Indian SaaS Startup – WeCP (We Create Problems) has this Unique Way of Evaluating Technical Skills


Founded in 2016 in Bengaluru, WeCP (We Create Problems) started by building question development platform to help HRs and Recruiters do effective Technical Interviews. WeCP, a completely bootstrapped startup till date when launched its Technical Assessment SaaS Platform in 2019 saw an impressive adoption by Indian enterprises by 2020. WeCP SaaS product is today used by major brands like Infosys, Microsoft, Robert Bosch, Mindtree, and Larsen & Toubro. The company burst into the tech scene by its unique offering of questions and a runtime skill evaluation engine that automates the candidate screening, resulting in skill-proven filtered candidates.

Abhishek Kaushik – CEO & Co-founder (Left), and Mohit Goyal – Co-founder & CTO (Right)

While we began this journey as a question selling company, we now provide a SaaS tool to ensure efficient and accurate assessments. Our mission is to make the worlds technical workforce more productive than before. We want to stand out, research and keep innovating skill evaluation systems to allow our customers hire people who display abilities that are in tune with their growth framework,” said Abhishek Kaushik, Co-founder and CEO of WeCP.

Speaking about the company he added, “WeCP is a product of our passion for coding and problem creation. In college we often observed that our roommates and friends studied the same material to prepare for placements. Surprisingly, the question patterns asked at interviews were quite similar to the material studied since there were limited sites providing problems for such tests. Upon this realization, we decided to create problems for companies to help them with their recruitment process, thus taking on the name – We Create Problems. While initially we did struggle to establish credibility, we soon bagged several tech giants like Microsoft and Infosys to create a strong customer base.”

In 2019, we upgraded from strictly providing problems to offering SaaS products for efficient assessment. Until now over 8 million tests have been taken on our platform. In the recent past, several renowned organisations have entrusted our platform to conduct big scale technical coding hackathons all over the country. WeCP is unique in its runtime scalability which helps companies conduct large drives, coordinating almost 80,000 simultaneous tests, without worrying about server loads and crashes. With recent customer base expansion in India, we now look forward to launch our SaaS tool in the United States,” said Mr. Kaushik.

The Bangalore based company was founded in 2016 by Abhishek Kaushik and Mohit Goyal. Being Indias first technical skill assessment platform, WeCPs SaaS tool with an inbuilt question creation engine and automatic skill graders allows recruiters and hiring managers reduce hiring time allowing them to judge any technical skill in a candidate within a few minutes. Recognized as the Top 4 Startup in India by Startup Nexus, IC2 in 2017, the company is currently in partnership with Upekha and Nexus, New Delhi.


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