Ed-tech Startup, Lifology, Witnesses 400% Hike in Customer-Engagement


Lifology, a Guinness World Record holder and India’s 1st Career Ecosystem for Parents witnessed an exponential rise in their engagement in 2020. The Ed-tech startup is known to enable parents to explore the world of career and equip them to make an informed decision on the basis of their child’s unique capabilities and career suitability.

The year 2020 has proved to be a watershed year for a lot of industries; however, it worked out well for the Ed-tech industry as it grew at an incredible rate. The nationwide lockdown drove the educational institutions to digitise the process of disseminating knowledge. Automating the sector and establishing an online presence further turned out to be a great opportunity for the Ed-tech industry to thrive. The unprecedented times also led the students to explore different career paths and seek professional help to pick a safe and promising career choice that would not only be dependable at the moment but also post-crisis.

In this predicament, Lifology stepped up as a responsible leader in the educational domain and played a crucial role in bridging the awareness gap related to career choices. The Ed-tech startup that makes parents a part of the career decision making process witnessed a 400% higher engagement on their platform from 58 countries across the world since January 2020 as compared to 2019.

The platform has been successful in its endeavours of helping parents and enabling them to match pace with the latest career trends through its Super Parent Platform. Lifology also offers various other facilities to empower parents in helping their child with their career like Lifology Magazine, Lifology TV, Lifology Hub and Lifology Connect. Lifology Connect organises live interactions with Industry Pioneers.

In the past year, Lifology gave 8500+ parents access to engage with more than 100 notable dignitaries from various fields to gain a greater understanding of the associated career paths. The list includes pioneers like Shashi Tharoor (Former International Diplomat and Indian Politician), Chetan Bhagat (Indian author and columnist), Dr. Kiran Bedi (Lt. Governor, Puducherry), Arnab Goswami(Managing Director and Editor-in-chief Republic TV) Dr. G Madhavan Nair (Former Chairman, ISRO), Dr. Biswajith Saha (Director, CBSE) and many more.

Mr. Praveen Parameswar, CEO Lifology, says, “Lifology has seen an upward spiral of growth in 2020 regardless of the pandemic. Although the change to the new normal has been massive, we have collectively endeavoured to reorient our business model accordingly. This has helped us in expanding our footprint as we extended our services across India. We are pleasantly overwhelmed to see such an amazing response from parents who interacted with our events intensively. We look forward to accelerating our momentum in 2021.”

The brand believes that the education industry was already seeing its ascent but the pandemic only boosted the process and catalysed the development of the sector as digitisation became one of the most significant tools amidst the global crisis. Lifology has not only adapted to the latest advancements but is also paying heed to the current requirements of students as it paves a new path to aid parents of aspiring students.

In the years to come, Lifology aims to build a community of stalwarts from different sectors to join hands with parents in leading the way to a bright future for the children and with them a greater social and economic development of the country. The label further aspires to lead children to the most appropriate education, career and future where they enjoy happiness, financial security, fulfilment and purpose. The career ecosystem realises that their mission has more relevance in the current scenario than ever before. This sense of purpose serves as a great motivation for Lifology to tread forward on its path.

In addition to this, the world record holder brand is also striving to onboard more legendary mentors, expose new-age careers to families across the country and create awareness of unconventional modern-day professions along with notching up the tech-savvy programs as Lifology increases the involvement of artificial intelligence and machine learning in its algorithm.


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