Investing in a Cumulative FD Versus a Non-Cumulative FD


One of the safest and most sought-after investment instruments in the market today, Fixed Deposits (FDs) offer both protection of a fixed amount as well as a regular flow of income. At the same time, investing in FDs helps investors meet their financial goals over time.

FDs can be categorised as cumulative and non-cumulative. In each form, the interest is payable at specified frequencies.

Investors can avail of the several variations offered by Bajaj Finance Limited per their specific requirements. However, the most common query raised by investors is which is better – Cumulative or Non-cumulative FD

This bifurcation is based on whether one decides to receive interest earned on their investment regularly or get it as payment on maturity. Investors can determine which Bajaj Finance online FD option suits their requirements the best considering the following information.

Cumulative Fixed Deposit

In cumulative Fixed Deposits, cumulative implies accumulation. This means that the interest is accumulated, or collected, till the end of the maturity period that is chosen by the investor.

For example, today if an investor invests Rs. 1,00,000 for a tenor of 36 months (3 years) at an interest of 7% offered by Bajaj Finance Limited, they would earn a cumulative interest of Rs. 22, 504 at the time of maturity.

Here the interest earned in a year or one cycle is reinvested/added to the previous principal amount invested, thereby increasing it. This boosts the interest using the principle of compounding. When one’s fixed deposit matures, they receive an amount that is a total of their initial deposit plus the accumulated interest based on the applicable FD interest rates. Investors can find out the best interest rates offered by Bajaj Finance Limited and the maturity amount using the FD Calculator.

Investors can even opt for a stable and secure monthly investment option with a Systematic Deposit Plan – Single Maturity Scheme offered by Bajaj Finance Limited. Here, one can deposit a fixed amount regularly to create a gradual, and disciplined corpus.

Who should select a Cumulative FD

For investors interested in enhancing their returns and looking to fulfil long-term goals, the cumulative FD option is the best way to go. The interest that one would receive is reinvested regularly. The interest which is generally accrued quarterly or yearly in the first cycle is added to the principal amount invested, thereby increasing it. This increased principal becomes the new amount on which the interest is calculated in the second cycle. Investors, therefore, earn a higher interest which continues till the end of the fixed deposit tenure. This increases their returns to the maximum, especially with the attractive FD interest rates offered by the Bajaj Finance online FD.

Non-Cumulative Fixed Deposit

With Non-cumulative FDs, investors can receive the interest accrued as regular payments. By selecting a non-cumulative option with a Bajaj Finance online FD, investors can select payout at monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or even annual intervals.

For example, today if an investor selects to invest Rs. 1,00,000 in Non-cumulative Fixed Deposit for a tenor of 36 months (3 years) from Bajaj Finance Limited, they would earn the below interest basis the period selected


Interest Rate

Interest Payout



Rs. 566



Rs. 1,705

Half yearly


Rs. 3,440



Rs. 7,000

This option does offer lower interest because it is not fully compounded. Investors can check out the different FD interest rates offered with the Fixed Deposit Calculator.

Who should select a non-cumulative FD

Investors can go for Non-Cumulative FD if they are dependent on regular payouts as a source of income to meet their financial goals.

The Final Choice

Depending on their preference of interest payout, investors can choose which FD type to select. If one’s primary requirement is to have an add-on to their existing income or provide for pension post-retirement, they should select Non-Cumulative FD. If one is looking to multiply existing savings exponentially, then pick Cumulative FD without a doubt.

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