Harness the power of Neem for a safer home for your Kids and Pets

Harness the power of Neem for a safer home for your Kids and Pets

Our children and pets are the light of our lives – brightening up our days and being the center of our happiness. As pet parents or as parents, we want to create a safe environment for our kids where we don’t have to worry about their safety all the time. Since they spend most of their time on the floor of your home, making it their little playground, we must make sure that our floors are clean and safe for them. Choosing a natural and neem-based floor cleaner which is a superior alternative to chemical-based floor cleaners to protect our babies and our fur babies will keep them safe and protected from germs. Hence, it is ideal to look out for floor cleaners which provide 100% natural action* and 99.9% germ protection* like ITC Nimyle.

Komal Verma, a Mom Influencer from Bangalore says “As a mother, it is my top priority to make sure that the surroundings of my child are clean and safe. Since my little one plays around at home and a lot of his quality time is spent on the floor, I only trust natural skin-friendly cleaners for cleaning my floors.

It is to protect my child’s sensitive skin and provide the safest environment where the fun and laughter never stops. ITC Nimyle has been my go-to floor cleaner as by using this Neem-based floor cleaner with a 100% natural action*, I can finally be rest assured knowing my child is in a hygienic, aromatic, and safe environment. The product is backed with the goodness of neem and does not contain harmful chemicals such as chlorine, bleach, parabens, sulphates, phosphates and quats.”  

Listed below are the benefits of a Neem-Based natural floor cleaner to better understand its significance:   

Safe for Kids, Pets & Environment: Neem has been an integral part of the Indian health and hygiene system for centuries and is often considered to be the backyard pharmacy due to its anti-microbial properties. A great neem-based floor cleaner which comes from the house of ITC called Nimyle provides 100% natural action* and 99.9% germ protection*. It is a quality product which ensures that your floors remain a secure playground for your kids and pets to express their creativity and flourish to their maximum potential. The product is also readily biodegradable, making it safe for the environment as well.  

Natural Cleaners: Most powerful cleaners in the market come with several harsh chemicals, but it is a misconception that effective cleaning requires strong chemicals. Natural alternatives to such floor cleaners, especially the ones backed by the power of neem, can provide you with 99.9% germ protection without the harmful effects. Such cleaners are safe for use on all washable hard surfaces, sanitizing without leaving any residue. 

Pleasant and refreshing fragrance: The presence of chemicals and artificial elements in most floor cleaners added for fragrance can be detrimental to the well-being, especially of kids and pets, in the long run. Shifting to a natural substitute is a great option to have a pleasant fragrance in your home without the use of excessive chemicals. Neem is the perfect substitute as it easily cleans the floors effectively and has a soothing and long-lasting fragrance. Thus, you can rest assured that your floors are safe and hygienic and will smell fresh for a long time. 

It’s now time that you switch to a natural and neem-based floor cleaner to make a safe space for your beloved pets and kids.


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