now, when this song started getting viral among the celebrities, people started demanding an official video of this song as they wanted to see Loka in the official video. This song mainly got viral on Tiktok when it wasn’t banned but now has been gone viral on Insta Music & Youtube.

It was the need for a situation that Loka has to come up with the Official Music video for the same on the public demand and request of his fans. In this period, Loka planned his indoor shoot with all safety and precautions following Stay Home Policy with his own Production Dropout Media who is standing and supporting him since Day 1. This video has been shot being indoors featuring the Hottest Model from Mumbai “ISHAA VAIDYA”. This song is the new version in which the Music is given by the Award Winning Beat Producer – Aakash Ravikrishnan & Xtacy and the official video is SHOT BY DROPOUT MEDIA with its team including
Director – Shubham Dolas
DOP – Jordan & Hardik
Editor – Bhavesh & Prashant
Are the details as provided by the Manager of Dropout Media, Mr. Saurabh Sharma aka Prince. Now, this song is officially available on all Music platforms including Insta Music. Hopefully, this video will fulfill the demands of his fans and people will surely wait for his next upcoming Banger JORDAN SHOES for which Loka officially announced the release date of 4th August 2020.

Pharmacy startup Zeno Health raises $25 million in funding round led by STIC Investments

Pharmacy startup Zeno Health raises $25 million in funding round led by STIC Investments

Zeno Health, which runs a chain of generic medicine-focussed pharmacies, has raised $25 million from investors led by Korean private equity firm STIC Investments.

Existing investor Lightbox Ventures was a significant participant in the Series C funding round

Mumbai-based Lightbox had first put money into Zeno Health in 2019. So far, it has deployed $25 million into the company and holds 30% equity in the firm, Lightbox Ventures founding partner Sandeep Murthy told ET.

Mumbai-based Zeno Health, earlier known as Generico, was founded by IIT Bombay alumni Siddharth Gadia and Girish Agarwal in 2017. It primarily sells generic medicines through a brand called Goodaid. It also offers franchisee of a pharmacy network under the brand of Zeno Health, apart from selling medicines online, all in Maharashtra.

“In the last 18 months, Zeno Health has managed to both improve its gross margins by focusing on helping people buy medicines that it brands, as well as scale the network of pharmacies,” Murthy told ET. “It demonstrates that it is a business that is actually going to be profitable, which allows it to attract capital.”

Zeno Health cofounder Agarwal said, “This funding round is a significant milestone in our quest to revolutionise healthcare. The infusion of capital will enable us to accelerate our efforts in reaching more communities and making a positive impact on healthcare accessibility.” Zeno Health said the latest capital infusion will help it expand its consumer base and footprint, and enhance its technological infrastructure.

Derrick (Kihyun) Yun, managing director of STIC, said, “Zeno Health has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to reshaping the healthcare landscape in India. Their vision aligns with our values, and we look forward to contributing to their journey towards making quality healthcare accessible across India.” Other India-based investments of STIC include quick commerce startup Dunzo and agritech startup Ninjacart.

Zeno Health operates 180 omnichannel stores and a network of 200 micro-franchises. It has a team of more than 530 pharmacists to help with prescription medicines for chronic and recurring diseases, as well as non-prescription goods for general health, well-being and personal care. So far, the startup has served 25 lakh consumers.

MBA ESG Pune Empowers Students for Global Careers with Innovative Programs and International Opportunities

MBA ESG Pune Empowers Students for Global Careers with Innovative Programs and International Opportunities

Pune, 27th February: In the rapidly evolving job markets, where technology and disruptions are constantly transforming industries, new career opportunities are regularly taking shape across high-potential sectors. MBA ESG, a premier French business school, carrying a rich legacy of 35 years is taking the lead in this direction. With its campuses in Pune and Bengaluru, it is readying students for the future with specialized MBA programs, making them resilient and giving them a competitive edge in a dynamic landscape.

Bringing students to the forefront of a competitive job market, and enhancing their employability at the global level, the specially curated programs offered at MBA ESG’s Pune campus are meticulously designed, incorporating international opportunities for students and drawing from the expertise of professionals across various sectors. The premier business school’s Pune campus is offering specialized MBA programs that equip students with the knowledge, skills, and expertise required in high-growth sectors. For instance, in this technology-driven era, its MBA in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is crafted to provide both non-specialists and specialists with accessible knowledge, empowering them to excel in these rapidly evolving fields. This comprehensive approach ensures graduates are well-prepared to become leading experts and professionals in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

In addition to domain-specific knowledge in high-growth sectors, students get a chance to enhance their international competitiveness by receiving global exposure through a curriculum designed by French faculty, with over 20% taught by international faculty. A two-week Paris immersion trip enriches their international experience and allows them to interact with international peers and industry experts. Furthermore, MBA ESG actively assists students in building a robust network with industry stakeholders through projects, guest lectures, and industrial visits and gain valuable hands-on experience. This approach ensures they are equipped with the right skills, knowledge, and industry-specific insights both at the national and international levels.

Elaborating on the need for specialized MBA programs, Mr. Anup Sasidharan, Managing Director of MBA ESG India, said, “There is an increase in demand for specialized MBA professionals, especially in areas experiencing significant growth and changes, such as artificial intelligence, which is creating enormous opportunities. To tap into the potential of these sectors and prepare students for the future, our courses offered at Pune campus are meticulously designed to meet the evolving requirements of such industries, supporting students in higher education for career advancement. By offering a holistic education experience with practical industry exposure and international perspectives, we ensure that graduates are well-equipped for success in their careers.”

About MBA ESG Pune –

MBA ESG Pune campus offers a unique dual credential degree program, granting students a distinct competitive edge in their careers. By receiving a certificate from MBA ESG, Paris, along with an MBA degree from Ajeenkya DY Patil University, students benefit from a comprehensive educational experience. This holistic approach ensures students gain comprehensive knowledge, international exposure, and industry recognition, signifying MBA ESG’s commitment to enhancing students’ employability for career success in a dynamic global landscape.

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Introduces World’s First – Aqueous Vitamin D Injection

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Introduces World’s First – Aqueous Vitamin D Injection

Cadila Pharmaceuticals announced the launch of the world’s first aqueous formulation of cholecalciferol, setting a new benchmark in the treatment of Vitamin D deficiency. This ground-breaking innovation demonstrates superior pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) compared to traditional oil-based cholecalciferol preparations available in the market.

Vitamin D deficiency is a major health concern globally, contributing significantly to the outcomes of various diseases. Cadila Pharmaceuticals’ innovative aqueous cholecalciferol injection offers a unique solution with rapid correction of Vitamin D deficiency in a short span of time. This breakthrough not only enhances the efficacy of treatment, but also ensures a painless and easy administration process, marking a significant advancement in patient care.

This innovation demonstrates superior pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) compared to traditional oil-based cholecalciferol preparations available in the market, the release added.

Dr Rajiv I. Modi, Chairman and Managing Director, Cadila Pharmaceuticals, said, “Our commitment to innovation and patient centric research to bridge the gap in areas of unmet medical need has driven the development of this ground-breaking aqueous cholecalciferol injection. We believe this advancement will redefine the landscape of Vitamin D deficiency treatment and ensure better treatment outcomes.”

Amber Secures USD 21 Million Funding Led by Gaja Capital for Global Expansion

Mr. Saurabh Goel, CEO & Co-Founder and Mr. Madhur Gujar, CBO & Co-Founder

Leading student accommodation platform Amber has successfully raised USD 21 million, with Gaja Capital leading the investment. The company, founded in 2017 by Saurabh Goel and Madhur Gujar, plans to utilize the fresh capital to fuel its global expansion and enhance offerings for both property managers and students.

Startup Story exclusively reported on their funding aspirations during the founders’ story in 2023.

With over 1 million beds listed on its platform, Amber has positioned itself as a major player in the student accommodation sector across seven countries: UK, US, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Germany, and Spain. The company’s commitment to simplifying the housing process for students globally involves providing verified listings, a seamless booking experience with virtual property tours, and expert assistance, leading to rapid and profitable growth.

Saurabh Goel, CEO of Amber says, “At Amber, we have been deeply obsessed with solving the house-hunting process, starting with students. Having experienced this first-hand, we noticed a significant gap in the customer experience for a need as “fundamental” as housing. In other sectors we have seen technology-led disruption, but surprisingly the house-hunting process remains archaic. In the last few years, our team has leveraged technology and effective execution to scale well beyond PMF, and that too profitably. This round further strengthens our mission to provide an even better experience, expand to newer geographies and unlock growth levers for the next 10x”.

Amber is a long-term accommodation platform that provides students from more than 50 countries with a seamless booking experience in more than 250 cities around the world. Amber has become the partner of choice for students and property managers in its markets. More than 1 million students visit Amber’s platform monthly on its website and mobile apps. In addition to its student-centric offerings, the company has developed an AI-based dynamic pricing engine and dashboard tools to help property managers streamline operations and maximise revenue.

Gopal Jain, Managing Partner, Gaja Capital says, “Amber exemplifies a unique combination of tech-driven scale, high growth, profitability, and capital efficiency that is exceedingly rare in today’s market. Global increase in student enrolments underpinned by a long-term study abroad trend is fuelling the organized student housing market. We are deeply impressed by Amber team’s ability to solve a critical pain point for both students and property managers. Saurabh and Madhur have built a truly global business out of India, and we are glad to partner with them as they work towards expansion into newer markets and deepening their offerings for students and property managers.”

Millions of students go for higher education every year across the developed world and spend around half of their non-tuition student expenses on housing. Amber’s mission statement is to simplify housing for students by eliminating broker negotiations and streamlining tedious paperwork and payment processes. The company provides an integrated and seamless ‘discovery to transaction journey’ for students with user ratings, reviews, price transparency, virtual property tours and guided end-to-end booking journey through an integrated platform. Additionally, its “amber+” offering streamlines the pre and post move-in journey, helping students with loans, discounts on flight bookings and guarantor services.

Lighthouse Canton and Stride also participated in the funding. The Rainmaker Group acted as the exclusive financial advisor on this transaction.

24 US VC firms investing in beauty and skincare

24 US VC firms investing in beauty and skincare

The beauty industry experienced remarkable growth in recent years, peaking in 2021 with an unprecedented 358 deals and $3.12 billion in venture capital raised. However, investment in beauty declined in 2022, with the number of VC deals dropping to 283 and total funding amounting to $1.41 billion. Nevertheless, the allure of the beauty sector remains strong for venture capital firms and investors, fueled by the industry’s overall expansion and its utilization of technology and social media to drive sales.

The beauty industry landscape

The beauty industry has evolved from a concentration of traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, controlled by a handful of cosmetics manufacturers, to smaller ecommerce businesses dominating the landscape with all-natural and customizable products sold directly to consumers.

Consumer demand has paved the way for an increase in sustainable, cruelty-free, natural, and organic beauty-centered product lines. Startups responding to the growing prevalence of health and sustainability as a lifestyle and personal value include Gwen Stefani’s GXVEGreen Forest Wellness and Brown Girl Jane. Companies like Prose and Ellis Brooklyn are meeting the demand for more personalized fragrances, skin care, and makeup products tailored to meet individual consumer needs and preferences. Subscription-based beauty boxes like IpsyBirchbox and Fab Bag continue to flourish, too.

Top US VC firms investing in beauty and skincare

500 Global

Founded in 2010, 500 Global—formerly called 500 Startups—is an accelerator and VC firm headquartered in San Francisco. The firm seeks to make minority seed, early-stage, and later-stage investments in startups across a range of industries. 500 Global has invested in beauty companies dozens of times, including Cairo’s Source Beauty, an ecommerce platform offering beauty products from Egyptian and international brands. The firm has also invested in in Bespoke Post, a subscription-based collection of men’s lifestyle products, and Raw Apothecary.

645 Ventures

Founded in 2013, 645 Ventures is a venture capital firm based in New York. The firm invests in early-stage startups and seeks to invest in software as a service (SaaS), consumer, infrastructure, and security sectors. 645 Ventures invested in Beauty Bakerie, a Black-owned cosmetics company featuring a line of cruelty-free, vegan and long-lasting makeup products wrapped in packaging inspired by baking and desserts. They’ve also invested in Bespoke Post.

BBG Ventures

Founded in 2014, BBG Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm based in New York. The firm makes investments in consumer-focused startups with a female founder and prefers to invest in internet and consumer tech, media, and consumer products sectors. BBG Ventures has invested in RadSwan, a company that offers hair extensions, wigs, and accessories for Black women with natural hair. The firm has also invested in Mented Cosmetics.


Founded in 2015, Beliade (formerly known as M3 Ventures) is an early-stage investment firm based in New York. The firm prefers seed-stage investments and seeks to build relationships with disruptive consumer startups in the US. Beliade participated in the seed round for Isla Beauty, a performance beauty brand that is aiming to blur the lines between skincare and makeup. The firm has also made investments into CeremoniaHeyday, and Kosas.

Brand Foundry Ventures

Founded in 2014, Brand Foundry Ventures is a venture capital firm based in New York. The firm calls itself “a consumer-only venture fund” and prefers to invest in early-stage companies and help them grow into household names. It works to amplify brands through building relationships with micro-influencers. Brand Foundry Ventures has invested in skincare company Starface, which developed a line of hydrocolloid acne stickers intended to help, protect, and heal blemishes.

Cowboy Ventures

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Cowboy Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage enterprise and consumer-oriented startups. Founded in 2012, the firm recently invested in Matter of Fact, a seed-stage skincare company based in Los Angeles. The firm has also made investments in BrandlessNovi and MBX.

Female Founders Fund

Founded in 2013, Female Founders Fund is a venture capital firm based in New York. The firm specializes in startups and early-stage investments and invests in women-led startups operating in ecommerce, IoT, marketplaces, and platforms. The firm has invested in Billie, a lifestyle brand intended to provide consumers with quality shaving supplies and premium body care products.

Forerunner Ventures

Forerunner Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in the ecommerce, software, and retail sectors. It was founded in 2010 and is based in San Francisco. Forerunner Ventures has invested in Curology, an online dermatology service that offers customized skincare treatment plans and products. The firm has also invested in Glossier, Prose, Birchbox, and Dollar Shave Club.

Funk Ventures

Founded in 2000, Funk Ventures is an early-stage impact investing and acceleration firm headquartered in Los Angeles. The firm seeks to invest in the healthcare, wellness, medical technologies, and cleantech sectors based in Southern California. The firm has invested in Every Man Jack, a manufacturer of skincare products designed to offer simple, affordable, and high quality grooming products for men.


Headquartered in Burlington, Vermont, Gaingels is a VC firm that invests in seed-to-growth/pre-IPO companies across the technology, B2B, healthcare, and consumer sectors. Founded in 2014, the firm recently invested in Glitzi, a health and wellness platform that provides beauty and spa services delivered to your doorstep.

Goodwater Capital

Goodwater Capital is a venture capital firm based in Burlingame, California. The firm was founded in 2014 and seeks to invest in early-stage consumer and technology companies. It has invested in Scentbird, a fragrance subscription service designed to revolutionize the way people shop for perfume and cologne.

Harlem Capital Partners

Founded in 2015, Harlem Capital Partners is a venture firm based in New York. The firm prefers to invest in early-stage companies and reserve capital for investments in minority and women founders in the United States. The firm has invested twice in Lumin Skin, a skincare line for men including anti-wrinkle, dark circle, and age management solutions.

Imaginary Ventures

Founded in 2017, Imaginary Ventures is a New York-based venture capital firm that invests in retail and technology across the US and Europe. In June 2023, the firm invested in the seed round of Half Magic, a makeup and accessories brand that offers vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics—including eye paint, lip liners and creams, hair pins, eyebrow brushes, and more. Imaginary Ventures has also invested in Westman Atelier, a startup offering paraben- and sulfate-free, skin-nourishing makeup, and 10Beauty, the manufacturer of home manicure machines.

Innovation Global Capital

Innovation Global Capital is a San Francisco-based venture capital firm that seeks to invest in fashion, beauty, food, and consumer technology. Founded in 2013, the firm has invested in Alchemy 43, an operator of cosmetic injectable clinics intended to bridge the gap between the medical aesthetic and beauty industries. Innovation Global Capital has also invested in organic cosmetic brand Kjaer Weis.

Joyance Partners

Founded in 2012, San Francisco’s Joyance Partners invests in early-stage companies across tech, healthtech, and mobile. In recent years, the firm has invested in Compass Beauty, a precision skincare company. Joyance Partners has also made VC investments in PhylaLuna DailyScent Lab, and other brands.

Khosla Ventures

Menlo Park’s Khosla Ventures is a venture capital firm that makes investments in early- and late-stage companies. Founded in 2004, the firm has invested in NakedPoppy, an online platform that rigorously screens beauty products and maintains a list of known or suspected toxins that are harmful to skin. They also vet and test products to provide curated clean beauty brands.

Lerer Hippeau

Founded in 2010, Lerer Hippeau is a venture capital firm based in New York. The firm seeks to invest in companies operating in the consumer, digital media, ecommerce, emerging tech, and enterprise software sectors. Lerer Hippeau has invested in Prose, a haircare product line that customizes each formula to the customer based on their scalp needs, goals, lifestyle habits, and environmental exposure. The firm has also invested in Heyday, Glossier, and Birchbox.

Redo Ventures

New York’s Redo Ventures was founded in 2017 with the goal of investing in consumer software tech, commerce, media, mobile, advertising, enterprise software tech, and more. The firm has invested in companies such as Alchemy 43 and LOLI Beauty, an organic personal care and beauty brand.

Sekhmet Ventures

Founded in 2019, Sekhmet Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Portola Valley, California. It focuses primarily on investing in companies with science-based products in the beauty and wellness markets. The firm has invested in Codex Beauty Labs, a biotech company that blends the sciences of ethnobotany and plant biology to create beauty products that support the microbiome and provide meaningful skincare. Sekhmet Ventures has also invested into Young King Hair Care.

Short List Capital

Based in San Francisco, Short List Capital is a VC firm that invests in clean beauty, inclusive fashion, functional food, mental health and sustainability, tech, SaaS, and blockchain. The firm has invested in well-known beauty and wellness brands including Goop, Kosas, K18 Biomimetic HairscienceBeautycounter, and others.

Stage 1 Fund

Stage 1 Fund is a venture capital investment firm founded in 2019 and based in Anaheim, California. The firm’s investments are primarily in ecommerce, business, and consumer products and services sectors. In the beauty category, recent investments from Stage 1 Fund have included Ellis Brooklyn, maker of customizable fragrances and moisturizers that are phthalate-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly; and Freck Beauty, which offers products including cactus-based cleansing gels, makeup palettes, eyeliners, and semi-permanent freckle cosmetics.

Sugar Capital

Sugar Capital is a venture capital firm based in San Francisco. Founded in 2020, the firm invests in seed-stage, early-stage, and later-stage companies spanning a wide range of industries from information technology to consumer products. It has invested in Starface, developer of hydrocolloid acne stickers designed to protect and heal blemishes, True Botanicals natural skincare products using ethically sourced vegan ingredients without any toxins or fillers, and Exponent Beauty, maker of fresher beauty products and packaging that prevents the oxidation and degradation of unstable active ingredients.

True Beauty Ventures

Founded in 2020, True Beauty Ventures is an emerging growth investment firm with offices in Miami and New York. The firm focuses exclusively on the beauty, wellness, and personal care industry. True Beauty Ventures has invested in Crown Affair, maker of healthy hair products with compostable packaging; Cay Skin, which makes silicone-free, vegan, cruelty-free, reef-friendly, and dermatologist-tested skin care products; and Kinship, which offers clean and cruelty-free skincare products.

Y Combinator

Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Y Combinator is an accelerator that funds early-stage startups. Founded in 2005 and actively seeking new investments, the firm invested in Function of Beauty—a New York-based beauty brand that offers customized haircare, skincare and bodycare products—in October 2021. Y Combinator has also made investments in Coral, Proven and Scentbird.

Jeff Bezos, Nvidia join OpenAI in funding humanoid robot startup Figure AI

Jeff Bezos, Nvidia join OpenAI in funding humanoid robot startup Figure AI

Figure AI, also backed by ChatGPT-maker OpenAI and Microsoft MSFT.O, is raising about $675 million in a funding round that carries a pre-money valuation of about $2 billion, according to the report.

Tech giants including Amazon, Nvidia, and Microsoft are pouring investments into startup Figure AI, which specialises in creating human-like robots. The venture, also supported by OpenAI and backed by a consortium of investors, is in the midst of securing approximately $675 million in funding, valuing the company at around $2 billion, as reported by Bloomberg.

According to the report, Jeff Bezos, through his firm Explore Investments LLC, has committed $100 million, while Microsoft is injecting $95 million. Nvidia and an Amazon-related fund are each contributing $50 million to the cause. The surge in interest in artificial intelligence startups follows the success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a widely popular chatbot launched in November 2022, prompting investors to explore opportunities in this burgeoning sector.

Despite earlier contemplations of acquisition, OpenAI has opted to invest $5 million in Figure. The company’s support is bolstered by a host of other backers, including Intel’s venture capital arm, LG Innotek, Samsung’s investment group, and venture firms Parkway Venture Capital and Align Ventures.

Furthermore, contributions from ARK Venture Fund, Aliya Capital Partners, and Tamarack underline the broad investor interest in Figure AI. However, when approached for comment, major players such as Amazon, Nvidia, Microsoft, and Intel remained tight-lipped, while Figure AI and other entities mentioned in the report refrained from immediate responses to Reuters’ inquiries.

Figure AI, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, has been making strides in the development of versatile humanoid robots capable of navigating various environments and executing diverse tasks, from warehouse operations to retail functions. In its initial external funding round last year, the company raised $70 million led by Parkway Venture Capital, indicating early confidence in its innovative approach to robotics technology

Byju’s investors vote to remove CEO after ‘rowdy’ Zoom call

Byju’s investors vote to remove CEO after ‘rowdy’ Zoom call

Major investors of embattled edtech firm Byju’s voted to oust founder Byju Raveendran as the chief executive officer (CEO) on Friday after a Zoom call that lasted for hours.

The proceedings of the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), called by major investors of Byju’s, faced delays as several employees of the edtech firm tried to disrupt proceedings, reported Bloomberg news quoting two people who attended.

It was reported that on multiple occasions during the meeting, unidentified participants attempted to disrupt the proceedings by using whistles and other loud noises.

Over 60 per cent of the investors voted for Raveendran’s ouster at the EGM, including Prosus NV and Peak XV Partners, citing mismanagement and other challenges at the edtech company.

Prosus released a statement to confirm that the shareholders passed all the resolutions put forward for a vote. The development comes as a huge blow to the man who was once considered a poster boy of India’s edtech sector.

Not just Raveendran but they also voted to remove his family members from leadership positions at the company.

Byju’s rejects EGM outcome

Byju’s has rejected the resolutions passed by investors during the EGM, including the decision to remove Raveendran from the board of the company.

“The resolutions passed during the recently concluded extraordinary general meeting – attended by a small cohort of select shareholders – are invalid and ineffective,” according to the company statement quoted in a Bloomberg report.

Neither Byju Raveendran nor his family attended the EGM, which they deemed “invalid”.

What happens next?

While major investors have voted for the removal of Byju Raveendran as CEO of the company, it will remain on hold until March 13 as Byju Raveendran had filed a petition against the decision of investors to call for the EGM.

On Wednesday, the Karnataka High Court ruled that any resolutions passed during the EGM would be suspended till the next hearing, but declined to halt proceedings.

Anticipating the outcome of the EGM, Byju’s had already issued a statement.

“The resolutions ratified during the recently held EGM — which saw participation from a select group of shareholders — stand as invalid and non-binding,” Byju’s said.

“The company strongly believes that the enactment of these unenforceable resolutions represents, at best, a challenge to the rule of law,” the company added.

As the situation stands, the fate of Byju Raveendran and his family would depend on the court’s verdict on March 13.

Elon Musk confirm Mail is coming amid rumours of Gmail shutting down take over the internet

Elon Musk confirm Mail is coming amid rumours of Gmail shutting down take over the internet

Elon Musk, the CEO of X (formerly Twitter), has confirmed the imminent launch of Xmail, sparking speculation about its potential to rival Google’s Gmail service. Musk’s announcement came swiftly after rumors of Gmail’s impending shutdown spread like wildfire on the internet.

The confirmation surfaced following a tweet from Nathan McGrady, a senior member of X’s Security Engineering team, who inquired about the launch date of Xmail. Musk promptly responded, confirming that the service is on the horizon, setting the stage for what could be a significant shift in the email service landscape.

The tech community erupted with anticipation as concerns mounted over the fate of Gmail, fueled by a viral post on X that purported to announce the shutdown of Google’s email service. The post, accompanied by a screenshot of an alleged email from Google titled ‘Google is sunsetting Gmail,’ triggered widespread panic and speculation about the future of Gmail.

The purported email claimed that Gmail would cease all operations as of August 1, 2024, discontinuing support for sending, receiving, or storing emails. While the post garnered immense attention, skepticism arose regarding its authenticity, with many questioning its credibility as a legitimate announcement from Google was not out.

Google swiftly addressed the speculations, taking to the X platform to reassure users that Gmail is not facing extinction and is “here to stay.” The company clarified the recent modifications to Gmail’s default view, transitioning from ‘basic HTML’ to a more vibrant interface in January 2024.

Despite Google’s confirmation, the rumors surrounding Gmail’s fate accelerated discussions about email service alternatives, with some expressing interest in trying Xmail as a viable option. One of the users on the social media also expressed his distrust towards Gmail and a readiness to explore alternatives in light of the speculation.

In other related news, Elon Musk, who is also the CEO of SpaceX, recently urged humanity to extend its reach beyond Earth, emphasising the need for a moon base and cities on Mars. Musk expressed his disappointment that half a century has elapsed since the last Moon landing, underscoring the historical significance of the Apollo 11 mission in 1969, which marked the first time humans set foot on the lunar surface.

Reflecting on the achievement of the Apollo 11 mission, Musk noted the rapid progress from the first flight to the Moon landing in just 66 years. However, he highlighted the lack of subsequent lunar attempts over the past 50 years, and conveyed his belief that this should not serve as the pinnacle of human civilization.

Fintech SaaS Startup Signzy Acquires Difenz To Bolster Compliance Solution Offerings

Fintech SaaS Startup Signzy Acquires Difenz To Bolster Compliance Solution Offerings

Fintech SaaS startup Signzy has acquired fraud risk management (FRM) solutions provider Difenz in a cash and equity deal, which valued the latter at $5 Mn. 

In a statement, Signzy said the acquisition would allow it to strengthen its AI play. The startup will now be able to provide AI-led Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance solutions to financial institutions.

Further, the acquisition would help Signzy provide its clients offerings like advanced anti-money laundering (AML) screening and transaction monitoring. 

Founded in 2020 by University of Madras alumni Sivaram Jayaraman and Madhu Srinivas, Difenz offers a full-stack financial risk management (FRM) platform for transaction monitoring, which can be integrated with any type of payment like cards, POS, payment gateways, core banking systems and wallets. 

Following the acquisition, the cofounders of Difenz have been appointed as partners at Signzy. The acquisition also provided an exit to early stage venture capital (VC) firm 8i ventures. The VC firm had invested around INR 4.5 Cr in Difenz’ seed funding round back in 2021.

Commenting on the acquisition, Signzy CEO and cofounder Ankit Ratan said, “Difenz’s product is plug and play, we experienced it first hand when one of our common customers was able to go live within just 2 weeks on their transaction monitoring tool…We couldn’t have wished for a better team to lead this offering.” 

Founded by Ratan, Ankur Pandey, and Arpit Ratan in 2015, Signzy provides digital onboarding solutions to banks and NBFCs via its no-code platform. The startup claims to work with over 240 financial institutions and counts the likes of State Bank of India, Axis Bank, and IndusInd Bank among its customers.

Signzy last raised INR 210 Cr ($26 Mn) in a Series B round led by Gaja Capital. Overall, it has raised more than $37 Mn till date and counts the likes of Vertex Ventures and Arkam Ventures among its backers.

“….This partnership aims to enhance clientele experience by facilitating end-to-end customer journey management, enabling clients to concentrate on their core business activities,” Srinivas said on the acquisition. 

The development comes at a time when the number of mergers and acquisitions in the Indian startup ecosystem slumped to 123 deals in 2023 from over 200 in the previous year due to the ongoing funding winter.

Earlier this year, Kunal Shah’s CRED acquired Kuvera, while troubled fintech giant Paytm acquired Bitsila. DMI Group also acquired troubled fintech startup ZestMoney.

LordsMed launches set of 10 biochemistry reagents

LordsMed launches set of 10 biochemistry reagents

The company will manufacture these reagents at its manufacturing facility in Maharashtra and make these reagents available to pathological labs, hospitals, and research institutes through its pan-India distribution network of over 300 dealers. Lord’s Med will use the reagents in its chain of pathological labs as well.

Mumbai: LordsMed has launched a set of 10 world-class reagents for triglycerides, uric acid, alkaline phosphatase, bilirubin, calcium (Arsenazo III), creatinine, glucose, serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase (SGOT)/aspartate aminotransferas, serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase (SGPT), alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and total protein.

These reagents come with 99.7 per cent accuracy, the highest level of sensitivity, a shelf-life of 24 months, unique packaging, and competitive price points. The company has filed India patents for these reagents, which will strengthen the preventive healthcare mechanism for critical diseases.

The company will manufacture these reagents at its manufacturing facility in Maharashtra and make these reagents available to pathological labs, hospitals, and research institutes through its pan-India distribution network of over 300 dealers. LordsMed will use the reagents in its chain of pathological labs as well.

The company has plans to export the reagent to key global markets. LordsMed aims to generate revenue by supplying these reagents pan-India and within SAARC, African, and Eastern European countries in global markets within a couple of years.

Commenting on the launch, Sachidanand Upadhyay, MD & CEO, Lord’s Mark Industries Ltd, said, “The demand for affordable and quality reagent in India is growing steadily on the back of prevalence of chronic and infectious diseases, growing awareness of importance of diagnostic intervention and the benefits of preventive healthcare.”

LordsMed has its manufacturing facility at Vasai, and the company is currently in the final stage of establishing its second and third manufacturing facilities in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, and Silvassa, Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli, respectively.