Kanchan Metals Announces Expansion Plans


In response to the increased demand for its equipment and to expand its operations, Kanchan Metals, a leading and pioneer company manufacturing food processing machines, has announced the expansion of its equipment manufacturing division. The company plans to come up with a new manufacturing facility in NCR to provide additional capacity for its anticipated business growth in the upcoming year.

The proposed expansion is in terms of both the range of equipment and scale of operations. The company has planned Rs. 15 crore outlay for its upcoming project intending to double the revenues of machinery manufacturing in years thereafter. The project is presently in design and R&D stage.

Speaking about the expansion, Mr. Raghav Gupta, Director, Kanchan Metals, said, “This is an exciting time for Kanchan Metals. With the new site acquisition and upcoming projects, we are hopeful of serving our customers even better, hire new talents and continue to prosper. We would like to grow our revenue and at the same time become an attractive organisation for hiring new talent. At the moment, we have identified the equipment manufacturing division as a key growth driver for our business. We are focused on developing new solutions that can create a difference, add value to our services and facilitate our customers.”

Kanchan Metals is working on several aspects to strengthen its business such as standardization of design & build of top selling products and R&D to develop key processing equipment which has fewer or no alternatives in the local market. The companys focus is on niche markets such as processing of snack food and ethnic Indian food in addition to bespoke conveying in the packaging section.

Mr. Sanjeev Gupta, Managing Director, Kanchan Metals, added, “Several of our key customers seek to increase capacity which has fuelled the need for bigger and robust machinery. The expansion is in full swing as we have already acquired the land, will be soon taking its possession and finalise the project for machinery production. Also, we are investing in manpower resources to meet increasing customer demands.

Being a well defined essential commodity, the food processing industry has done well even during the pandemic. It is one of the few sectors which experienced least hurdles apart from logistical problems. Benefitting from the same, Kanchan Metals has been fortunate enough to have a steady inflow of orders in 2020. The leading trend that has supported the growth of the companys business is the demand for snacks and convenience food especially frozen food and bakery items. Moving ahead, the company’s aims to hire talented resources in the upcoming year and achieve a year on year growth rate of 20%.

About Kanchan Metals

Kanchan Metals is dedicated to providing end-to-end solutions to the needs of food processing companies across India. The company has partnered with renowned International food processing equipment manufacturers to provide the Indian market with quality equipment and after sales services of the highest standard. From humble beginnings in the late 90’s, Kanchan Metals has emerged as a strong partner to its customers. The company has 20 years of experience in the automation of various International & regional snack food products.


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