Lead generation’s future is now. An examination of Mumbai-based The SaaS platform Leadzen.ai

Lead generation's future is now. An examination of Mumbai-based The SaaS platform Leadzen.ai
  • With the introduction of digital marketing, marketing difficulties have changed dramatically. While traditional marketing concentrated on print, television, and radio, digital marketing has changed its focus to social media, online advertisements, and search engine optimisation. Digital marketing has expanded firms’ ability to reach their target audiences, but it has also created a highly competitive field.
  • According to Statista, Ad spending in the Digital Advertising market is expected to reach $701.20 billion by 2023. As more businesses adopt digital marketing, competition among digital marketers grows. To stay ahead, digital marketers must always keep up with the latest trends, tactics, and technology to guarantee their campaigns are effective and reach their target audience. In addition, they must be creative and adaptable in order to stand out and differentiate themselves in an overcrowded marketplace.
  • Understanding the pain points, Mumbai, India-based SaaS startup Leadzen.ai embarks on its journey to tackle the challenges for marketers.
  • Without further ado, here’s to Leadzen.ai
  • About Leadzen.ai
  • Founded in September 2020 by a trio of experienced entrepreneurs, Sonakshi PratapKaran Gupta, and Malhar LakdawalaLeadzen.ai offers a SaaS platform to business owners for lead generation and sales automation. The platform is backed by advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to help businesses identify and engage with high-quality leads, and automate their key sales and marketing tasks.
  • The idea for Leadzen.ai was triggered as the founders recurringly witnessed gaps in the existing lead generation tools and processes, which were often ineffective and time-consuming. They believed that by harnessing the power of AI, they could create a more efficient and effective solution that would not only save businesses time and money but also help them achieve better results.
  • Since its inception, Leadzen.ai has garnered significant traction – attracting the attention of investors and B2B customers alike. With its innovative technology and customer-centric approach, the company has quickly established itself as a leader in the lead generation and sales automation space.
  • About the Founders
  • Leadzen.ai is the brainchild of three entrepreneurs possessing extensive entrepreneurship experiences.
  • Sonakshi Pratap, CEO at Leadzen.ai is a chartered accountant who started her career with KPMG in the Audit department and then went on to found three successful startups namely, Theekkardo.comKapso – one of India’s leading business brokers, and now Leadzen.ai – The Most Intelligent Lead Generation Engine. She has 10 years of experience being an entrepreneur and an expert in the financial domain. She overlooks the product and marketing part of the company.
  • Karan Gupta, an engineer turned entrepreneur who began his career as an investment banker then transitioned into the startup ecosystem by co-founding Theekkardo back in 2012 along with Sonakshi. Karan holds over 9 years of entrepreneurship experience and leads financials and sales for Leadzen.ai.
  • And last but not the least, Malhar Lakdawala, an NLP expert, and Harvard certified Data Science practitioner who holds over 6 years of experience in building AI and deep tech products. With over 10 years of entrepreneurship experience and his tech capacity, Malhar leads the tech side of Leadzen.ai alongside the CTO Raveen Bheemsingh.
  • Core-cognition
  • As dictated by their previous entrepreneurship experience, the co-founders witnessed various problems in the marketing and sales domains. A major one was the ‘lack of verified data in the Indian subcontinent’ – making it difficult for them to reach out to potential customers. And thus, decided to solve this problem by building an AI-powered platform that verifies data across 30+ sources – warranting precise information.
  • According to the company, the Leadzen.ai platform helps marketers and salesmen to save 40 percent of their time which is usually wasted in finding the right prospects.
  • Leadzen.ai – Features
  • Leadzen.ai is a unique platform that uses advanced machine learning and natural language processing to automatically identify and qualify leads from unstructured data such as emails and social media. Unlike its competitors, Leadzen.ai does not rely on manual tagging or rules-based systems, resulting in more accurate and efficient lead generation.
  • Leadzen.ai combines a number of smart features to generate verified, real-time, and comprehensive leads. These features include:
  • Bulk Search: Allows users to obtain a plethora of information, including verified email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Prospect Search: Helps retrieve comprehensive details on individuals from a particular company or any specific prospect.
  • Smart Filters: Segregates your search with up to 10 filters and land the right prospect in your basket.
  • Geolocator: Do hyperlocal marketing and get detailed information like population, area property rates, RBI deposits, and more at the pin code level.
  • Engagement Module: Helps users get started with Email, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn Marketing campaigns.
  • Real-Time Leads: Offers real-time updates on leads of recently funded companies, angel investors, active investors, MSME companies etc.
  • Target Audience
  • To make Leadzen.ai available to businesses, the company targets the 30-60 age group, people in managerial positions who can make decisions such as marketing managers, marketing heads, and sales heads of big corporations and banks. At present, Leadzen.ai is only targeting the Indian market.
  • Growth Plans
  • Leadzen.ai has strategically painted its next 5-year canvas in advance. Its expansion plans include:
  • Expansion into new markets: Europe and Asia to tap into new customer segments and increase revenue.
  • Develop new AI features: Lead Scoring, Lead Nurturing, and Sales Automation.
  • Enhancing customer support: Live chat, phone support, and 24/7 support.
  • Boost marketing and advertising efforts: Brand awareness, and new customer acquisition via online advertising, social media, and content marketing.
  • Strategic partnerships: Partnerships with other companies in lead generation and sales domains to create new offerings. These companies will include CRM and sales automation companies, as well as marketing agencies.
  • With these future endeavors, the company aims to become the leading platform for lead generation and sales automation for businesses of all sizes. Whereby, increasing its customer base and revenue.


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