Interview with Matthew McLellan, CEO of Driving Innovation and Custom Solutions in the Tech Industry

Mr. Matthew McLellan, CEO of

As the CEO of, a prominent company in the tech industry, we’re excited to learn more about your organization and your insights on various topics. Let’s begin with an overview of

Please explain about Halp and its Journey and How is Halp different from other study abroad coaching platforms?

  • Halp is one of the world’s largest tech-enabled international college admissions coaching
    platforms that offers 1:1 digital admission coaching to students aspiring to study abroad.
    Our mission is to make learning accessible to everyone by becoming the infrastructure, bank
    and teacher for every global learner. We started by making international admissions easier,
    more affordable, and more convenient for students looking to study abroad. Halp currently
    has 18,000+ users on the platform. We work with students from more than 88 countries,
    with the majority of our members being from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. In India we
    have partnered with more than 100 institutions, breaking geographical barriers and
    reaching students deep inside India through our tech-enabled end-to-end free online
    personal support. Our emphasis has always been to provide our services free of cost to
    students so that they can save for studying abroad at their desired institutions.

What are major challenges which students face while seeking overseas education? How are you
helping students in overcoming these challenges?

  • Even while access to education is improving, there are still obstacles for students who want
    to study abroad. Local agents make promises they don’t keep and charge exorbitant upfront
    fees. Because of this, they are either only available to wealthy families who can afford
    astronomical costs or to middle-class families that put in a lot of effort to pay for them just
    to be given a false dream. Students and their parents living in rural areas must travel great
    distances to meet with representatives in person each time they need assistance.
  • Halp has the distinct honour to be the only premium 1:1 study abroad coaching platform
    that offers its services free of cost to all students. With a large network of partners, more
    than 70 institutions, and tech-enabled end-to-end free online personal support, we are able
    to reach students beyond metropolitan regions and deep inside India. In fact, we are seeing
    significant traction in rural regions for studying abroad. Halp’s international coaches live
    (and have studied) in the destination countries where students are applying which makes
    them very effective in helping students. Along with admissions counselling, Halp coaches
    assist the students with end-to-end support in setting up a new life in the new country;
    including flights, phone plans, bank accounts, accommodation, visas, scholarships, loans,
    and everything that they need to start their education in that country.

How is technology enabling Halp in reaching out to its potential target audience in country?

  • Digital technologies have fast-forwarded the evolution of the education system over several
    decades. The education system is not only much more affordable and accessible, but it is
    also much more experiential and personalized. Today a student can access world-class
    education from any place or time just with a smartphone and internet connection. The
    developments happening in the education sector in one part of the world rapidly reach all
    parts of the globe. In India, with ever-increasing digital and smartphone penetration, more

and more people are coming online which has helped us reach students not only in the
metropolitans but in the remotest parts.

What are your expansion plans in India?

  • We are currently putting a large focus on our institution partners in India and trying to grow our
    network. Working with institutions directly allows us to teach students about the study abroad
    process before they graduate giving them time to prepare. We’re excited to expand our
    institution partnership network over the next few months.

What are the tips you would like to give students who are looking to study abroad?

  • It might be challenging to know what options are available to you as a student in upper-
    secondary or post-secondary education. Do some research, but not just online. Join a club or
    society at school, volunteer, and apply for an internship if possible! You will learn what you
    enjoy or find intriguing as a result of all of these encounters. Additionally, you ought to
    network and seek out mentors in the fields that interest you because they may offer helpful
    information and opportunities. Last but not least, build your educational strategy around
    obtaining the occupation you desire. Studying abroad might open up a variety of intriguing
    employment possibilities. If you are preparing to study abroad, it is essential to plan and
    break down the process into manageable tasks. Start by researching your destination,
    language requirements, housing options, and transportation. Make a checklist of everything
    you need to do, and prioritize your tasks based on their importance and deadlines. A clear
    plan will put you more in control of the situation. Having a plan B is also a great idea.


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