Business is All About Social Commitment and Positivity: New Age Entrepreneur Aarti Saxena


Attaining success definitely adds a great meaning to life, and what if the success you get is at a very young age. Aarti Saxena is working for married women, differently able persons as well as old aged individuals who are not considered fit for a professional working environment.

Aarti Saxena

Society needs more and more of entrepreneurs to add employment but most soulful act of a new age entrepreneur is not only getting the educated, capable and talented individuals to be part of organization but also, they should be sensitive enough to understand that it’s very important to utilize the service of people who are not considered to be much efficient for a job. Aarti Saxena is one individual who has not just started out being an entrepreneur to generate profit and utilize an efficient workforce, but her broader mindset also is very much inclined towards creating an employment scenario.

Aarti started out her three startup companies only last year, in an extremely difficult pandemic situation when many companies shut their business. She took a step of starting three startup companies in a hard hitting situation that needs to be applauded. Aarti whos aged only 24 years is founder of three companies namely Aartzy Infotech, Aartzy Advisory And Consulting and Aartzy Entertainment and Films.

Her IT company is in the business of making education software for schools, colleges and malls. Her software enables a telephonic conversation between parents and teachers. She has been much inspired by the success module of online education. Her second venture Aartzy Advisory and Consulting is soon going to provide Internet and other IT related services to reputed organizations. Entertainment is another aspect for which she is much inclined and is in process to start to make music videos and web series. She started singing and acting when she was a kid, also got selected in Saregamapa Lil Champs when she was 14 years old, then got selected for serials, TV Shoots, Video Songs, commercial Ads, short movies and she is also a winner of Miss India Apsara.

She would be targeting small town talented individuals who have big dreams of being star in future. She is planning to audition for this purpose in small towns. She also runs a trust, Help Everyone Foundation through which she helps out old aged people, street children as well as children living in orphanage. Her vision is to take her company on the stock market. She has the zeal and attitude to become the next famous and inspiring young billionaire of India.


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