Launches ‘Library of Distractions’ Initiative to Create World’s Largest Repository of Distractions Stories

132 South East Asia’s most trusted and visited crowdfunding platform has launched the #LibraryOfDistractions initiative. With this initiative, Ketto is gearing up for an attempt to create a world record for crowdsourcing the largest library of distractions stories. The initiative endeavours to encourage and build a compassionate community that practices social sharing and caring.

What is the Library of Distractions

We all have been in the situation where our child got hurt and we told them reassuring stories to distract them from their pain. Ketto’s library of distractions enables people to share the quick one-line distractions stories they have told to their kids or young ones when they got hurt. In an unprecedented attempt, Ketto aims to crowdsource the worlds largest repository of creative distractions stories.

Commenting on the initiative, Varun Sheth CEO & Co-founder said, “Ketto’s Library of Distractions aims to build a community to practice social sharing and caring. As a father of a two-year-old kid, I can resonate with a parents emotions, when they see their child in pain or face any medical emergencies. The irony of distractions is, a child cannot be distracted if he/she is facing a life-threatening disease. In India, over 40,000 to 50,000 new childhood cancer cases are detected annually and four of five Indian children diagnosed with cancer do not survive beyond 5 years. At Ketto, we are constantly working towards building a healthcare ecosystem to enable quality and affordable healthcare to all.”

We wanted to bring a fresher communication approach to eliciting compassion without changing the way people interact with the brand – through the act of contribution. This campaign’s objective is to curate distraction stories and explore insights that could reveal exciting similarities across Nation and (hopefully) around the world. We are reactivating the idea of Sharing is Caring through a digital experience which in so many ways will be bigger than the attempt at the world record itself,” said Hammad Khan, V.P – Digital Marketing, 4AM Worldwide, the agency behind the campaign.

Sharing the thoughts on Ketto’s first ever attempt to create the world’s largest crowdsourced library of distractions, Kunal Kapoor Actor & Co-founder said, “Ketto’s Library of Distractions is an effort to bring the community together and offer a pervasive platform to the people to share their incredible stories. Together we aim at creating the world’s largest library of distractions stories. Therefore, to achieve the milestone, we urge maximum support and contribution from the people to come forward and share their stories.”

People can participate by logging on and follow simple steps to file their stories.


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