Celebration is the New Marketing Buzz Word as Bubble Communication Celebrates 10 Years of “Bringing Limelight”


In Marketing, every occasion calls for communication and connecting with the target group. But for marketing communication agency – bubble; the reason is a milestone being celebrated. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Bubble Communication, an agency based in Mumbai, India. Over its course, the company has grown out of a PR agency’s typical image, and now is catering to full 360-degree services in regards with public relations, advertising, social media management, celebrity management and crisis communications. Its clients include MNCs, SMEs, corporates, fashion labels, B-town celebrities, NGOs and more.

10 Years – Bubble Communication

There have been many noteworthy highlights in Bubble’s 10-year journey that have contributed to the huge success that the agency is today. Starting from a small office in Mumbai and 2 Clients – Classic Marble & ZZ Architects, today the Agency boasts of 3 offices in Mumbai, Ahmedabad & Bangalore and presence in 27 cities; 100+ Clients, 500+ Events, 100+ Creative campaigns, PR Coverage worth 10+ Billion for numerous clients. Right from commencement, the Founders were clear, a set up was to created for complete communication needs under one roof. Starting from providing customised solutions to Viacom 18, YES Bank, Piramal Healthcare, UTV, Tata Housing and others in the form of workshops, Bubble also focused on verticals like Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Social Media & Influencer management becoming a one-stop-agency for all marketing communication needs.

Speaking on the same, Mr. Jasvinder Kataria, Chief Manufacturing Officer, Domestic Textiles, Grasim Industries shared, “Internationally several boutique agencies have been doing a great job for decades but back here in India, when we hired services from Bubble, the concept of a boutique agency was yet at a nascent stage. Generally, we tend to work with different agencies for different services but using a single umbrella agency has, reduced the multi people coordination that was required earlier and the entire communication too, gets streamlined.”

The agency has striven to do its best for its clients by harnessing modern methodologies from time to time and tailor-making strategies to suit the client’s precise requirement. “GALF is a trusted wellness brand for global corporates and communities. We needed brand managers and communication partners that were equally passionate about the cause and creating content for our products and services, in turn helping us share our ideas with a larger audience and I am truly ecstatic to say that we found that in Bubble. For us, it was never about selling but developing that trust factor with our customers. The number of corporate clients and consequently the subscribers, we have today, stands testimony to the success we have achieved so far,” said Mr. Amit Vasistha, Founder and CEO of corporate wellness aggregator GALF.

Be it Real Estate & allied businesses, FMCG, Banking & Finance. Education, Sports, Entertainment & Fashion or Individual Personalities, Bubble believes that marketing themselves is a prerequisite for each one. “I started my career as a Journalist followed by a marketing professional, so the objective of starting bubble was, to be able to offer solutions that I believe were right and yet unique. It seems like just yesterday, but the fact is, the journey has been marvellous, more so like a roller coaster and I really like to say a big thank you to all our Clients & our Employees. We celebrate our anniversary while the world is trying to recover from the pandemic that hit us last year, but I believe, change is the only constant and thus, we adapted our offerings too, to the changing times and shifted a great deal to digital from offline,” said Ms. Aarti Notiyal, Director, Bubble Communication.

The finest quality in a partner is adaptation and that is what bubble strongly believes in with changing times and trends. A stalwart in the Indian stone industry for 2 decades and now, Director, Marmo Classic, Dubai, Mr. Subodh Shah, says “Our association with Bubble goes way back, right from the inception of the agency. For us as well it was a new beginning – our engineered brand – Kalingastone was launched in India. They have come a long way and I wish them all the very best for their future endeavours.”

While delivering top-notch services, the agency also kept its commitment to ethical standards and doing its bit for the community. Bubble has partnered with several NGOs like HWARF, NGO Vishwas, Swar Aalap, Divya Prabha to contribute towards the betterment of the society. Dr. Aneel K Murarka from Ample Missiion says, “Being a Philanthropist, numerous of my initiatives need to be made aware to the common man by means of the media, in order to get the message across so that many more are motivated to join the movement. And having a partner with right strategy and empathy is a blessing; which we did find in bubble for several of our campaigns be it “Honouring Acid Attack Victims” or giving the due “Respect to Transgender Community.

Mr. Tapan K Jena – CEO, SANVT Ceramik, says, “My journey with Bubble began with Sunnheart Ceramik and when I decided to venture out on my own with SANVT Ceramik – Bubble, without doubt was a preferred partner for our creative and PR needs. Be it Ahmedabad or Mumbai or any part of India, creating news for any Tile Brand has become their core expertise having worked with numerous tile companies in Morbi.”

Bubble constantly puts in effort, to remain connected with the community and initiated one such series on account of Women’s Day this March. Named ‘Atta Girl‘ featured strong and independent women belonging to different fields of work, Acclaimed Violinist Kala Ramnath, Author Deepa Rajani, Activist Christine Swaminathan, Dr.Sunita Dube, Actors Hunar Hali & Gouri Tonnk amongst others.

The initiatives and campaigns have been time and again honoured by awards and accolades like ET Awards, MY FM Award, Kotak Community Service Award, and mention in Forbes amongst several others.

And as they say, a journey neither begins the instant we set out nor does it end at the destination, it is the process that is the genuine fun and needs to be thoroughly enjoyed!


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