Ishrat Parveen, well the lady is a symbol of pride woman entrepreneurship

Ishrat Parveen, well the lady is a symbol of pride woman entrepreneurship

Ishrat Parveen, well the lady is a symbol of pride woman entrepreneurship. she has a great thought of establishing a home in the other country, as we say in Indian culture but at the same time she has thought of saying that A house becomes a home where its people can masterfully plan to decorate to bring it to life with a signature look and feel.

She has admired the culture of staying in India and the feel of our grandparent’s house each piece of furniture has its own stories and lots of memories.

Having a great passion for interior décor she started to covet décor with great thought and passion in 2019, connecting to new homes owners to independent interior designers. Covet Decor is built to economically empower women in the world to establish themselves as an independent. 

Ishrat Parveen is herself a symbol of woman empowerment. Covet Decor helps luxury retailers to grow the range of distinctive and lavish items. With the experience of 3 years in decor, she has brought a great knowledge of home decor and even helped the retailer and wholesaler with quality of product and customer services.

Inimitable class, brave and never boring of the moment yet timeless, with the design decore she re-invent the old into new. She handpicks each design and collection looking towards the surrounding of the house and Covet Décor is there to turn spaces into extraordinary spaces and help you create the home of your dreams. 

She wants to encourage you to create a truly personal home, Our furniture can be customized to suit your needs and tastes and is known for its versatility, efficiency, and uncompromising quality – all presented in a simple style. By collaborating with you we may combine these resources that suit your preferences and personality

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