India Makkal Munnetra Katchi Unveils the ‘Robot’ Symbol for the 2021 State Assembly Elections

  • Party President Dr. Ra. Arjunamurthy releases the election manifesto of IMMK

  • IMMK’s Unique project ‘Pasu-My Puratchi’ to deliver 500 ml – 1 litre of free milk for the family cardholders daily

The India Makkal Munnetra Katchi (IMMK) has stirred quite an expectation in the upcoming 2021 State Assembly Elections. The IMMK party unveiled its ‘Robot‘ symbol and released the election manifesto in the event held in Chennai recently.

Dr. Ra. Arjunamurthy, Party President, IMMK released the election manifesto in the press meet, Chennai on 9th March. The first copy was received by Ms. Yamunasri, Viluppuram Dt Secretary, IMMK

Dr. Ra. Arjunamurthy, Party President, IMMK introduced the ‘Robot‘ symbol which was specially designed using the ‘Augmented Reality‘ technology. This Robot said that it will be involved in garnering votes in support of its party which took everyone by surprise. A demonstration was also shown by the Robot as ‘how will it meet the voters

The Party President Dr. Ra. Arujunmurthy, released the election manifesto for the 2021 State Assembly election with the primary goal, “A Change in Tamil Nadu with an inclusive growth for everyone“. Through the unique project Pasu-My Puratchi‘, IMMK’s progressive special plan to deliver 500 ml to 1 litre of free milk for the family cardholders daily, to lease half an acre of Government Squatter Land to a farmer on terms of merit, free distribution of 4 country ethnic cows and distribution of free housing are notable features.

It is mentioned in the manifesto that various notable schemes will be implemented for the progress of Tamil Nadu, if the party comes to power, such as, in each district, an extent of 50-acres sports complex as per international standard, free transportation for working women, aid/scholarship for senior citizens, a special plan for families living below the monthly income of Rs. 20,000/-, e-Market Card for students, the cancellation of fees for vehicle parking in the Hindu temple during deity darshan, and also the fees collected for safeguarding footwear.

To know more about the election manifesto, watch the Party President Dr. Ra. Arujunmurthy’s speech:

The administrators of the India Makkal Munnetra Katchi and many participated in this event.


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