Digital marketing is the one-stop to promote your event

Digital marketing is the one-stop to promote your event

Digital marketing is the one stop to promote your event

Creating an event is a big step. It is a plunge into finding resources. If you are starting new, event needs a huge marketing push. Advertisements and publications can burden your finances. For millennial event managers, digital marketing comes as a big boon. This needs a huge set up before the event. You need be selecting event websites and social profiles and the guest lists. Here are the way you can boost your event and make it successful through the digital media:

# Set up a website 

If your event needs to have a large outreach. Having a website for your event is an ideal step. People can get information about your event and also pay online or just RSVP. Through a website you can  even draw the attention of potential sponsors.

# Social Media Marketing 

Social Media Marketing is the next step to push up your event. Have your presence in every social media page. From Twitter to Pinterest, your accounts should be present. Do not even ignore Google+. Update your social media profiles and create an event page. Use social media to leverage your rolodex in the digital world. Use Youtube or BuzzSumo to attract influencers to promote your event. If you are hosting a corporate event do not forget to use LinkedIn and use the connections you have made to attract sponsors.

#Event placement on Facebook

Event placement has become a useful thing on social media platforms. Facebook events are rage amongst the millennials.  People use facebook event pages to organize their social calendar or mark their event attendance. It can be used to answer the questions of the viewers regarding the event. It is a cheap way to narrow down your target audience. Events on facebook are useful as a reminder for the attendees. The facebook event news update is helpful to recommend future events to your viewers.

# List your event on ticket management companies Google image

Other than listing your event on social media platforms, use event listing websites to publicize your event. Outsource your event to a ticket management company like or Events high for the ticket sales. It surely helps to create a buzz about your event. But do the ticket listing only according to your event’s capacity.

# Email Marketing 

After figuring out the sales of tickets, it is important to have a database of customers. It will leverage the launching of your event. Your event may need Emcees or speakers. The best way to attract them is by email marketing. Create email templates from the list of database on your social media platform. Follow up of your emails is really important. Email marketing approach is pretty efficient if your event is of the corporate kind. It can used for the initial announcement of the event and also for the final reminder to attend the event. Email marketing is also helpful for sending weekly reminders to sign up for the event.

# Paid partnerships Google image

Advertisement comes in handy at this stage if your event needs potential speakers or more funding. Advertise your event not the attendees. It gives a really wrong impression. Instagram is a best way to do paid partnership. It needs the correct usage of hashtags to promote your event.

# Display ads

Paid search ads are really difficult to use for certain users. Display ads on Youtube or facebook is the best way to promote your event. Display ads increase the brand of your event. It is cheaper and connects the target audience with the correct use of keywords. Your event may get a good brand exposure through display ads.

# Remarketing Google image

Remarketing is an important step to launch and promote your event. If a viewer does not purchase tickets on your event page, it is important to promote your event on other website platform. It is economical and you may target a larger audience through this.

# Content marketing

During the event launch, market the content of your event on social media. It is important to upload the pictures of attendees and delegates on social media. Live viewing of the event can also be a paid engagement on social media. Use social media to create competitions for the users as an incentive to draw more crowds. It is a great way to gather feedbacks and opinions of your event.

# Blogging

Your event may be cultural or corporate. Blogs are a great way to promote your event. You can create the itinerary of your event on social media blogs and promote it on your event page. Write-ups about the conference details is also helpful or blog posts of the guest attending creates a huge buzz for the event. Live blogging is used in literary events. This has lead to spot crowd registration for the event

# Youtube

If your event is a cultural one, there must be performances. People would love to see it. Do create a Youtube channel of your event and post videos regularly. Youtube can be used from the promotional build-up of the event till the event is finished. You can also use it upload live-reaction of the audience in the event and their opinion about it. Youtube videos can also be a way to generate ads for your event.

# Podcasts

Podcasts these days have become popular. Podcast can be used to promote your event. You can create a live audio podcast of the event’s highlights and share it on social media. Live audience podcast can be also help for gathering crowd. These days event marketers use the podcast platform to let the important guest of the events talk to the  audience 

# Product placement Google image

You can use the digital platform to promote certain products in your event. The location or the even the pens  used by the speakers can be used for product placement strategies in your event. Accompany can do paid partnership with your event to promote their product on digital platform and your event may be the right window to do this.

# Digital flyers Google image

If your event is really of a tight budget or just promoting a very exclusive event, digital flyers may be the best way to zero down your target audience. You can create digital flyers if you are organizing a music gig or a small fundraiser. Digital flyers sent to exclusive audience may create a greater buzz for your event as the event spreads through word of mouth.

# Have instagram Photo booth Google image

Instagram is the best way your event can be reached to the millennial audiences. Create a page on Instagram for attendees to upload their best moments from the event or you can start a live photo booth during the event where attendees can get themselves clicked with trending hashtags.

# Success stories of previous events Google image

If your company has been hosting events annually and wants curate a new event, sharing stories of the previous year’s success on social media surely helps to bring in the crowd. It also establishes a credibility for the event . This also allows speculations amongst the audience. Use audience reactions in  these stories to give it an authentic touch. Content from the previous year’s guest speakers also hold a lot of value to promote your event. Through this you can also create expectations of the current event you plan to host and get audience’s feedbacks. 

#Early bird creates the buzz Google image

Your event might be attended by all types of crowds. Why keep the pricing uniform? Having early bird deadlines on the ticket prices causes more curiosity and rush to attend the event at the nominal price. Higher the price, the seatings of the crowd also changes. If you are organizing a music event, the people who pay for the expensive tickets gets front row seats or an all access pass for the event. Keep your tickets limited to allow spot registrations

# Online vouchers Google image

Your event can be hugely promoted if you keep the ticket price dynamic. You can use the digital platform to create pricing phases for early buyers. Digital coupons can be created to give discounts to the student crowd or some gift vouchers to the attendees if they purchase the ticket for your event. You can also partner with Banks to give cashback awards to the customers who have purchased the tickets from different bank cards.

# Digital media coverage Google image

These days you do not need a big journalist to report your event. There are news bloggers everywhere. You can use the digital news pages to cover your event and promote it on the press. It is cheap and gives your event an adequate media coverage. It is great way to connect with the audience and gather crowds for your event

# Email news letters

Post the event it is important to keep in touch with potential sponsors or investors or speakers. Use email newsletters to keep your speakers and customer database notified of other events you will do or planning to do. Email news letters  can be used for the token of thanks to all those who have attended the event and have helped to make it a success.

# Use analytic tools 

Post your event, an analysis of its success needs to be done. Google analytic tools helps you to measure the data points you have kept for your event. It helps you understand the efficiency in the execution of the event. Analytics also help you understand the online traffic your blogs have created. It also helps you to measure the  revenue generated through Youtube ads. Analytical tools also show event marketeers the audience they have failed to influence. Analytics are the best way to improve your event’s quality for the next time.

The digital market is booming with opportunities. It is the most economical way to reach the audience. Every event is promoted on the digital platform. It has boosted the publicity of many small scale events. It also helps to target potential sponsors and get quick paid partnerships. It is a huge step for every event marketeer. Event marketing hugely depends on the digital platform today and its use should be leveraged.

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