Daniel Wellington launches contemporary eyewear and a watch collection

Daniel Wellington launches contemporary eyewear and a watch collection

Daniel Wellington On a mission to become the world’s leading watch and accessory brand, Daniel Wellington
expands its product portfolio by launching eyewear and a vintage-inspired square dial watch
The unisex eyewear collection has that contemporary yet timeless design that marks
the core of Daniel Wellington and consists of 5 distinct styles with lightweight premium
Italian bio-acetate or metal frames, all priced at INR 8,499. The steel collection is
crafted with stainless steel and the frames sport a rimless lens look while the frames of
the acetate collection have sharper, more exaggerated edges. Each style has been
given a name that represents its unique characteristics: Arch, Ambler, Avion, Lynx, and
Olof Nordstrom, Head of Design at Daniel Wellington, says, “Moving into the
eyewear category is an exciting step for Daniel Wellington as we continue to expand our
product portfolio.”
Daniel Wellington has an ambitious sustainability strategy and the decision to use bio-
acetate is connected to this. Bio-acetate is composed of cellulose acetate and a
plasticizer of vegetable origin, which is a more sustainable choice than conventional
Alice Devine, Global Head of Sustainability, says, “Our commitment to making a
difference is genuine and our ambition is to always select the best possible materials
within our price range. For all new products and materials, we have implemented a
thorough sustainability review, making sure we make informed decisions at the design
The new watch collection named Quadro Studio is a nod to the ’70s and features a
petite square dial and a sleek piano strap. The dial and bezel both have rounded
corners and when complemented by the elegant piano link strap the result is a watch
that evokes a vintage feel. Epitomizing retro elegance, Quadro Studio is a homage to

the 70’s style icons and is available with a refined rose gold plating or vibrant silver
finish and customers can choose between a classic white, sophisticated black, or
unique, green-patterned dial.

Specification’s Eyewear:
 All lenses have a 100% UV (400) protection against UVA and UVB rays
 Comes with branded eyewear case, soft pouch, and cleaning cloth
 Two years warranty on frame & lenses
Specification’s Quadro Studio:
 Featuring an elegant piano strap
 Case thickness 6,55 mm
 Two years warranty
The new eyewear collection is priced at INR 8,499 each and the new Quadro Studio is
priced at INR 14,499 respectively.

About Daniel Wellington:
Daniel Wellington is a Swedish watch and jewelry brand founded in 2011. All products
are designed in-house in Stockholm, highlighting a commitment to perfected minimalist
design and providing the world with timeless style through affordable luxury. Since its
inception, Daniel Wellington has sold over 12 million watches and established itself as
one of the most beloved brands in the industry.


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