International Women’s Day: Celebrates the Spirit of Women Medical Social Worker with #SheWontStop Campaign

130, South East Asia’s most visited and trusted crowdfunding platform has launched its new social media campaign #SheWontStop ahead of International Women’s day. The campaign highlights the significant contribution of Medical Social Workers in the healthcare ecosystem. – #SheWontStop Campaign

With aim to spread awareness around the noteworthy contribution of medical social workers in the healthcare and medical crowdfunding’s ecosystem, the video exhibits everyday life of a medical social worker. In the backdrop of real life setting, the video features Ketto’s medical social worker Ganga who wear many hats, she is a mother, a wife and a change maker, constantly working towards building a healthy and happy India.

A Mother, a Wife, a Medical Social Worker

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Commenting on the campaign Varun Sheth CEO & Co-founder said, “Women are the epitome of balance, grace and compassion, be it mother, wife, sister, daughter or colleague they effortlessly transition from one role to another. Ketto’s medical social workers are the backbone of our medical crowdfunding team. We applaud their commendable service to society, even in unprecedented times like COVID 19 they never backed off from their line of duty. Wearing PPE kits they visited the hospitals every day to make sure unprivileged patients get access to funds for their medical treatment. Medical social workers are the cornerstone in achieving Ketto’s vision and mission to deliver quality and affordable healthcare to all.”

Medical social workers play an imperative role in enabling quality and affordable healthcare accessible to all. With over 80 percent of the population without any form of health insurance and 63 percent of all medical emergency costs being out-of-pocket expenses, most families exhaust their entire savings and borrow money at high-interest rates to finance their medical costs. Unaffordable medical treatment drives millions of families into the depths of poverty every year. Medical crowdfunding is an alternate option for such people who are in need of urgent money.

At Ketto, we are constantly endeavoring towards bridging the affordability gap and making quality healthcare accessible to all. Ketto has hosted over 20,000+ campaigns based on facilitating medical needs and raised INR 200+ crores from 10L+ generous donors in the past year. These campaigns have enabled over 10,000 transplants and critical surgeries,” adds Varun Sheth.

Medical social workers provide frontline services to patients and their families to help alleviate the social, financial, and psychological hardships related to adverse health conditions. Their responsibility is to make sure that individuals and their families don’t suffer unnecessarily due to socioeconomic barriers.


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