Indian Entrepreneur Takes the Initiative – Launches Indigenous Stock Analysis Portal, Trade Brains


The stock market has observed a true revolution with the rise of digital media and easy availability of investment portals. Post pandemic, the market has seen a massive uptick in the presence of new entrants. But a majority of these new investors fail to realize returns due to the lack of right guidance. To counter this, Trade Brains, a leading financial learning startup, has launched a new stock research and analysis portal aimed to provide financial quotes and stock data for investors.

Kritesh Abhishek, Founder & Hitesh Singhi, Head of Research, Trade Brains

First coming on to the scene in 2017 with a financial blog with over half a million monthly readers, the company has created this platform that provides detailed stock analysis, stock comparison, stock screener, portfolio analysis and many other necessary services.

Our aim was to provide a one stop solution for all investment and trade related queries by providing a platform that contained information spanning from stock market education, equity research to portfolio analytics. Analyzing data of varying spectrums under the stock umbrella can be confusing and hence we have launched this platform that provides a holistic view of stock trends to allow newer investors and common people to analyze companies and make investment decisions.Through the Trade Brains Portal we provide stock details of over 4,000 publicly listed companies in India and sum them according to their profitability, liquidity, valuation and debt financial trends,” said Kritesh Abhishek, CEO and Founder of Trade Brains.

Speaking about the company he further said, “While I began Trade Brains as a side hustle, it soon became a full time job because of the massive response that I received. From a one man blog, to an investing academy and now an investment portal, we have grown exponentially and hope to continue this momentum. We are now focused on designing a subsequently advanced stock analytics and improve algorithm based backtesting capabilities on our portal.”

Trade Brains Portal is the third investment-based venture launched by the company. Begun as a blog in 2017, the company created the Trade Brains Academy in 2018 that houses over 5,000 registered learners enrolled in various investing and trading courses offered by the company. They also offer a stock market learning app with over 50,000 downloads and 4.7 ratings on google play store. Trade Brains has now set its sight on expansion in the equity analysis segment through its newly launched stock research portal.


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