Dr. Marcus Ranney Launches his Book “At The Human Edge”


For Dr. Marcus Ranney, these tough times were apt to launch his book “At The Human Edge“. His inspiring non-fiction book was launched on January 27, 2021 amidst great fanfare at the Ministry of New (Fort, Mumbai), surrounded by industry stalwarts and business leaders. While COVID precautions were maintained, the book reading & subsequent thorough discussion saw excellent attendance. The attendees got enthralled by what the book had to offer. The continuous Q-A was proof enough. Interesting questions were put forth and Dr. Ranney made it a point to respond to them with his characteristic blend of charm, intelligence and wit.

Marcus Ranney – At The Human Edge

Dr. Ranney’s “At The Human Edge” celebrates the human body’s amazing physical ability to adapt to the extreme conditions. From Mt. Everest to the Mariana Trench, from the South Pole to the Sahara desert, from running a Marathon to travelling to Mars; each chapter focuses on a distinct extreme environment and the physical challenges faced by humankind to conquer them. It takes the reader on a gripping saga, balancing the intricate world of cellular biology against the backdrop of human history & victory in the face of our greatest endeavors.

What Sapiens achieved for human history, At The Human Edge has done for human biology,” said Sohin Lakhani, CEO of Embassy Books, the book’s publisher for India.

The new paradigm of leadership and performance is a mindset change for all business leaders to accept. This book helps us unlock the human edge, which we each possess, and tap into that energy and world within,” said Amit Mookim, Mag Directonaginr, IQVIA India, and fellow marathon runner.

At The Human Edge” is a deep insight of Dr. Ranney’s own medical journey. A graduate from University College of London Medical School (UCL), he has been to extreme places himself as part of his research work, including working with fighter pilots in the Royal Air Force and with astronauts at Kennedy Space Centre, NASA. In 2010, he transitioned away from clinical medicine and into overall societal well-being. Now living & working in Mumbai, he is a thought leader in healthcare & life sciences, author of written publications, a keynote speaker and public health commentator at multiple global organisations. Dr. Ranney is a firm proponent of helping us each achieve our peak performance for ensuring sustainable human health.

At The Human Edge has many known names that give their backing. Legendary Cricketer Jonty Rhodes mentions, “At The Human Edge, by Dr. Marcus Ranney, is not just a book for elite athletes looking to improve their performances, but a guide for all of us, to journey towards our “best self“. It inspires us to go beyond our perceived limitations and by doing so, to truly be alive and operate at our fullest potential.

Sir Chris Bonington, CVO, CBE, DL, British Explorer, says, “In reading the words in this book, I hope future scientists, doctors; climbers and adventurers are inspired to push the boundaries of science further, to scale new heights of discovery and summit new peaks of achievement, creating a better world for the current and future generations. Falling in love with nature and the outdoors and this beautiful gift – the human body.”

At The Human Edge” by Dr. Marcus Ranney is a must-read book to achieve human performance, happiness and success.


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