Diagnostic Flexibility at Your Fingertips with New, Versatile 12MP Diagnostic Display


Barco, a global leader in visualisation technology, has released a new 12MP healthcare diagnostic display system for picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and breast imaging. The Nio Fusion 12MP display is a highly topical answer to changing expectations and standards in diagnostic workstations.

Nio Fusion 12MP display

Rachel Coxon, Vice President Healthcare at Barco APAC said, “Expectations of how diagnostic displays will enhance workflows are increasing among radiologists. Workstations are now expected to be able to handle all modalities, including those used for images of highly dense breast tissue. Work environments are also becoming more flexible, in response to the growing home reading trend globally, including Asia. The Nio Fusion 12MP delivers diagnostic flexibility for both PACS and breast imaging, addressing todays radiology and mammography landscape at cost-effective pricing.”

Nio Fusion 12MP display

Barco’s answer: Nio Fusion 12MP

The Nio Fusion has a 12MP screen resolution, which makes it suitable for multiple PACS images and breast imaging modalities including breast tomosynthesis. The Fusion design eliminates the need for multiple portrait displays or complex installations. A Keyboard-Video-Mouse (KVM) function makes it possible to attach a second workstation to the display and switch between two computers at the touch of a button, simplifying scheduling and the management of the workstation fleet.

Mr. Rajiv Bhalla, Managing Director, Barco India said, “The rising cases of new-age and chronic diseases have made us realise the importance of early diagnosis, regular screening and regular health check-ups. The radiology and mammography diagnostic landscape is constantly evolving, driven by the need for stricter regulatory & compliance standards and portability needs. Heavy workload & ergonomic stress levels coupled with the increasing complexity of cases, requires high resolution, accurate, calibrated colours and image quality to help reveal more details. The Nio Fusion 12MP addresses all these diagnostic workstation challenges effectively and at the same time is cost-effective with documented clinical advantages and a superior warrantied lifetime of up to 40K hours.

The Nio Fusion 12MP is calibrated to meet the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard for greyscales, and Barco’s SteadyColorTM technology guarantees consistent, calibrated colors over time. The luminance of the Nio Fusion 12MP is well above industry standard, which is further enhanced by Uniform Luminance Technology to make sure that all areas of the screen maintain the same brightness.

The Nio Fusion 12MP model is thin, lightweight and was designed to mirror peoples natural field of vision to reduce head, hand and eye movements. SoftGlowTM task and wall lights, along with the Ambient Light Sensor and Compensation, also reduce eye strain and the potential for eye fatigue over time.

Nio Fusion 12MP is driven by a powerful Barco MXRT display controller, offering radiologists a set of workflow support tools, such as SpotViewTM and RapidFrameTM that also greatly increase diagnostic accuracy. It has also earned Barcos Eco Product label after receiving an A+ eco-score for enhancements in display power efficiency, the display’s compact and stackable packaging and regionally adapted content that lowers carbon footprint and waste.

Rachel Coxon concludes, “CIO and PACS managers are increasingly challenged with the needs of physicians and QA staff to support the reading of complex cases while still managing budget pressures and constraints of assuring uptime and efficiency. The Nio Fusion 12MP offers a long-lasting future proof investment approved for both radiology and mammography use, simplifying fleet management and reducing investment. At the same time, it can help the QA team manage the quality and compliance effortlessly through automatic QA, assuring compliance and uptime of PACS workstations.

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