ChekMarc Launches Global Social Platform to Encourage Positive and Meaningful Personal Connections; Secures USD 3M Seed Funding

  • 50.14% of Indians suffered negativity online says a report, #BeAware 2020 by Social Media Matters, DoYourThng and Institute for Governance

  • ChekMarc, a platform where members securely connect to support positive change and create an uplifting community, announces to set its footprints in the Indian market

Today, ChekMarc launched a free, global social platform in India that allows members to build life-changing connections and create a supportive and positive network. The platform securely and privately permits members to seek and offer advice, gain new experiences and share the knowledge that may help other members achieve a positive benefit.

The social platform is available to anyone over the age of 18 and is accessible in over 35 languages ranging from English, Italian, French, to German, to Japanese, Korean, Russian and Urdu, etc. It will be accessible to Indian members via both the website and application version and will be offering Hindi and Bengali languages as well. As an app, it will be available on both the iOS and Android operating systems.

Founded by Marc Kaplan, CEO of ChekMarc and Former Partner at Deloitte, and Vrinda Johnson, COO and former Executive Director at Russell Reynolds Associates and PwC, ChekMarc has raised $3M in seed funding. This funding has, and will, continue to be put directly back into the community. The capital will continue to be invested in the infrastructure and technology to bring innovations and state of the art services for community members, and to fuel global growth of the platform.

Designed as a humane technology platform, ChekMarc lets people all over the world connect one-on-one in a safer and secure manner that reduces bias, judgment, bullying, and negativity. Whether its how to get started in a career field or start a business, how to improve your leadership skills or find the right plan to achieve a fitness goal, or how to open a restaurant or even write your first book – ChekMarc provides a platform to connect with someone that can help.

Expressing his elation on the global launch, Marc Kaplan, CEO of ChekMarc said, “At a moment when so many people are wondering whether social media is still a worthwhile use of their time and effort, ChekMarc is ready to help drive positive change in the world. We have built ChekMarc to be global. Entering the Indian market is just one additional step in that direction. Our team possesses unique experience and background in the nation with Vrinda, our COO having grown up in India, and our first developers well as our current technology partners and lead developer being from there. We believe that the community will welcome a platform like ChekMarc that brings people together in a more safe and secure way that drives positive impact. This is the first of the many international markets that we are foraying into and we are optimistic about the Indian market being an early adopter.

How ChekMarc Works:

ChekMarc’s community members log in to the platform at or via the iOS or Android app, and choose whether they want to act as ‘Explorers‘ or ‘Catalysts‘. Explorers want to achieve a goal in life, gain knowledge or engage with an expert or mentor. Catalysts want to share their knowledge and experiences to make a positive impact on others’ lives. The advantage of ChekMarc is that its members can be both – an Explorer and a Catalyst.

Because members can choose to keep their identity private (until they decide to connect with someone), members can freely and publicly express their goals or aspirations in an effort to find a community member with experience/expertise that can give them one-on-one advice. Similarly, members are encouraged to share their knowledge, areas of expertise or life experiences as a benefit to community members looking to accomplish something. The open exchange for ideas and inspiration is designed to spark and celebrate human endeavors, great and small.

ChekMarc Features:

  • Verified Community Members: ChekMarc is free for anyone age 18 and over. Members are encouraged to verify their identities (securely) to promote trust and confidence across the community and to enable meaningful connections with real people.

  • Private Conversations: Instead of the clutter and noise that sometimes piles up online, ChekMarc creates a more safe and positive space for one-on-one connections where both people must agree to connect. This helps create an environment for more meaningful and positive impact without the whole world barging in.

  • No Ads, No Transactions: ChekMarc does not sell members information nor flood the site with ads. ChekMarc members also agree to interact without a financial ask from one another – no financial exchange is allowed to change hands between members.

  • No Popularity Contests: ChekMarc also does not allow any kind of popularity, engagement metrics, such as likes, shares, forwards or follows. ChekMarc is not about numbers or data it is about people – and creating meaningful connections between people.

  • Focus on Learning and Creating Change: When you join ChekMarc, you have an opportunity to make a significant impact in your life and/or that of someone else. You make it happen. It is beyond mentorship or subject matter expertise. It is two people agreeing to connect to make a difference in each other’s life, one by achieving something important and the other by making a difference in someone’s life.

  • Positivity: ChekMarc believes in providing an uplifting and supportive community experience. It takes content moderation very seriously and has gone to great lengths to enable a positive experience where content is moderated to reflect the values of ChekMarc. ChekMarc will not tolerate members who do not adhere to its community guidelines and will be unapologetic about it.

Too often in recent years, the Internet has started to feel like an uncomfortable, hostile place, and it doesn’t have to be that way,” said Vrinda Johnson, Co-founder and COO of ChekMarc. “We want to build a strong community of individuals who are passionate about learning and sharing ideas to grow personally and professionally. We aim to fulfill the hopes of many for a safer, secure, and trustworthy community of verified people who are dedicated to helping each other make meaningful change and achieve goals. Building impactful connections that unite humanity and uplift each other -that’s fundamentally what ChekMarc is about, and that’s what we will tirelessly continue to build.”

ChekMarc was founded by a global team of experienced business strategists and technology experts with expertise in building businesses, driving digital transformation, and enabling change. The team sees ChekMarc as a way to make the Internet a more positive, hopeful and helpful place by tapping into the collective brainpower of well-intentioned people worldwide.

More information is available at or via the ChekMarc App available for both iOS and Android.

About ChekMarc

Founded in 2020, ChekMarc is a free, global platform that creates and enables members to foster impactful one-on-one connections in a secure setting. We’re a new global community where connections are fostered in a more safe and meaningful way. Strict guidelines and monitoring allow for a positive experience. ChekMarc is currently available in over 35 languages and on both iOS and Android apps.

For more information, please visit or download the ChekMarc app.


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