Edu Brain Overseas UAE and Parul University Gujrat Empowering Students

Parul University Gujarat has Signed mou with Edu Brain Overseas UAE. This mutual relation memorandum will facilitate an international platform for students for obtaining world class industrial exposure in international companies across the world.

Mr. Som Sharma Founder of Edu Brain group

Mr. Som Sharma Founder of Edu Brain group said that Edu Brain and Parul University will emphasize on providing best suited International internship program and overseas placement opportunities to university’s students as per the academic calendar.

Edu Brain Overseas will take in charge of giving full assistance to students i.e. getting application forms of international universities, hotels, colleges, world best companies and helping students to fill them, guiding them giving full-fledge career counseling, preparing documents, timely submissions of documents to ensure smooth process in getting visa to international interning aspirants.

Edu Brain Overseas take pride in nurturing these aspirations and helping millions of Indians and hundreds of educational institutions get ready for the world. One of the largest education consultancies in UAE & India represents over 300 education institutions globally. Our network of 10 offices in 4 cities emphasis on Internship, placements, and Study abroad.

Edu Brain Overseas International internship programs in Dubai, Singapore, France, Australia & New Zealand assist young professionals to acquire personal and professional skills, help to obtain global standard training, build up a global network, develop industry related skills like time management, effective communication, learning of new language, culture, and adapting to the office environment. Getting fixed international work opportunities and most importantly boosting up your resume which directly increases your chances of employability.

Students from Parul University are looking for professional industrial exposures in their chosen career whereas new-age employers are in search of young professionals with relevant past industrial exposures. To connect the link between young professionals and new-age employers international internships are the best possible option to attain career-relevant skills.

Edu Brain Overseas is committed to provide one-stop solutions for International internships in virtual form in pandemic and physical form and placement for higher education students and has a well-established global network with world-class foreign universities. With a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and personalized counseling. The academy focuses on providing customized international internship opportunities in the various professional fields. These international internships can be modified according to the student’s convenience whether they want to intern virtually or opt for offline mode. Duration of this global internship can be varied from 1 month to 12 months as per the university academic calendar.

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