DigiBankASIA and Xebia Forge a Strategic Technology Partnership for the Launch of New Digital Bank UNO


DigiBankASIA, the visionary financial services company headquartered in Singapore, and Xebia, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, today announced a strategic partnership for the launch of Asia’s new digital bank UNObank – a full-service digital bank, which is working with the regulators for the pilot launch in the Philippines.

UNO www.unobank.asia is DigibankASIAs neo banking brand for license based as well as over the top digital banks.

Xebia will be UNO’s Digital & Innovation Technology partner in further developing Cognito, UNO’s digital-first platform, by integrating with leading banking products to build a differentiated and innovative digital foundation. With it’s expertise in design thinking led digital transformations and a passion for using radical technologies such as AI/ML, IoT, AR/VR, Cloud, DevOps, Big Data & Analytics – it is well geared towards developing a modern and intelligent CX platform for UNObank.

Manish Bhai, CEO and Co-founder of UNO said, “We have found a hi-tech engineering partner in Xebia whose approach aligns well with UNObank’s objective of an highly personalised, AI-first, fully composable, cloud native, full stack digital bank.”

“Xebia is proud to partner with best minds in the world who are reimagining banking and disrupting the market. In the digital era, companies that seek to be the best, acknowledge that even with great products and services, a Customer-First approach is what makes them wins the game,” said Anand Sahay, a Technophile Business Leader & CEO Xebia Global Services, who is himself very passionate about co-creating #DigitalBreakthrough products along with visionary world leaders.

Puneet Gupta, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of UNO said, “UNO’s AI-first capabilities mean that it is highly adaptable and completely customer-centric – a great example of what a truly composable banking stack should be. Each user will experience the bank as if it were uniquely designed around their needs. That’s the power of an AI-first, all cloud, fully digital user journey based orchestrated platform.”

“What UNO is envisioning is both pioneering and inspiring and we are excited to be partners in realizing UNO’s vision – by leveraging our design thinking, domain expertise, and an AI-first approach to build industry leading, micro personalized digital banking experiences with rapid innovation cycles for true customer delight,” said Rajat Gupta, Chief Digital Officer of Xebia.

About DigibankASIA & UNO

DigibankASIA is a Singapore headquartered fintech with a vision to create the first full-spectrum digital bank for South East Asia. It’s on a mission to provide a single app to solve all your financial needs with speed & ease. DigibankASIA has selected Philippines for the pilot launch of its Digital Bank UNO and is currently working with the regulators to obtain the necessary license. UNO has been founded by a seasoned team of banking, financial services and technology veterans with combined 75 years plus of experience amongst them UNO has an AI-first approach to Banking and it’s Cognito platform weaves in AI at its very core with innovative ways to use advanced machine vision and learning models on customer onboarding, transaction authorizations, alternate data-based credit scoring, product & interface personalization at an individual level to advanced security, risk and privacy management patterns.

For more information, please visit www.unobank.asia.

About Xebia

Xebia is a leading IT Consulting and Digital Technology company committed to deliver innovation and business excellence across the globe. It delivers digital solutions to global leaders for transforming their IT and Business Operations.

With nearly two decades of experience, it enables its clients through their digital journey by enabling them with informed decision-making through process level enhancements, intelligent data solutions, enhance their customer experience & journeys with new-age solutions and help strengthen their core with modern technologies such as AI/ML/Robotics, Microservices, Cloud-native apps and agile at scale to deliver unprecedented levels of performance.

For more information, please visit us at www.xebia.com.


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