How this Kuwaiti startup is beautifying online car buying and automotive services experience

How this Kuwaiti startup is beautifying online car buying and automotive services experience

The online car marketplace niche in the Middle East has seen much of a boom for the past half-a-decade at least. And while there are many startups and age-old businesses which are dealing into online car-buying and selling, there comes a few like Motery which aim to amalgamate multiple automotive services, dealers and agencies – making them available on the fingertips of the customers cost-effectively.

Founded by Kuwaiti entrepreneurs Mohammad Al Abdulsalam and Abdullah Al Ateeqi last year, offers a gamut of automotive services through its seamless mobile application, available for both iOS and Android. One can easily book test drive appointments, service appointments, book and buy a new car and tow trucks, as well as car detailing services like car-washing and repair, via both door-to-door and book-to-visit options.

Core Cognition

The genesis of came in synchronisation with the objective of its founders that states ‘making life easier for people by providing a perfect automotive industry experience’. Mohammed Al Abdulsalam comes from industrial engineering background and started Motery as the co-founder and CEO. On the other hand, Abdullah Al Ateeqi holds over 7 years of experience in the banking sector and assumes the role of Deputy CEO at Motery.

Unique Proposition

It is common now a days to book a car and make payment for it online, but when that is done through Motery, the customer enjoys a number of exclusive benefits such as:

▸ Additional offers on car protection, shading, and washing from a number of agencies registered with
▸ Explore through a number car dealers, compare prices, and buy a car or service
▸ Exclusive rates for all cars from a number of agencies across Kuwait
▸ Book a test drive from the agency of your choice
▸ Exclusive car detailing services when you buy a car and much more


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