Brodha V’s New Single ‘Aaraam’ Crosses 3 Million Hits on YouTube Just Five Days Into Release


Vighnesh Shivanand, popularly known as Brodha V has released a new Kannada single ‘Aaraam‘ (relaxed), the single has garnered 3 million views already on YouTube. This will be his second single since his successful debut, a modern contemporary rendition of the Upendra classic Maari Kannu two years ago. The track released officially on 18th February on all major music streaming services and the video is available on YouTube.

Brodha V – Aaraam

Brodha V is a hip hop artist, the artist also collaborated with the Jordindian on the beloved track ‘Vainko‘ which has over 1.3 crore views on YouTube. Born in Tamil Nadu, Brodha V is a Bangalore based artist who prides himself in his Kannada roots. He is widely hailed as one of the best rappers in the up and coming hip hop industry and is keen on creating his foothold in the Kannada music industry.

On the release of the track he says “Aaraam is something that I live by. I consider being calm as my superpower. No matter how many hurdles, being calm throughout helps me think straight and overcome them effectively. The song is about not giving into pressure or stress or letting it take over your life. Its about taking pride in being yourself, being who you are and what you do. The relevance of Aaram to me is also because of my affinity towards the Kannada language. I want my song to reach all audiences regardless of age, gender or language preference.”

The catchy number will not only have you tapping your feet, it also brings to light Brodha V’s finesse and talent. The artist highlights on his journey in the industry and how he has beaten all odds to stay on top of the game, Brodha V is effortless and means business in this track. “Aaraam” is an answer to all of Brodha V’s critics who questioned his authenticity and position in the Kannada music industry, and is surely to be on its way to becoming the next big Kannada hip-hop anthem. “Aaraam” establishes Brodha V’s raw talent and positions him as a bonafide rapper, musical talent and force to be reckoned with. The track is ready to stream & listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Gaana, Saavn and Wynk Music.


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