Infigon Futures – platforms for students to help them plan their career 

Infigon Futures - platforms for students to help them plan their career

According to the UNICEF survey, 35% of Indian graduates do not have skills, and 42% are unhappy with their jobs. The abundance of the avenues and complexities of the working world is rapidly evolving, making the instruction of parents and teachers redundant.

Furthermore, there is no specific guidance given to 95% of students in our region. Some cannot obtain assistance because of financial difficulties or because they remain in places without such services. Services are not open to other citizens who do somehow considering the high cost.

The NEP 2020 emphasizes the importance of vocational guidance. However, 93% of Indian students know only about 7 career choices and think about one because of family/peer/social pressures, a high level of competition, or personal insecurities.

However, the study recently pointed out that All, regardless of whether it is a parent or a pupil, finds this choice imperative through human variations. What is tragic is that in this case there are also financial and local differences highlighted that in our world there is no clear sense of mentoring.

The mind behind this start-up, Mr. Omkar Patil, believes that a lack of guidance or financial circumstances should not come in a way of people pursuing their dreams and having a successful career trajectory. This was his inspiration behind building this platform which is disrupting the existing expensive and tedious process of career counseling in the country where more than 50% of the people live below the poverty line.

Our aim, we aspire to make a difference and support those in need of help. All deserve the opportunity to pursue their own careers and strive to achieve their goals, regardless of their history and available resources. Our objective is to realize this possibility.

At Infigon, We believe that everyone deserves a chance to choose their career and work towards pursuing their goals, despite their background and available resources. Leveraging AI, ML and giving it an entrepreneurial blend, plans to bridge the gap and make career counseling affordable, and accessible for all. hence Infigon follows a five-dimensional career assessment and revolutionary approach to career counseling and career guidance.

The application follows the five-step process:

  1. Psychometric Self analysis test
  2. Career Selection
  3. Education Roadmap
  4. Skill Development
  5. Expert Mentorship

All 5 steps in 90 minutes at the tip of your fingers on your 6-inch screen at a price that every student of the student pond can afford. The mission is to make use of innovative, leading-edge technology and bring career mentorship for everyone at the tip of their fingers to help them make decisions for a brighter future.
As the world’s most trusted career-planning company, where individuals irrespective of their financial, geographical, or lingual bounds can find everything they need to build for themselves a successful future.


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