Health and Nutrition Start-Up, Habbit Makes Consumer Debut with a Range of Innovative & Delicious Products


To help make health a habit, health and nutrition startup Habbit, today announced its consumer debut with a range of nutritious and tasty products that enable consumers to lead healthier lives and prevent lifestyle diseases without making alterations to their behaviour.

All conversations around health focus on fitness goals and restrictive diet plans. Leading a healthy life is projected as complicated and overwhelming, making it inaccessible to a wider community of people. This is further confirmed by Indians in a recent survey conducted by Habbit with nearly 2500 urban adults. A majority of Indians – 71 percent, feel that their health is worse off today than pre-COVID-19 due to broken eating and fitness habits. They cite a lack of time, poor taste of healthy products, and confusing technical details of healthy products exaggerated by the inability to make a choice among the various options as their biggest obstacles to better health.

Habbit is making everyday nutrition simple, enjoyable and rewarding. Habbit’s goal is to be the brand of choice for a community of people aspiring to lead healthier lives. New products launched today are designed to integrate seamlessly into modern lifestyles rather than a supplement or optional add-on to it, starting with the easiest first step – daily nutrition. Habbit’s products do not require a behavioral change to get started with and their fresh design and packaging with no technical jargon makes them approachable, even for the unitatited. Habbit’s products are delicious and directly address the needs of the majority for healthy but tasty products. Poor taste of healthy products has inhibited the majority from including them in their daily life.

Habbit is launching a portfolio of products today that includes proteins, ice creams and a super shake for the entire family.

Habbit’s range of proteins include 2 whey protein options – Apex and Active and a 100% plant based protein, Habbit Green. The entire value chain is organic and absolutely free of chemicals, making these the cleanest proteins available in the market. Proteins are the most important macronutrient for the human body. On average, there is a deficit of 25gm protein per day in every Indian. Protein products in particular are currently positioned for the fitness focused individuals, which is only a small subset of the overall market. Their packaging in large jars further make them intimidating by being too technical and functional. Habbit is making this category more accessible and enjoyable by offering proteins in easy-to-use, single serve sachets in 7 delicious flavours.

Habbit Wise Creams are the lowest calorie ice creams in the world. Every serving has less than 50 calories, which is less than half an apple. Available in 6 gourmet flavours such as Blueberry Crumble, Salted Caramel, Lychee Blush, etc. Wise Creams contain zero added sugar and are keto + diabetic friendly.

Also launching today, the Habbit Super Shake is a daily nutrition drink for the entire family. A glass of Habbit Super Shake covers all your essential nutrition requirements. It consists of all essential fibres, healthy omega, vitamins and minerals with zero added sugar to give a super start to your day.

Over the next few years, Habbit will have the world’s widest portfolio of products across nutraceuticals, foods, beverages and desserts. In the near term, it plans to launch a range of natural and healthy snacking options such as nutrition bars, cookies and zero sugar carbonated beverages and dairy and meat alternatives planned as disruptive future categories.

We are very excited about Habbit, with their unique products, the exceptional feedback from beta users, and the rapidly growing traction even before the consumer launch. It is pretty clear that Dhruv and Dev are onto something special, that could be a global game-changer in health and nutrition. All you need to do is try their products once, and you’ll fall in love,” said Anurag Ramdasan, Principal at 3one4 Capital.

The products launched today are available on the company website and will soon also be available on third party marketplaces. This availability is complemented by Habbit’s unique community approach to growth and distribution. Over 300+ key opinion leaders, 20+ large community partners and 60+ affiliate partners have joined the Habbit mission to make nutrition simple, enjoyable and rewarding. Habbit plans to scale this network by 10x to a combined direct reach of over 5mn potential consumers, and cross $5mn ARR in 12 months. Despite the aspirational brand and the pathbreaking innovations, Habbit products are competitively priced in the range of Rs. 40 to Rs. 100 per serving, per day.

Habbit’s product philosophy centres on three key tenets of science, taste and sustainability. The formulation of Habbit’s products that have been in the making since 2016, are steeped in science and have been filtered repeatedly against taste tests with over 10,000 lifestyle, fitness, health, and wellness experts to deliver on products that are high on performance and pleasing to the palate. All of Habbit’s products are made with the highest quality, clean and organic ingredients that are good for both the user and the planet.

The origin of Habbit comes from Dhruv’s remarkable personal transformation, when he lost over 70 kg of weight, and realised a $47Bn opportunity (1) in daily nutrition not being targeted by current market incumbents. Dhruv Bhushan, Cofounder & CEO, Habbit said on the company’s consumer launch, “Catalysed by the pandemic, there is a high desire to make lifestyle changes to achieve better health outcomes along with a changed perception of what it means to be healthy. The long held erroneous perception of diet being secondary to exercise is beginning to crumble with users prioritizing changes in diet over exercise to achieve better overall health in the new normal. As the consumer habits continue to shift towards the health-aware and the health-conscious, there is an opportunity for science and research based food and nutrition companies to win on taste. We believe being healthy is not a destination, its a journey. Unfortunately, existing players, without any product innovation, have made it very complicated and intimidating, by trying to push strange foods, gimmicky pills or chemical laden powders. Habbit, with its proprietary products, delicious foods, and digital ecosystem, will make nutrition simple, enjoyable and rewarding for everyone.”

Our intention with Habbit is to build a global brand that changes the conversation around health and nutrition by injecting a much needed dose of playfulness and fun. We want to bring nutrition to the forefront and make it a starting point for everyone, regardless of their fitness level. We have created a brand that can emotionally resonate with a wide range of consumers and is inclusive and welcoming of everyone. Habbit as a brand believes that health is a journey to be enjoyed and not a milestone to be crossed,” says Dev Kabir Malik, Cofounder and Chief Brand Officer of Habbit.

About Habbit Health and Nutrition

Habbit is building the world’s largest full-stack nutrition ecosystem that helps you be healthy by making everyday nutrition simple, enjoyable and rewarding.

Based on proprietary innovations, ingredients and processes, Habbit is launching tasty and nutrient-dense products that fit seamlessly into the daily lifestyle of the urban indian consumer. Its first set of products include clean & natural proteins, daily nutrition shakes and the lowest calorie ice creams in the world. Over the next few years, Habbit will have the widest portfolio of products for all health needs across nutraceuticals, food, beverages and desserts. Its emphasis on brand-led customer delight, a tech-driven user experience, and a community driven growth model uniquely positions to be a global leader in health and nutrition.

Habbit was founded in November 2019 by serial entrepreneur Dhruv Bhushan and leading brand expert Dev Kabir Malik. It is backed by VC firm 3one4 Capital, Utsav Somani of AngelList India, RB Investments, Better Capital and First Cheque.

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Information source

1 As per Statista, the Indian FMCG market size for 2011-2025 presents a total addressable market (TAM) of US$47Bn, of which US$7.2Bn is SAM (serviceable addressable market), growing at 17% CAGR. Indian per capita spend on nutrition and functional foods is expected to go up from $2 to $18 (9x growth) in the next decade. Covid has brought nutrition to the forefront for health and accelerated market growth by 3-4 years.


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