Embracing the Work from Home Culture with Cloud Telephony

Embracing the Work from Home Culture with Cloud Telephony

Embracing the Work from Home Culture with Cloud Telephony

Managing Business Communication remotely through Tevatel’s Cloud telephony solutions.

Chennai, 29th September 2020: Tevatel rolls out a pragmatic remote collaboration solution to effectively manage business communications through cloud-telephony. The solution is focused on overcoming challenges faced by the sales and customer service teams in embracing the work from home culture. 

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the global order, impelling businesses to adopt an active remote work policy.

Though the most challenging phase has passed, companies dealing with sales and customer service business are still struggling with anomalies. Poor communication, accessibility issues, lead identification challenges, and more are common hurdles faced by businesses globally.  

Cloud telephony solutions expedite the transition and overcome the shortcoming of working remotely. Businesses can successfully create virtual teams to deal with customers and deliver a seamless service experience effectively. 

Here are some remote working capabilities that businesses can leverage through cloud telephony – 

A Robust Communication Network – 

Cloud telephony brings the entire communication network online and simplifies the disrupted communication cycle through a live dashboard. Employees can connect with customers and their teammates at any time and place without installing any new hardware. 

Embracing the Work from Home Culture with Cloud Telephony

Virtual Number and IVR Solution –

Bulk business calls dominate customer experience enterprises, with different departments dedicated to handling different queries, there are particular numbers for each department to connect. Cloud telephony delivers a virtual number unifying each department working remotely and attends all customer queries without missing.

Furthermore, an Interactive Voice Response system or IVR allows an enterprise to set automated responses for different queries saving significant agent time.  


Flexibility is the most significant merit of cloud telephony. Employees can manage their work, collaborate with customers, and access data from anywhere seamlessly. Integrating and using the solution is as easy as installing a software and can be done with a mere internet connection from any time zone. 

Initiating a new-era of remote collaboration 

Cloud telephony has previously witnessed decent adoption rates; however, with the COVID-19 outbreak, the technology has helped enterprises venture into a new world of efficiency and reduced costs.

The hefty operational investments endured into maintaining hardware and enormous setup costs will now be irrelevant and obsolete to a certain extent. 

Expressing his views on the matter, Mr  Nagarajan Prakash, Co-Founder & Director, Tevatel, said,“ With businesses understanding the economics of remote working and employees adapting to their new work-at-home regimes, we can expect remote working to stay longer than expected.

Hence, leveraging collaborative solutions will no longer remain an option but an operational necessity in the future.

Cloud telephony will unlock a host of sales enablement capabilities and allow enterprises to easily adapt to the new reality and flourish in this new paradigm.” 

About Tevatel-

 Tevatel is Asia’s leading cloud telephony platform (DOOCTI). Incorporated in, Tevatel was co-founded by techies to help businesses modernize customer communication.

Tevatel’s DOOCTI is a trusted brand for simplified customer communication for more than a hundred customers in India.


·   Founder having 20 years of Telecom experience.

·   Company with 10 years of focus on Telecom Software solutions.

·   5000 + user installation base.

·   100%in house development.

·   100% customizable Telecom Software solutions.

·   24×7 support Access.


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