Dr. Vishakha Shivdasani Launches e-book on ‘Re-engineering Health and Immunity in Context of COVID’


The year 2020 will for long be recalled as a year of the pandemic which put our lives on hold on all fronts. While we all hope that the pandemic is over, we also wish to know how we can now empower ourselves to effectively deal with the deadly COVID-19 virus if attacked by it or any of its new variants and also the complications which many develop even after ‘surviving‘ the virus. Who better than the renowned Dr. Vishakha Shivdasani (popularly known as Doctor Vee) to tell us about it.

Doctor Vishakha Shivdasani

Dr. Vishakhas e-book COVID and Post-COVID Recovery: Dr Vees six point plan provides an effective and a practical guide not only to achieve the above but also tips on how to prepare your body for ensuring the greater effectiveness of the vaccine.

Giving the gist of what the book is about, she says, “Having been a medical practitioner for more than 20 years, with a focus on reversing lifestyle diseases, I have used similar principles to treat COVID-19 with great success. I am confident that this book will help people heal from COVID-19 and its related complications both in the short and long term.Dr. Vishakha Shivdasani is a medical doctor and award-winning nutritionist. She has treated many patients worldwide for weight management and for reversing chronic diseases like diabetes, heart problems, PCOS by combining lifestyle changes with medicine.

Dr. Shivdasani has been the Vice-President of South Mumbai’s Medical Association of Doctors. She is a recipient of Vogue’s “Nutritionist of the Year” award and has been named by the magazine as a top Wellness Influencer of India. She also delivers talks and conducts workshops for corporate managements on health, nutrition, and wellness.

This book will definitely assist people to recover faster from COVID and also help those who have come out of it as well. The book is available on Amazon, Kindle app and other online sites like Kobo.

Dr. Vee can be contacted on vishakhashivdasani@gmail.com or on her Instagram handle @doctorvee.


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