Learn how to start a business from Ashneer Grover

Learn how to start a business from Ashneer Grover

Building a business is not easy in today’s world. If you want to take your business further or start your own business, it can be difficult. Therefore, in this article, we bring you the story of Ashneer Grover. Ashneer is the founder of BharatPe and has grown his business significantly. If you also want to bring your ideas to life, proper guidance and cooperation are needed. 

Ashneer Grover hails from Delhi, where he also received his education. Ashneer’s mother was a teacher, and his father was an account holder. In 2004, Ashneer completed his engineering degree from IIT Delhi, and in 2006, he completed his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. After this, he worked at Kotak Investment Banking for 7 years, where he learned about business closely. Following his time at Kotak Investment Banking, Ashneer worked for American Express India for 2 years, an experience that proved to be beneficial. 

Ashneer became CSO of Grofers in 2015. 

Ashneer became CSO of Grofers in 2015. Ashneer Grover harbored a desire to do business from the very beginning. In 2015, he started Grofers with a friend and held the position of Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) in the company. He played a crucial role in taking the company forward. Ashneer remained associated with Grofers until 2017 when the company was receiving more than 30 thousand orders per day. 

Desire to work while sitting on the bench 

Desire to work while making a difference. After leaving Grofers in 2017, Ashneer struggled for about 6 months to a year. Following this, Ashneer wished to make a difference in the lives of small retailers by starting a business. This led him to launch BharatPe in June 2018. In this venture, he ensured that there were no charges for transactions. This is a major reason why BharatPe has become one of the largest companies for online transactions today. Currently, more than 50 lakh transactions are conducted through BharatPe every day, and more than 1 crore transactions are made through BharatPe in a year. Additionally, BharatPe started providing loans to small retailers and has given over Rs. 3 crore in loans to date. Today, 90% of India’s businesses are in the retail sector, and Ashneer Grover has built a multi-crore business. 

Struggle is necessary for entrepreneurship. 

Struggle is essential for entrepreneurship. Ashneer emphasizes from his experience that struggle is crucial to becoming an entrepreneur. Only through struggle can you move forward in life. If you want to build your business, be prepared to struggle. This will greatly aid you in progressing. Moreover, if you aim to take your business to greater heights, ensure your mission is clear. Ashneer has appeared on Shark Tank Season 1 and advises aspiring entrepreneurs to clarify their missions. Furthermore, Ashneer explains that becoming a founder is not merely a title in today’s world. It requires hard work, struggle, and sleepless nights. Only then can you become a successful entrepreneur. Keep the objective of your business positive, and this will propel you far

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