Budget Reactions from Mr.Sachidanand Upadhyay Ceo and Md Lordsmark Industries Limited

LordsMark Industries Launches Bio-Chemistry Reagents For Advanced Diagnostics

We’re optimistic about the government’s forward-thinking healthcare initiatives announced in the budget. The proactive emphasis on preventive measures and the extension of health coverage to frontline workers underscores a genuine commitment to community well-being. This holistic approach is exemplified by the streamlined maternal and child healthcare programmes, showcasing a dedication to impactful and inclusive health services.

The proposal to enhance medical education infrastructure reflects a forward-thinking strategy to address healthcare workforce challenges. We commend the accelerated efforts to improve nutrition and early childhood care through the upgrade of Anganwadi centers, aligning seamlessly with our holistic well-being mission. The introduction of advanced platforms for immunization management and the intensification of vaccination programs signals a commitment to leveraging technology for widespread healthcare impact, and, we eagerly look forward to actively contributing to these progressive initiatives.


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