Coolberg Sets Eyes on Fizzy Drink Market with Launch of its New Cranberry Drink ‘Cranito Fizzy Cranberry’


Mumbai based startup Coolberg known for its premium zero alcohol beers, today announced the launch of its new beverage line ‘Cranito – Fizzy Cranberry‘. Cranito is a new and refreshing take on mundane beverage flavors and brings exciting taste of Cranberry to millennials.

Cranito – Fizzy Cranberry

Coolberg launched in 2016 and is the first Indian brand to bring Zero Alcohol Beers to the market. The company has successfully established itself across 100+ cities and more than 20,000 stores across India. Now, Coolberg makes another appearance in the beverage industry by expanding its portfolio and offering a drink that is trendy, modern and fruit flavored with Cranito Fizzy Cranberry. Cranito, is priced at INR 15 per 200 ml bottle and available across departmental stores. Furthermore, Coolberg aims to strengthen its distribution and expand its presence with launch of its mass market brand.

Talking about the new product Cranito, Mr. Pankaj Aswani, Founder & CEO of Coolberg, said, “We are continuously working on bringing the best products in the Indian market with an aim to serve the changing needs of young Indian consumers. Cranberry drink has the potential to become the next big flavor in the beverage market which is dominated by Colas. We are confident that Cranito will resonate well with millennials and will prove to be significant milestone in our journey.”

Adding to the launch of Cranito, Mr. Sumanta Sarkar, Sales Director at Coolberg said, “it has been a while since the Indian beverage market has seen some innovation in the fizzy drinks category, the launch of Cranito will bring in a wave of freshness in this cluttered market that demands innovation. This also adds yet another first for Coolberg, in a market that is about to be served its first-ever fizzy cranberry drink.”

Millennials in India are steadily getting more exposed, which is making them curious to try new things. Studies have shown that fruit flavor drinks especially Cranberry offers a great refreshing experience. Cranito provides a blend of exotic Cranberry flavor with a strong fizz that packs punch for India’s taste buds.

About Coolberg Beverages

Coolberg Beverage is a zero alcohol beer brand established in 2016 with an aim to bring premium and alternative beverage option for the millennials. Coolberg is a drink for get together occasion and complements food of all types. Company products are made using malt, flavors and other key ingredients which gives it a refreshing and lip-smacking taste. Coolberg comes in multiple flavours such as Malt (Original), Peach, Mint, Cranberry, Strawberry and Ginger. Products are generally available in retail stores, caf’ and restaurants.


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