Celebrity DJ Shadow Dubai Rocks Varanasi at Prohibition Week Christmas Bash


Hundreds of people kicked off week-long celebrations on Christmas night at Varanasi’s ‘The 3rd Floor Bar Stock Exchange‘ to herald the new year 2021 with celebrity DJ Shadow Dubai.

DJ Shadow Dubai (Left) performing at 3rd Floor Bar Stock Exchange and Anshuman Singh (Right), pioneer of clubbing culture in Varanasi

The award-winning superstar Bollywood DJ caused quite a stir at ‘Prohibition Week – ANNO DOMINI‘, the much-anticipated year-end signature event of Varanasi, by giving the revellers a taste of the eagerly awaited “Shadow Experience. This is the first time ever that DJ Shadow Dubai, called the Master of Global Collaborations for bringing together powerhouse performers from around the world, performed in the city.

Prohibition Week – ANNO DOMINI merges the concept of a club and a concert. The 3rd edition of the gala event is being organized on a much larger scale this year, giving Varanasi a much-needed night of fun and revelry to celebrate the oncoming of 2021.

Prohibition Week – ANNO DOMINI has an impressive line-up of celebrated artists this year too. The show began with beats played by Mr. Anonymous, followed by DJ Shadow Dubai. With astounding music and delectable food, the Christmas night turned energetic and lively. Starting with techno and Deep House, the party grooved to the beats of Bollywood music as Shadow hit the stage.

J Anzo, the resident DJ at ‘The 3rd Floor Bar Stock Exchange‘, who opened the performance for Shadow said, “We had been planning this for months now. The hurdles were big, but I’m glad we pulled it off so well. For me, this was like a dream come true.”

When asked about the night, DJ Shadow said, “This truly was a surreal experience. Everyone at the venue was lively and joyful, and as a performer, that’s something I resonated with, making the event a grand success.”

The man behind the flawless execution of Prohibition Week – ANNO DOMINI is Anshuman Singh, Managing Director ofThe 3rd Floor Bar Stock Exchangewho has single-handedly introduced clubbing culture to Varanasi.

He said, “To host an event at such a grand scale, especially keeping in mind all the limitations set by COVID-19, was quite an adventure by itself. But I feel everyone needed this kind of a getaway to break the tedious routine of the lockdown and social distancing. To be able to live such an experience with other people, like ourselves, was a celebration of the spirit of the times.”

The 3rd Floor Bar Stock Exchange‘ is a part of a famous pub chain BSE that allows customers to trade in drinks, much like the stock market. This is done with the help of a specially developed application where the fluctuating rates can be tracked by the guests.

Said Anshuman Singh, “The Prohibition Week celebrated at ‘The 3rd Floor Bar Stock Exchange‘ every year is a week-long event that marks the end of each year and the beginning of new possibilities. Its theme is based on the famous Prohibition Era (1920 – 1933) in the US, best known for its historic opposition to the sale of alcohol, though it wasn’t illegal to drink alcohol during this period. While many made a fortune bootlegging during America’s war on alcohol, the overall atmosphere was that of dystopia. Contrary to that, this year we vow to take you to ‘ANNO DOMINI,’ marking the beginning of the end of these dystopic times.”


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