From Organic Bamboo Diapers to Virgin Coconut Oil-based Products, Allter Offers Everything Natural for Your Baby


At a time when human beings are slowly understanding the vitality of using natural products to lead a healthy life, Allter, a baby care product company is creating new waves in the Indian market. Touted to be Indias first bamboo-based baby care brand, Allter is the brainchild of Surbhi Bafna Gupta. Launched in 2019, Surbhi and her husband Arnav Gupta have successfully built a reputation for Allter products, and the demand for Allters baby care products is increasing every day.

Surbhi Bafna Gupta, Founder and CEO, Allter

Nurture your babys health with the bliss of nature

Allter is now offering baby diapers and wipes, which are 100% bamboo-based. With these products, Surbhi and Arnav aim to nourish the health of babies with natural products, as well as protecting the environment by using eco-friendly raw materials.

I had always felt this need to create an impact, to be able to change the lives of those around me in a meaningful way. Sustainability and the environment are subjects very close to my heart and Allter was born literally, to bring about a change. I imagine a world where natural & sustainable arent just buzzwords but where people can make honest choices about what they want to consume and understand the impact of their choices on their lives and the planet,” says Surbhi.

Allter prioritizes health over anything else

Surbhi and Arnav believe that health should be prioritized over anything else, and they strongly assure that nature is the best healer. Allter has recently launched their special baby skincare range “Baby Love”. Focusing on the nurturing and healing power of natural ingredients, Baby Love has a rich-Ayurveda composition, deriving value from the power of Coconut Oil, Tulsi, Neem, and Ashwagandha.

The best attribute of Allter as a brand is its exclusivity in making lives easier, stress-free, and more environment-oriented, especially for millennial parents. Most of us are conscious of our lifestyle choices, yet are unable to fully switch to a sustainable routine. Allter makes it happen for you. At many levels, it’s a movement to graduate to a more futuristic and eco-friendly living model,” says Arnav Gupta.

Allter products now enjoy thousands of satisfied customers who believe in using natural products. Hyderabad-based Anisha, who recently moved from the US was in a frantic search for eco-friendly diapers similar to ones she had used abroad. She says, Allter diapers have been like a godsend to me, my baby has super sensitive skin and that is why I only use products that are totally chemical-free. Have been using their diapers and wipes for over a year now and I am very satisfied with them.

Allter diapers & wipes can be purchased online on Amazon, Flipkart, and the official Allter website.

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