Citymandi Launches “Uber-ized” Mobile Mart Model Following “Atmanirbhar Bharat” Generating Large Number of Urban Livelihood Opportunities


In an effort to fructify the AtmaNirbhar model of the government, Citymandi is launching 100 mobile marts in Uber model. The mobile marts powered with unique technology solutions are an attempt to solve the last mile reach problem. Citymandis mobile mart partner program enables street vendors and ex-army personnel to own and operate mobile marts and run their business much like the Uber model. This program enables partners to earn handsomely, from multiple sources – profit from the mart business itself, and the vehicle EMI topped with additional monthly incentives.

Citymandi – Mobile Mart

Citymandis unique AI enabled weighing machine connected with cloud allows them to bill faster, without literacy barrier. Additional technology innovations being brought by Citymandi include group buying laced with benefits, and a “Citymandi near me” program on its technology radar. These innovations will significantly increase income of the partners without literacy being a barrier.

Citymandi has been operating for the past few years in the farm to fork space with multiple collection centers near the farmers, enabling direct purchase from the farmers.

Citymandi has raised more about a million dollars in seed rounds. Citymandi is in process of raising another 3 million dollars from larger investors to enable thousands of mobile mart partners in multiple cities. The vision of Citymandi is to provide the partners a dignified livelihood on the lines of “Uber” model helping realize the vision of “Atmanirbhar Bharat“. We strongly believe in this premise and are envisioning realization of this model for thousands of partners. Citymandi, via its collection centres, also ensures that direct purchase from the farmers increases their income significantly.

Citymandi ( is founded by two IIT alumnus, Niraj Srivastava and Dr. Srinivas Padmanabhuni. Niraj Srivastava has founded multiple companies and is a supply chain expert. Dr. Srinivas is leading AI expert of India and had done his PhD in AI form University of Alberta before AI started making ways into mainstream.


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