Healthians & Yuvraj Singh’s Foundation Join Hands Against Cancer this World Health Day


Healthians, Indias doorstep diagnostic test leader and Yuvraj Singhs YouWeCan have joined hands to fight cancer this world Health day by easing the burden of diagnostic tests on cancer patients by offering up to 50% discount on their regular blood tests which is over 7% additional discount on existing offers at Healthians throughout the year. The patient needs to show a recent report proving their status as a cancer patient to avail the same.

The 7% benefit is to commemorate Healthians seventh anniversary, which also happens to be today. As an early investor in Healthians and Founder of YouWeCan, Yuvraj Singh says, “I believe that the world will become a better place for cancer patients if we all contribute a little bit to ease their pain. Through this endeavour, we intend to contribute our share towards easing the fight with cancer for each patient.”

Recent reports show that 1 in 9 Indians will develop cancer once in their lifetime. It is growing more than the known pandemics and needs immediate attention. All cancer patients spend heavily on diagnostic tests as they are required before and after every Chemotherapy session and doctor consultation, making it one of the most expensive diseases to manage.

7 years ago today, Healthians was founded as a beacon of light for every Indian bearing the burden of expensive diagnostic tests and struggling to follow the path of wellness. It has been an incredible journey for us so far and we have been serving patients with utmost care at 30-40% less than market price. Cancer being one of the most expensive treatment adds a lot of cost burden already, with this initiative we are happy to share a part of our success to help Cancer patients and their families to ease their burden a bit,” said Deepak Sahni, CEO & Founder, Healthians.

Healthians has emerged as a pioneer in diagnostic services at home in India. Over the years, Healthians has worked towards addressing the prevailing reluctance in Indians to talk about health and diseases and has successfully built the non-existent preventive healthcare sector in India.

Furthermore, Healthians has standardised the diagnostics process and made sure that customers get accurate reports every time from Healthians network of fully automated labs across all geographical regions of India that ensure high-quality testing that too at faster turnaround times.


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