Decorpot Steps Up Bangalore’s Interior Design Industry with Direct Manufacturer-to-Consumer Solutions


Decorpot offers custom interior designing services for residences in and around Bangalore. Decorpot has been one of the key players in rapidly changing the landscape of Bangalore’s interior design industry by bringing solutions to the customers directly from the manufacturers.

Interior Designers in Bangalore – Decorpot

Decorpot’s team of Interior Designers in Bangalore begins any project by sitting down and understanding the vision of the customers. After discussing and planning a design that conveys the image and feel of what the customers require, the team then directly goes to the manufacturers to procure the right pieces.

Based on the customer requirements, the home interior designers in Bangalore from Decorpot may order a custom design or procure pre-made pieces. Decorpot typically creates a direct connection between the manufacturers and the customers. Since they procure pieces directly from the manufacturers, Decorpot is able to offer the best rates for high-quality interiors.

Decorpot has partnered with some of the leading brands to procure the finished materials directly and use them in their designs. The team comprises over 200 expert professionals in interior designing who ensure that their clients have only the best designs of the best quality.

When asked about the direct manufacturer-to-consumer solutions, Mr. Deepak Agrawal, MD at Decorpot, said, “We only work with manufacturers after vetting the quality. Each of the manufacturing units we partner with uses cutting-edge machinery with high precision that cuts down the usual time taken for project delivery. And most of all, our customers are quite happy with the quality of the interior decor available at such affordable rates. So, it’s a huge win when we’re able to meet the customer’s requirements in terms of design, product quality and cost.”

Decorpot also has two experience centers in Bangalore where the customers can visit and feel how the final product will be. They also offer the customers an opportunity to interact with their interior designers in Bangalore to understand their working process before hiring them.

By combining their design expertise with high-quality design pieces direct from manufacturers, Decorpot has bridged the gap in the interior design industry in Bangalore with affordable designs at top quality.

About Decorpot

Decorpot is one of the fastest-growing firms for home interiors in Bangalore. It was founded in the year 2015 and had since then worked on over 1500 interior design projects. The company specializes in offering interior design solutions for villas, independent houses, bungalows and apartments.


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