Hybrid Event Platforms can be the Next Trend in 2021 to Organise Virtual Events


A leading hyper-automation services company based out of Chennai, Vuram builds ‘EventHall‘, a one-of-a-kind platform to host its annual company event: Vuram Day. Almost 700 people, including Vuram’s employees (or Vuramites as they are called), their family members, and customers participated in the event. Along with live and recorded sessions, the platform had games, stalls, workshops, and live and on-demand performances.

Before the pandemic, Vuram Day happened for two days at several locations within India. During the physical event, Vuramites and their families used to stay together and celebrate the event. Every minute detail from placing goodies in the hotel room to scheduling the agenda used to be taken care of by the organisation. Due to the pandemic, Vuram decided to conduct the event virtually.

Vuram arrived at the idea to build ‘EventHall‘ after checking several platforms available in the market for organising virtual events. Vuram did not find a platform with features necessary to simulate the physical event (Vuram Day) that used to happen before the pandemic. Hence, Vuram decided to adopt an agile and user-centered design approach to build a highly-customisable platform and successfully built EventHall within a month.

EventHall has cloud-based API-driven architecture integrating webinars or meeting platforms that can be customised to match the theme of the event, video streaming services for live sessions, on-demand videos for sessions/performances, email and SMS services to share updates/event notifications, web-based games with leaderboards, and chat. It also provides insights into post-event analytics on the number of users logged in, numbers of user activities in different sections, and demography of the users logged in. EventHall comes with customisable features and options to choose the required modules.

According to Mr. Venkatesh Ramarathinam, CEO, Vuram, “Vuram Day is a celebration of our growth together. It is an opportunity for us to be reminded of all the commitment and passion that each one of us pours into our everyday work. It is a day for us to be thankful for the wonderful team we work with every day, for the value systems of Vuram, for the unconditional support we receive every single day from our friends and most importantly our family. What traditionally is a 2-day event of festivities with our familieswas done virtually this yearand with the same level of excitement, enthusiasm and memorable moments. We celebrated the day-long event on our homegrown platform: EventHall. The platform was yet another demonstration of the sheer determination and creativity of our people. Put together in record time, the platform catered to a wide variety of requirements, keeping the priority and focus on maximizing interactions and engagement.”

Such a hybrid event platform creates a win-win situation for event organizers and people who want to attend events. By the time the pandemic ends, people will be used to virtual events. EventHall is designed for a rich experience despite being virtual. Such a platform could change the way people can experience virtual events.

About Vuram

Vuram is committed to delivering 100% customer success with its intelligent low-code automation services and solutions. Founded in 2011 with the dream of creating the happiest and nourishing workplace, Vuram is a place where passionate hearts and creative minds come together to redefine services and provide ingenious solutions.

Vuram empowers enterprises to seamlessly enable digital transformation, business predictability and sustainability through its cutting-edge technology suite encompassing Process Mining, Process Re-engineering & Implementation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence (BI).


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