Decoding the potential of UVC in disinfecting educational institutions.

Decoding the potential of UVC in disinfecting educational institutions

Education is one of the hardest-hit segments amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with institutions locked up for almost a year now.

While the authorities are brainstorming on SOPs regarding the opening of schools, colleges, and universities, parents are still skeptical about the safety of their wards, and rightly so.

It is evident that Pandemics do not subside in a matter of months, and following suit the COVID-19 coronavirus is here to stay for a while. While sanitation drives continue to operate in full swing, the UVC radiation solutions can play a gamechanger in the end to end sterilisation of schools and colleges.

The role of UVC in eliminating pathogens

While UVC radiation emitted by the sun is filtered out by the ozone layer, strategically developed UVC devices have been playing a major role in eliminating surface and airborne pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, mould, and fungi.

Since  direct exposure to UVC radiation is harmful to human beings, educational institutions can leverage tactically developed UVC solutions to ensure the continuity and safety of the students.

Surface disinfection after sessions

The maintenance workers or cleaning departments can harness UV surface disinfection once the students and staff have left the building. The market at present is bustling with a plethora of UVC solutions for institutions, offering a high degree of effectiveness in sterilizing surfaces.

2. Fixture based solutions

Educational institutions with drop ceilings and LED troffers can benefit from recessed UVC fixtures that can sanitize the surroundings post the academic hours.

A major advantage of this concept is that UVC troffers have separate fluorescent and ultraviolet bulbs which can be controlled centrally for maximum efficiency. This framework can sanitize a large hall in a matter of minutes and can be operated periodically after every academic session.

Mobile UVC sanitizers

Mobile UVC sanitizers can be an affordable alternative against fixture based UVC solutions offering the same degree of sterilizing efficacy and the advantage of portability. A large number of UVC solutions players offer mobile UVC sanitizers as per the requirement and budget of institutions which can be a boon for schools and colleges.

1. Handheld UVC solutions

A major advantage of handheld UVC sanitizers against chemical-based disinfectants is that many surfaces and items do not react well with liquid cleaning treatments. The electronic and computer equipment including keyboards, monitors, projectors etc. in an educational institution can be safely disinfected with a handheld UVC sanitiser in this regard.

While till date, the major challenge with UVC handheld devices was their low power output which required them to be held for longer periods on surfaces for effective sanitization.

This was a daunting task for cleaning staff with multiple objects and rooms to clean and disinfect.

With rapid up-gradation in UVC technology, handheld UVC sanitizers today are more powerful and are capable of disinfecting a surface in seconds. These high wattage devices available in the market reach optimum levels of UV radiation which are lethal to pathogens. Furthermore, they offer considerable affordability and are a viable disinfecting option for educational institutions.

Another advantage of UVC solutions is that they are effective not only against COVID 19 but also against a large pool of pathogens responsible for chronic illnesses. A large scale application of such solutions in schools and universities will ensure a healthier environment for students, staff and employees of the entire campus. This will in turn result in enhanced productivity with less sick leaves and a safer surrounding overall.

The maintenance costs associated with UVC solutions are also relatively low with most of the offerings utilizing UV lamps which are frequently available in the market.

It is ,however, important to analyse your surroundings including the dimensions of your rooms, total headcount in the institution and more before procuring a UVC solution.

A credible, market experienced UVC solutions player can help you in offering the best fit solution as per your budget and key requirements.

About the Author Mr. Pandian Kumaravel, Director – Cholan Group of Companies. UVC Life Light is the new vertical of Cholan Groups, the premier Destination Management Company from South India. UVC Life Light is registered under MSME and the products manufactured after extensive research and analysis are Lab tested, validated and ISO & CE certified. They have 2 other major well-established tourism brands in India – South Tourism & Indian Panorama, registered as “Cholan Tours Pvt Ltd”, since 2010 as a private limited company.


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