CBD oil: The remedy to PMS

CBD oil : The remedy to PMS

CBD  oil : The remedy to PMS

The days of the menstrual cycle are dreading for many women.  It is a war that women fight on both a physical and emotional level. There is a total discomfort in the body. Headaches and bloating persists along with  heavy menstrual cramps. The pelvic muscles are constricted and your body feels sore. This leads to lethargy and inactivity. However, the biggest problem is PMS- Pre Menstrual Syndrome. The PMS monster causes the headaches and the mood swings. 

Most health experts suggest that with a healthy diet and lifestyle habits, periods can be totally pain and pms free. But that is not always  the case. Even with exercising and healthy veggie eating, the PMS still persists.  Today, the experts have come with a new solution to PMS through the usage of CBD oil.

The Cannibis or the CBD oil is obtained from marijuana or the hemp plant. This medicine does not have any psychological affects. It is also sfae for the women to use. The use of CBD oil goes back to ancient China, where it was prescribed  by the healers to the women with menstrual cramps.  

The CBD oil has anti-inflammatory features. Hence, during menstrual cramps, usage of CBD oil helps to reduce inflammation which causes the pain. 

The CBD oil is has great pain relieving properties and acts a s a muscle relaxer. If you consume or massage with it in the lower abdominal region. This leads to relaxing those muscles and relieving of the cramps. 

During the menstrual cycle, the PMS  causes headaches, bloating , and sore breasts. Every woman goes through different PMS symptoms. The PMS can be caused by genetic factors . But more than anything stress is one of the biggest factors of PMS. The CBD oil is a good muscle relaxer and can be used to relieve stress.

The CBD oil can also be used for curing headaches and migraines which occur during the menstrual cycle. CBD oil usage in appropriate ratio can alleviate these problems of PMS.

The last problem of PMS is the persistence of mood swings. Mood swings occur during the luteal phase of the cycle. Rather than taking anti-depressant, CBD oil is safer.  The CBD oil is useful to cure anxiety and stress disorders.

The CBD oil usage has a lot of stigma. It is still not accepted in modern medicine or suggested as a prescription. It is hoping that with more clinical research and data, the CBD oil will become useful for curing PMS 

CBD oil : The remedy to PMS


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