Dudes and Dolls World, by Ritesh Rawal, An Innovation in the Early Childhood Education Launched


Early childhood education has a new world, Dudes and Dolls World, created by Mr. Ritesh Rawal who is known as the father of an education philosophy Manifestism. Marching ahead with his vision, Mr. Rawal believes in three words ‘Dream, Think and Innovate‘. Meanwhile, he is coming with all-new ideas to impact the early childhood education of the world.

Dudes and Dolls World, by Ritesh Rawal

The campus of Dudes and Dolls World was inaugurated in a launch ceremony held on 6th March 2021 and some of the dignitaries present in the launch ceremony are Mr. Partha Sarthi Sen Sharma, Senior IAS, and a noted author, Ms. Leena Johri, Senior IAS, Ms. Sathya Saran, Former Editor of Femina, and a noted author.

Ritesh Rawal shared his thoughts, about his research and the genesis of Dudes and Dolls, World, “I created Dudes & Dolls, a cosmic school in 2012, with an idea to provide developmental inputs and unique methods required to the children at an early age, parents appreciated it very much and we saw some visible changes in the children who have been studying with us since 2012, last 9 years gave me an opportunity to observe not only the behavioral aspects but also all the other aspect required for the development of the children and its impact in their future.”

“Though people appreciated my efforts but this close observation and my research on the subject of education especially early childhood development was triggering me towards something different and my first question was what are questions And when I asked this question to myself a whole new world emerged in front of my eyes The Dudes and Dolls, World has been designed as an answer to my first question what are questions And when we expand this thought we realize that designing an education framework, which allows an environment to nurture questions of young children is the best thing that could be done for the early childhood education. Children at an early age need a whole new world, which should be looked at from their lenses and their development should be based on the questions they have in their mind, I have redesigned the curriculum, development method, crafted each and every element of infrastructure with a whole new thought of developing children when they are living the most important phase of their life know as the early childhood,” Ritesh Rawal.


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