Hand In Hand, an innovative and advanced health and hygiene brand enters the Indian Market.



In the wake of the huge global demand for health and hygiene products following the Covid-19 pandemic, an innovative and advanced personal hygiene brand called Hand In Hand enters the Indian market.  The newly launched hygiene brand is designed to address the critical and urgent need for effective preventive hygiene needs of the nation.

Hand In Hand, a homegrown personal hygiene brand, is aimed at consumers and frontline medical professionals by offering them a wide anti-germ range of products including hand sanitizer gel, surface disinfectant spray, and multi-utility wet wipes. The products are based on extracts of aloe vera and neem. It is unique because it doesn’t cause dryness to your hands and protects the skin. 

Hand In Hand focuses to bring relevant innovations in the market to serve consumer needs in the short-to-medium term. The Surface Disinfectant Spray will ensure that every package, grocery bag, plastic bottle that comes home is safe for you and your family.

It’s Sanitizer Gel is alcohol & glycerine based with extracts of aloe vera and neem that instantly kills 99.99% of germs and leaves the hand germ-free and soft.

The multi-utility wet wipes are enriched with Vitamin E & glycerine based pull-out wipes. The launch is also corroborated with what consumers are expected to buy over the next few months.

With an anticipated surge in demand for such items amidst the COVID-19 crisis, the founder Saurabh of Hand In Hand said, “Sensing the huge gap in demand and supply of Personal Health and Hygiene products which has put the entire population on huge risk, we have launched “Hand In Hand” Hand Sanitizer, Germ Kill Spray, Disinfectant Spray, Wet Wipes and Liquid Handwash that offers the best protection against bacteria, viruses, and infection-causing germs.

In this critical time when the healthcare systems across the world have been overwhelmed by Coronavirus, it is essential to maintain proper hand and personal hygiene to prevent the transmission of infection and our product range makes you stay protected

With this launch, Vanesa Care has further strengthened its commitment to offer appropriate products to the society during these trying times and beyond. It goes without saying that to beat the pandemic today and ensure better health outcomes beyond it, handwashing must become a priority for all”

Hand In Hand claims that the formulation offers quick and persistent action and helps protect against many enveloped and non-enveloped germs and viruses, in addition to 99.99 percent bacteria and fungi. 

Hurry! To avail, the personal care range visit the official website https://www.handinhand.co.in/

About Hand In Hand: Vanesa Care (since 1983) is a renowned name in the personal care and home care industry in India and abroad. We are pleased to be proudly made in India for the world. Bringing innovation, quality, and consistent offerings for society. Hand In Hand is a complete anti-germ personal care range. The brand has curated innovative and advanced products that will help in sanitization and protection from serious illness-causing germs. Considering the health and hygiene of all modern families, all of the products are hard on germs and soft on the skin. A permanent companion in your family’s wellness and well being.


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